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Seeing that a fierce battle was about to take place again, the old man quickly stopped speaking. He was depressed. The venerable man, commanding the Great Wilderness, was overwhelmed by the fierce power of a bear child in this place. All right, let's talk about the ten evils of ancient times. The old man said slowly. In the ancient sacred mountain, some people found the remains of the gods, saying that there is a nest of the ancient Kunpeng in this desolate land near the sea. It is inferred that there may be a long-lost treasure of the world. What? When the little one heard this, he was startled. His eyes were wide open and his heart was beating fast. This was the treasure he needed most. He had been walking along this road. Would you come to me for such a good thing? Soon, he expressed his disdain that the old man was not a good man at first sight, and that he was coming to cheat him. The old man was dumb, and the bear child once again rolled his eyes and despised him. How many times was this today? I haven't been treated like this in years. It was a forbidden place with many requirements. Only those who were transformed into spirits could enter and exit, and someone must have opened up ten caves in order to open the passage. Said the old man. The bear child despised him even more, and almost shot him directly. This old guy is really not a good kind, want him to open the way, the end must be killed, there is a way to live? "You can rest assured, this time to fight for the supernatural power, we will not kill each other, we are not the only team, you need to show the strength of the ten holes there." The next great realm he has to face is the transformation of spirit. Do you believe what you say? The little one despises that although his entry into the spiritual realm is just around the corner,euro plastic pallet, it is still impossible to fight with such an antique. I believe that I can swear by a curse that if I harm your life, I will answer. The old man said that they really needed people from the ten caves, otherwise they could not open the passage at all. The ancient curse is extremely mysterious, and it is difficult to eradicate the words of contamination. The little one once provoked the ghost master. As a result, in order to break it, he had to go to Baiduan Mountain to fulfill his promise. However, the bear child still does not believe that he will not think that the other side is so kind and loyal, perhaps just opened ten thousand channels,collapsible pallet box, was directly killed. I think it's more reliable for you to go with me to guard the village. Said the little one to the girl in purple. Suddenly, there was a burst of tension and almost a fierce battle. The bear child was not afraid at all. He looked at the girl in purple and looked at the old man angrily at the same time. Please believe my words. Kunpeng has fallen. If it still exists in the world, it can only be in that sea area. I come to talk to you. I am absolutely sincere and will not harm you. Said the old man. Kunpeng Treasure was born, it will definitely shock the world, even the ancient beast can not sit still, all want to fight, but Kunpeng set a ban, they can not get in. The little one said that it was false that he was not tempted. Now he is taking this road. If he can watch the real Kunpeng magic, it will certainly be integrated. In this way, the old man kept lobbying and talked for most of the day, but the little one looked uncertain and never nodded in agreement. He wanted to go, but he wanted to beat up the old guy. The other party knew that he was going this way, but he was still so tempting, and it was clear that he was constantly shaking his heart, plastic trash bins ,heavy duty plastic pallet, but if he really went, he would probably die. Old man, I knew you never had a good idea. Let me help you open the door of God, and then you can punish me to vent your anger. It's really killing two birds with one stone. "Little friend, you misunderstood. How could I get involved in the struggle of your younger generation? Besides, it's all a small fight. Just laugh it off." Said the old man. You come from the ancient sacred mountain. Help me find two people. If I can find them, I can consider it. The little one suddenly said that he thought of his parents, who had gone to the ancient sacred mountain to pick the holy medicine for him, but never returned, and his eyes were red when he thought of it. Who on earth is it? As soon as the old man saw a turn for the better, he asked. Wait for me here when I'm ready. The little one stood up and swished away, and even the dragon did not bother to pay attention to it. The wilderness is going to be in chaos. If you can't get this magic power now, it will be difficult to have a foothold in the future. Young man, you should think about it carefully. The old man was in the back, and no one could hear him. "Wait for me here!" The little one responded. When he passed by Huo Linger, he stopped and said, "Thank you, Fatty. I will be rewarded in the future." He knew that the fire emperor sent troops, one is to appreciate him, two must have the contribution of the fire spirit son, after all, get along with one, in Baiduan Mountain with the advance and retreat, she mostly gave advice. Ungrateful, Huo Linger said angrily, "You are the fat man, and your whole family is the fat man!" The little one ran away at a very fast speed. The heroes were frightened and hurried to give way. They didn't dare to stop him. This guy even beat the strongest man from the ancient sacred mountain. He was so bold. What else did he dare not do? The little one galloped all the way back to the original place through the golden passage, then opened the passage again, entered the chaotic ruins, and saw the willows rooted in the void. Willow God, I know the lair of Taigu Kunpeng. He spoke quickly and wanted to ask if Liu Shen could take him out if he went. To tell the truth, he did not believe in the old man and other powerful creatures at all, even if he made a vow and planted a curse, it was not reliable. Can only rely on the willow God, at that time, if the willow God, if can open a passage, there is nothing to worry about. Chapter 0223 deal. "Kunpeng.." It is a pity that the strongest magical power of the world, which has fallen through endless years, has been lost. Liu Shen has some feelings. It takes root in the void, the blackened and thick trunk rises into the sky, the breeze blows, chaos surges, and a dozen green willows sway gently, as if they had returned to the era of opening the sky. There should be no mistake. If Kunpeng Treasure still exists in the world,plastic pallet manufacturer, it is in that sea area. Liu Shen thought carefully and said so. Can I go? The little one asked hopefully. Go on, it's time to fight. Liu Shen responded in the affirmative. That's great! The little one did a somersault happily. He was very excited. He was very eager for that kind of magic. Finally, he would see a kind of supernatural power.


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