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He was even more startled, and he regretted that he had hesitated just now, so he simply answered directly, so that she would not be suspicious for no reason, but now he had to be careful when answering. The princess misunderstood that the Ministry of Rites, in conjunction with the Taichang Temple, was in charge of all the sacrifices at the four seasons of the New Year's Day. The minister was an internal minister. Although he was also in charge of the ritual supervision and the East Factory, he had only accompanied him to the imperial mausoleum a few times. Today is the first time he has come back to the Hall of Enjoyment. How can he know the reason? With a slight pause, he then added, "I also feel strange about this. Ordinarily, the ranking of offering sacrifices should not be like this. There must be a record in the ancestral system of the imperial mausoleum in Taichang Temple, but perhaps it's just a pattern with a few words.". After all, the first emperor has been buried for a long time. I'm afraid I can't find out why some things happen. I advise the princess not to be so persistent. After listening in silence, the expectant light in his eyes slowly turned dim, and his face sank. What he said seemed reasonable, but she clearly felt that it was just a few words of prevarication. There were so many things he didn't want to know. She knew in her heart that it was because she did not want to get involved in the trouble, so as not to add to the trouble. In the final analysis, the pure department is a good intention. But now she was no longer the little girl who had been ignorant and aloof from the world in the nunnery, and she did not want to live without listening to or thinking about anything. What's more, these things implicate the mother and concubine, but also related to his own and his brother's life experience, since he knows the truth, why not reveal even a few words? Maybe he felt that when he arrived in Los Angeles, he was far away from right and wrong, and there was no need to know a lot of things. Think about it,ultrasonic cutting machine, in the future, I will spend my life under the ancient Buddha, and I will never come out again. There is no difference between knowing and not knowing. And he escorted to Los Angeles, will also return to Beijing, continue to win the Sacred Heart, in the court and palace, I do not know how many times to see again, think also feel sad. That being the case, why bother to pursue it? She was silent for a moment,ultrasonic handheld welder, then sighed and said, "The factory minister is right. I wrote it down." Then he took the three sticks of incense from his hand, approached them, and respectfully worshipped the first emperor in the middle of the altar. Then turned to the right side of the mother's side, just a head, the accumulated tears can no longer be suppressed, such as the collapse of the dike rushed out, lying on the ground sobbing. Xu Shaoqing knew that this was a feeling, so she let her cry for a while. Then she stroked her vest and said gently, "I'm sorry, Princess. Don't break your body by crying. It's getting late. It's time for us to start." He thought he had a few more words to comfort him, but Gao quickly stopped crying, raised his sleeve to wipe away his tears, gently pushed him away, got up with an expressionless face, and walked out of the hall. 、48. The rain is crisp The push was clearly resentful, and although it was only a gentle refusal, it was equally alarming. Is she annoyed? This person, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic cutting machine, who has always been gentle and even a little dull, would be annoyed. Xu Shaoqing was somewhat unexpected, and he did not know whether it was a momentary anger or a long time of accumulation. Looking back, the delicate figure had reached the gate of the temple. He sighed, stepped forward quickly, pushed the door open for her, bowed and raised his hand. "Princess, please." Gao He didn't say anything, didn't look up, lifted her skirt and stepped out. What the hell is this? He could not help but be stupefied, and the two sword eyebrows immediately frowned. Zhang Huai had been waiting outside all the time. When he saw the two of them suddenly come out, he was startled. He hurried up and said in a panic, "Your Highness, forgive me. Since the ceremony is over, just call the maidservant. What did you say?" He was not young, and he came out of the palace, so he would naturally observe his words and expressions, but at this time he saw that although the princess's face was still a little sad, her eyebrows were gloomy, as if she was holding her breath in her heart and had no place to go. When he stole a glance at Xu Shaoqing again, he saw that his face was also cold and frightening, vaguely similar to the master beside him. This atmosphere can be a bit strange, he did not dare to say much, the moment to accompany carefully to lead the way. One according to the original road out of the mausoleum, two in no words. Gao always hung his head and did not even raise his eyelids. Xu Shaoqing in the side look is not the taste, this gentle and quiet person complains, really lets the human feel uncomfortable tightly. He tried to open his mouth several times, but because of the local situation, there were so many people and so many eyes, he finally held back. Out of the civil and military square door, still along the Shinto all the way back to the front of the car, but saw a few watermelons piled up beside it, big and round, melon vines rolling, skin bulging tendons and veins, the same color of dark green. Zhang Huai stepped forward and said with a smile, "The maidservant is quiet here. There is nothing decent. I have prepared some fresh melons and fruits. Please ask the princess to quench her thirst on the way." Xu Shaoqing squinted a few times and frowned slightly. You are afraid that these are the tribute of the imperial mausoleum. How can the princess take them on the road? It's against the rules. Take it all. Zhang Huai said with a smile, "If it were a tribute instrument, the maidservant would not dare to take it out even if she died. It was all planted in the neighboring garden.". "It's a fine black tendon, with thin skin and few seeds. It's crisp and sweet yellow sand flesh. The maidservant asked someone to pick it last night. It was soaked in the well water for half a night. It wasn't long before it was fished out. This time it's the most refreshing to eat." Xu Shaoqing smiled, but saw that Gao He had already got into the car by himself. His face sank again, so he asked someone to accept the melon and walk with the car for a while. When he was far away, he was ready to board the car and set off. When she lifted the curtain, she was sitting in the middle of her knees, leaving no room beside her. Seeing him come in, he looked up and dropped down again, as if he had made up his mind not to say a word. This makes the grinding of sex so that he is also at a loss, but at this time can not advance or retreat. After thinking about it, he let go of the curtain and whispered to the driver to get out of the rickshaw and go by himself. He took over and whipped the horse to catch up with the northbound Yiluan rickshaw. Gao Yu sat for a moment and was surprised to see that he had never come in. Originally, she was somewhat angry, but she thought that with his usual temperament, he would surely squeeze in, but unexpectedly, it was such a scene that her heart began to empty. Hearing that the sound outside had suddenly changed, she did not feel strange,ultrasonic generator driver, slowly leaned over, quietly lifted the coarse cloth curtain a crack, and peeped out. The sun was so strong that there was a vast expanse of whiteness in front of my eyes.


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