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Records of the Yellow Prince of Rebirth

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Grinning, he gave his father a big smile and shouted, "Dad!"! Dad! Dad As if I had found an interesting toy. Cheng Zehua looked at the daughter who was very similar to herself and smiled so innocently and happily, listening to her tender voice calling "Dad.." From the bottom of my heart, I can't help but feel a sense of satisfaction, which is different from the satisfaction of success in dealing with all kinds of people, but the happiness that emerges from the bottom of my heart, flowing out, and the limbs and bones are warm. This is my own daughter! It's so small that it will break when touched. Cheng Zehua gently rubbed the smiling face of Taizi baby, which made Taizi baby laugh more happily. : The blood flowing on this little person is his own, which is the continuation of his own life. He has suffered so much since he was born: "I only hope you will grow up safely, healthily and happily in the future!" Cheng Zehua lovingly kissed the baby's little face, he did not know that the baby in front of him could understand what he said. Cheng Zehua thought, gently picked up the Taizi baby, Taizi baby's tears almost flooded again, but this time it was moved. Our country's unique reserve and reserve make the father of his previous life silent all the time. He has never expressed his father's love so directly. Although he understands his father's quietness, such naked love still makes Taizi baby's heart softer and accepts the young father and mother from the bottom of his heart. Tai Zi and Tai Lan are twins, but they are not the same. Tai Lan looks like her mother. She has a pair of peach blossom eyes and a delicate face. Now you can see that she will be a charming handsome man in the future. Tai Zi looks like her father Cheng Zehua, with double eyelids, big eyes and black eyeballs. The shadow of Cheng Zehua is between her eyebrows. The son looks like his mother and the daughter looks like his father, which has been fully proved by Tai Lan Tai Zi. Since Tai Zi spoke, the beautiful mother Cheng's enlightenment education for Tai Zi's baby began, and she was in class at any time and anywhere, such as: Baby,Whirlpool bathtub, look, this is grass, green grass! Come on, read after your mother: "Grass!" Tai Zi Bao Bao: "Grass, green grass!" "The baby is so smart." Here are flowers, flowers, very beautiful! Tai Zi Bao Bao: "Flowers, flowers!" "This is the park, the mother brings the baby to the park." Tai Zi Bao Bao: "Park …" "The baby is so clever that the bird is flying in the sky." Tai Zi Bao Bao: "The bird flies … …" In the endless cycle,endless swimming pool, I have to lament the patience of Cheng's mother. It is said that the teacher who later taught Taizi Baby said that the reason why Taizi Baby changed from a mentally retarded baby to a smart baby was mostly due to Cheng's mother's enlightenment education. Later, many young mothers followed suit. Why did our mother Cheng think of using this way to teach Taizi baby enlightenment? There's a reason for that. This also has to start from a sister of the mother, the mother's sister's child Tai Zi baby three years old, the key is that the situation of the two babies is very similar, that Tai Zi father three years old child is also a premature baby, physical weakness is also a mess, although not diagnosed as mentally retarded, but once a fever is almost burned into a fool, maternal love. Mother's sister is using this method, from the dribs and drabs of life to carry out enlightenment education, tirelessly teaching her child over and over again, now her child in addition to the body is still a little weak, in terms of IQ is higher than the children of the same age, in their side is also known for their intelligence, that is, the so-called child prodigy. It is said that the child prodigy is still enrolled in a martial arts class, and his physical quality has been greatly improved. Beautiful mother learned that this method is like a treasure, whirlpool bathtub manufacturers ,4 person jacuzzi, hurriedly used in Taizi baby's body, facts have proved that the effect of this enlightenment education is not generally good, the baby's progress that is called a fast, Cheng mother thought, when also let the baby to learn martial arts, exercise, every time the baby went to the hospital to give an injection that cry, listen to the heart are seized, as well as buttocks, arms, ankles. Those pinprick on the forehead, think of the heart all a burst of pain. Tai Lan Tai Zi has been able to walk steadily, Tai Lan's short legs can not stop for a moment, everything is fresh and curious to the outside world, like an Explorer like to walk around, when running two buttocks a swing, people worry that he is not about to fall, but he has a good grasp of the balance of the body, running from this end to that end. Running from the other end to this end, it seems that there is inexhaustible energy. Comparatively speaking, Tai Zi is much quieter. It's not good to be quiet. A little wind, a cold, a little hot, heatstroke, a little sweat, and a fever. Well, in that case, why don't you just sit on the lawn and bask in the sun? I'm allergic to pollen. Forget it, we don't go to the flower bed, we just sit in the pavilion and watch everyone play, so how about it? Catkins flying.. Allergies again. What kind of constitution is this? Tai Zi baby is very depressed, Tai Lan children have been in the kindergarten class, and when the elder brother's appearance, eat to mother first, play to sister first, but also know to tell the story of three little pigs, will also sing sister, but can no longer play with Tai Zi baby, mother also works, Tai Zi baby is very depressed in front of some toys every day, why? Isn't there a nanny? Alas, I don't know what dialect the nanny is speaking, and I can't understand a word. Think of yourself as a language talent, standard Mandarin, fluent English, authentic German, but the dialect here is really not understood, fortunately, beautiful mother and father and brother speak Mandarin, or play with building blocks by yourself! Days have passed in such a dull way. Our Tai Lan Tai Zi two babies are already four years old. Tai Lan baby is already a standard little Zhengtai. Everyone loves flowers. Tai Zi baby, under careful care and diet therapy, has been able to jump up and down. Although it is still suffering from minor illnesses, it is much better than going to the hospital every other day. Not long after his birthday,indoor endless pool, it was Grandpa's birthday. Early in the morning, the two babies were pulled up to wear their spirits. Today, Mom and Dad will take the two babies back to the main house to see Grandpa.


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