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Longcheng grinned craftily at Xiong Wanjin. Then he patted Alda on the shoulder and burst out laughing: "Brother, I won't lie to you!"! That warm jade pavilion suet jade beauty, hey, that figure, that voice, that twist up the heat, tut, and her spring breeze overnight, you know what is called a woman! A real woman! Alda smiled, his eyes turning pink. Long tongue gently licked the tip of the tongue, Arda obsequiously looked at Linzi: "Great master, we have nothing to do here, let's go to the imperial capital of the Qin Empire?"? The beauty there. Hey, hey! Lin Qi rolled his eyes, these days he watched the dragon city recruit, watched the crazy abandoned people gathered under the dragon city, saw the abandoned people of several nearby provinces like crazy into the west frontier, saw the garrison of several nearby provinces on the border to guard against death, and those abandoned people broke out cruel fighting. As soon as Longcheng gave the order, the entire Xidi Frontier Command and several nearby provinces were in a mess. Linqi still doesn't know what Longcheng wants to do, but with Linqi's knowledge of Longcheng's bastard,interactive whiteboard for schools, what he wants to do will absolutely drive people crazy. Lin Qi clearly remembered how he was entrapped by the Dragon City. Of course, Linzi did not deny that it was a wonderful period of energy, but Linzi had an illusion that he had been raped. Linzi also admitted that it had done him a great deal of good, but. Linzi still thinks he was raped! So Linzi's heart was full of vigilance when the Dragon City looked mysterious and tempted Alda, a demon with unstable mind. Tell me frankly what you want to do! Linzi stared at Longcheng and clenched his teeth at him. If the Dragon City does not tell Lin Qi the truth of all this, Lin Qi does not mind playing a peach blossom in the Dragon City blushing. Although the Dragon City has reached the strength of the lower rank of the holy teacher, Lin Qi is confident that he can overwhelm the Dragon City by virtue of his perversion. Plus Lin Qi has so many powerful thugs around him,interactive touch screens education, even if it is a group fight, Lin Qi also wants to teach this mysterious bastard a good lesson. Longcheng touched his nose and giggled. After laughing for a while, Longcheng opened his eyes wide and looked at Linqi with his pure white eyes: "We are brothers, we are friends, we are good brothers!"! Linzi, how can you doubt my character? Lin Qi crossed his legs and continued to chew the rib as if he had not heard the words of the Dragon City. Helplessly spread out his hands, Longcheng looked up to the sky and sighed: "Well, well, in fact, it's nothing.". Bring me some letters to the imperial capital. The people around me are being stared at. They can't get close to the imperial capital at all. I can only rely on you, dear brother Linzi, and I won't let you suffer! The corners of Longcheng's mouth were raised, revealing a very strange smile. Lin Qi subconsciously hit a shiver, desperately shook his head and refused to agree to the request of the Dragon City. In the past few days, he watched the Dragon City stir up trouble in the West Frontier Command, touch screen board classroom ,interactive flat panel display, watched him stir up a mess in several nearby provinces, and heard from the frightened Xiong Wanjin about the power and terror of the Qin Empire. Even if Lin Qi had confidence in himself, he would not dare to get involved in such a thing. Dragon City has a crazy nature in its bones, which can be seen from the fact that he dared to run across the Odin Ice Field to the western continent alone when he was only the peak of heaven. But Linzi admitted that he was not as crazy as the Dragon City, he still had to keep this life to retaliate against his enemies, to take care of his brother, to strengthen his family, where did he have the interest to go crazy with the Dragon City? Seeing that Lin Qiwan firmly refused himself, Longcheng frowned in distress, and then his eyes suddenly brightened and he snapped his fingers quickly: "Well, that's it.". You're just going to deliver some letters for me. How about I help you get rid of the maggots in your bones? Looking at Lin Qi with a strange smile, Longcheng Hei Hei said with a smile, "That old and immortal Yunjun is the enlightener who broke through the holy land. Such an old monster, even in the Blood Qin Empire, no one is willing to provoke.". No one can easily remove the maggots of his tarsus! Lin Qi was stupefied, and the donkey over there had already turned over. The maggots of the tarsus left by Yunjun on their bodies are indeed a major threat to them. If you can't find someone whose mental strength is better than Yunjun's, it's impossible to kill the maggots of the tarsus. When Yun Jun got the news that Yun Haitian and others had been wiped out and brought people to kill Lin Qi in person, it was really a big trouble. If Longcheng can help eliminate the maggots of the tarsus, then it seems that no matter how outrageous and bastard he is, he can agree! However, the attitude of the Dragon City is very uncomfortable! Lin Qi rolled his eyes and looked at the Dragon City. "I thought we were brothers, but I didn't think you were looking for a quid pro quo." Longcheng touched his nose awkwardly. He said helplessly, "I have to ask an old man to do this.". But that old immortal is not good to talk, you do not help me to do something, do not let him get some advantage in this, hey, ha ha, I am really not good, also dare not ask him! Helpless sigh, things have been like this, nothing more than to help Longcheng send a few letters, there should not be too much risk! And look at Longcheng like this, these letters should be very important to him, after all, we are brothers who have fought side by side, can help him once, help him once! Although Longcheng is a bastard and unreliable, he won't push Lin Qi into the fire pit, will he? With a heavy breath, Lin Qi snorted coldly, "Well, hurry up!"! Is there going to be a war here? I don't want to wander on the battlefield of millions of troops, which is too risky! We have to get out of here! Longcheng beamed and nodded, looking at him like that, he almost wagged his tail at Linqi. To be continued.. Www.xiaoshUotxt.cOm Chapter 652 the playfulness of Xiong Wanjin. The sixth chapter, the number of words today is definitely more than nineteen thousand words! Rest,86 smart board, rest, eat, eat.


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