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Single Character B&W Commercial Non-exclusive for Small Projects

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Do you need custom art for your small project? My black and white style is striking, quick to turnaround, and versatile. Inspired by traditional inks,  it's full of personality. A few variations in shading are available.

This listing is for one  humanoid character(fullbody by default but high detail waist-up or portraits are also options). You must provide all references or a complete written description- I'll just make up any details you don't include. You'll get one sketch for which you can provide feedback(similar to what you see in the examples), and any further changes will require an extra fee, unless it's a detail provided in the reference which I have forgotten(which I am always happy to fix!).
I reserve the right to turn down requests if I am not comfortable with the subject matter, but in general I'll try most things- mecha, furry, gore, horror, nudity, erotic, fanart. I'll do extreme action poses- just understand that they often obscure character design details. is a great resource if you have a specific pose in mind you really want.
For these I will work on a 8 by 12 @300dpi(2400 x 3600 pixel) canvas. I like a comfortable margin at the edges- your artwork will end up a little smaller, but always over 3000 pixels on the longest side. 
If your character has large extra design elements- wings, elaborate oversized weapons, and so on, I will not enlarge my canvas, instead you'll simply get less detail overall.

A simple background and one colour- as shown in the examples- is available for a small extra fee. 

Your artwork will come with a non-exclusive commercial license. You will have permission to edit it in any way you like for your projects, so if you want a base or template I can do that. You cannot resell the art as-is in any way. If you want to make merchandise that features it, it must be edited significantly or otherwise added to(or talk to me about it). I require appropriate credit. If I include a signature, you may remove it.
I will retain all rights to the artwork, and will make it available for sale to others as stock, either exactly as-is, or an edited version at my discretion. I will mention in the product listing that it is non-exclusive custom stock, and I will include your information as the commissioner in the licensing file included in the download.

For other styles or types of art, exclusive or bulk art, or if you have any other questions, feel free to contact me! I've designed this offering to be as flexible as I can at this price point but lots of projects still just won't fit it!


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Zed Nope

Just love drawing.