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[PHOTOSHOP .PSD TEMPLATE] Pokemon SwSh Switch Friend Code Card
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In order to complete a trainer card for yourself/friends, you will need the font "FOT-UDKakugo Large Pr6N". You can download this font from Adobe if you have a Creative Cloud subscription (  I recommend getting a few things:
  1. A picture of their trainer card front & back, making sure it's updated with the team they want on the left of the back. They can update their trainer card from the PC at the Pokemon Center! THEY SHOULD REMOVE ANY HOLOGRAPHIC EFFECTS FOR THEIR TRAINER CARD FOR THIS. They can get the image of their trainer card in one of three ways:
    • a) Taking a screenshot and retrieving their images via their computer or phone from their Switch SD card (if you have one).
    • b) Taking a screenshot and retrieving their images via posting them to social media using the Switch posting option (Twitter, FB, etc)
    • c) Sending you a friend request on Switch, and then swapping League Cards via Link Code.
  2. Links to any social media, Discord username, or any other relevant information they want included on their trainer card, up to 3.
  3. Their favorite Pokemon.

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My name is Cass, and I’m a 29 year old female with an AAS degree in Visual Communication and certificate in Graphic Design. Self-taught illustrator. I love to be able to synthesize ideas into visual mediums and collaborate with others to help actualize creative visions!

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