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This is a single pose/image ref designed to be inserted in forum profiles (account profiles or those that are forum posts) or similar.  Unlike my simple character refs, these have full line art and are more realistically styled.  Just grab a form at the bottom and we can get started!

Accessories are fine, but they are only depicted on the character, not as separate mini-references within this image.  If you really want to have them separate, I can add them for an additional fee (depends on amount/complexity of accessories). Just let me know so we can work out the details.

Any non-anthro/human character of any species, real or imagined, is ok!  If you ARE looking for an anthro/human version, I'll try to get that posted soon!

Note: All my current examples are from a RP called Wolf, which aptly has 99.9% wolf characters.  I can draw pretty much any animal, but feel free to ask if you think your char may be a challenge!  Scroll through my portfolio for other examples, though they're not in the same style as this listing. If for some reason you're looking for Pernese dragons, I've got some drawings of them, but they're not currently posted but can be shown separately.

Turnaround: ~24 hours if prompt WIP approvals
WIPs: Usually sketch, flats, and final

Deliverables: One flat color image with some shading. Side to 3/4 pose with transparent background.  Final image is delivered in 300dpi (roughly 4”x5” if printed), 500px wide for web useage, and an avatar size (300x200px for Wolf characters, 200x200px or as requested for everyone else).


About the Creator

Jennifer Kanne

Yo!  I'm a Los Angeles based illustrator who draws a lot of birds and strange creatures with an emphasis on storytelling and world development.  My full portfolio is available at my website.

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