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Bewitching in Miaojiang _ Nanwu Kasaya Science Buddha

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As soon as he put away his chopsticks, he stood up. The hawk-nosed Taoist immediately left in a hurry with his seven little friends. He didn't even dare to say anything cruel. The messy footsteps disturbed the playfulness of the little Taoist nun. She raised her head and said hello? Li Zefeng and other disciples of Zhenling Temple looked surprised and nodded. Baozi patted his head and rushed up to pull Shaomao Xiaodao and my hand. He said, "Let's go. Someone is looking for you.". Www. XiaOShuOtxT. Comtxt novel paradise Chapter 842 Jiuxiao Cihang Array. Someone looking for us? Who is it? Hearing that the little girl didn't even play with her novel mobile phone and pulled us out, I was a little surprised. The first thought in my mind was that she didn't know how old her master was, the elder Deng Zhendong. But strange is strange here, you know, big brother said that the elder who does not care about the world, the most important thing is him, and only he has the ability and prestige to suppress Yang Zhixiu obediently. However, he chose the position of not helping each other and sitting back and doing nothing. He was detached from things, and recently he was ill. He stayed indoors in his place of spiritual practice. How could he send people to find us? I was puzzled, but Shaomao Xiaodao understood everything. He took the steamed stuffed bun by the hand and asked if his sister-in-law was looking for him? Baozi looked surprised and said, "Wow, you are so smart. How do you know your aunt is looking for you?"? Xiao Yingyan, the sister-in-law of Shaomao Xiaodao, entered the wall of Maoshan Gate in her early years, followed by a female householder of the same generation as Tao Jinhong. If she ranked up her seniority, she naturally had to call Baozi the "Little Shigu". However, the little girl grew up in this cold gate. Although her seniority was extremely high, she did not have a partner. These years, her sister-in-law guarded the gate where Tao Jinhong was closed. Two people should be familiar with each other, but look at her call so kind, completely not according to seniority, should have different feelings for sister-in-law. Children are small, and they always have an unusual attachment to their female elders. Since it was my sister-in-law who sent someone to look for me, and look at this steamed stuffed bun, it should not be ordered by someone with ulterior motives, so we readily agreed and said goodbye to all the disciples in the Hall of Shaking Spirit. Li Zefeng was a little worried, saying that his master and master uncle would return soon,small gold wash plant, and if they couldn't find anyone, it would be bad, or wait for them to come back, OK? We didn't say anything, but the little Taoist nun shook her head and objected. When does she need to wait for someone? So he scolded Li Zefeng and pulled us away. Although the little girl looked small, she also had a handful of strength in her hands. When she went crazy, she was no less strong than the big man. She could not hold us. No way, Shaomao Xiaodao had to hand over to Li Zefeng to plead guilty, saying that we should go to your Yingyan Shigu first, and that we would come back naturally in a short time. The little Taoist nun was obviously notorious on Maoshan Mountain, and Li Zefeng did not dare to stop her, but said goodbye to us, saying that he would wait here for us to come back. Baozi took us by the hand and walked out of the Zhenling Hall. When she passed the white marble archway, she looked back and said that these smelly Taoist priests were as stingy as their master. Every time they returned to their Zhenling Hall, they didn't even eat a piece of maltose. Next time, manganese beneficiation plant ,mineral flotation, they would find a chance to tell the master a little. Hearing this, we were sweating. I searched my body and took out an energy bar, nut-filled chocolate flavor, which was left over from the last time I went to Ludong Feicheng. I don't know who stuffed it on me, and there was nothing better for a while, so it was stuffed in the hand of the steamed bun. She took it over, opened it clumsily, put it in her mouth, and her eyes soon became round. "Oh, my God, there is something more delicious than pickles and steamed buns in the world, my God.." he shouted happily. She made a fuss and was reluctant to eat a third of it. She ran over and went through our pockets. I was both amused and sad. The energy bar was mainly to compensate for physical strength. It didn't taste good, but it made the little aunt shout with excitement. It was also funny. After learning that there was no stock, Baozi gnashed his teeth and criticized us as cheapskates. We had no choice but to promise repeatedly that when we came back next time, we would bring a big bag of energy bars with her before she let us go. After eating and talking like this, she unconsciously went down the stone steps, turned the fork road, and headed for the depths of the rear forest surrounded by five fingers. The steamed stuffed bun said that she was asking her aunt to comb her hair, but her aunt said that her nephew had arrived, and she could not leave, and she missed her so much that she sent her over to see Xiao Keming. Aunt is looking for Xiao Keming. Why did you come with her? I don't know whether to laugh or cry. It was this little girl who took my hand out of the temple, but now I'm following her. It's really a headache. But the steamed stuffed bun turned his head and said, "You are a good man. You dare to kill Huang Pengfei, the hero at the top. It's good to take a look at your aunt.". It was funny for the little girl to talk to herself like this. She called Hsiao Ying-yan, who was originally her nephew, her aunt, and forced Shaomao Xiaodao to call her her aunt. Now she called me Brother Lu Zuo. There was no such concept of seniority in her mind. She was full of childlike innocence, which made us feel very funny. The most important thing is that I can't help laughing when I see her delicate little face like a steamed stuffed bun. Into the woods, at first, the trees were sparse, but there were many green bamboos, and the side branches slanted out. Later, in the depths of the woods, there was a milky white fog rising from the ground, blocking the path paved with bluestones, revealing the clue of the array arrangement. As she walked, she reminded us that you should be careful. In this place, in order to prevent outsiders from rushing into the mountains, But made a lot of arrangements, a careless, it is a trap everywhere, step by step, oh, follow me, if lost, I am not responsible for oh. This steamed stuffed bun really has the style of a crow's mouth. Before the words fell, I felt that the air seemed to shake. The forest,coltan ore processing, which had been full of life, became somewhat blocked. The air flow was blocked, which made people feel that they could not breathe smoothly.


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