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Military Marriage "Reborn Military Marriage Jiang Shao's Unrestrained Wife" txt Complete Works

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As soon as Chen Lulin looked up and saw the situation inside, he immediately understood and raised his eyebrows and smiled. Xia Mingxi also saw it and muttered discontentedly, "It's too much. How decent it is to cuddle in the ward!" Romance Chapter 269 shameless. His voice did not lower at all, and the two people who were embracing each other affectionately inside had to look back when they heard the noise. Suddenly, Jin Xi immediately put aside Jiang Hanlin's embrace. When the three of them came in, Nie Feng joked with a smile, "Jin Xi came so early. If I had known you two were in the world, we wouldn't bother you." Xia Mingxi's face was filled with indignation. He squinted at him and said in a strange way, "I've told you that he'll be all right. If you don't believe me, you must come and have a look. It's a bad thing for others." Chen Lulin turned his arm, "can you speak well?" Jiang Hanlin turned around, but still holding Jin Xi in one hand, in front of the brothers did not shy away, "I'm all right, thank you for your concern." "It's all right!" Chen Lulin saw that he had changed his military uniform and was in high spirits. He really didn't look like a patient. He couldn't help saying admiringly, "We were shocked by the perverted Barrett. It's estimated that we will bleed to death from seven orifices, boss!"! You are really awesome! He raised his thumb from the bottom of his heart, and Jiang Hanlin hooked his lips in a low-key and cold way. Xia Mingxi did not know when to turn around and walk out again. Nie Feng turned around and shouted, "Where are you going?" "People say it's all right. Of course I'm going to see Lin Mi!" Xia Mingxi shook off his hand and went out of the ward. Chen Lulin and Nie Feng looked back at them, embarrassed to be a third wheel, and shook their hands with a smile to show that they were going first. Jin Xi withdrew her sight and glanced up at him shyly. "It seems that you are really all right. Let's go and see Lin Mi, too." "Mmm." Jiang Hanlin nodded slightly, did not hold back,30ml Dropper Bottle, one hand raised to spoil on the tip of her nose, provoked brocade Xi to send a big white eye. They looked at each other and smiled, holding hands slowly and turned to walk out of the ward. When I got to the corridor, I heard another sound coming from the corridor. Xia Mingxi stood in front of Zhang Chumo, a little cocky tone: "They are you Nong and I Nong, you don't bother, go with us to see Lin Mi." Zhang Chumo immediately threw a sentence, "who is with you, shameless!" "Oh,Glass Cosmestic Containers, why don't you know what's good and what's bad?" "You don't know what's good for you!" Watching the smoke of gunpowder filled the flames of war, Chen Lulin and Nie Feng hurriedly stopped between them, "OK, OK, one person said less, they are all comrades-in-arms!"! It's all going through life and death together, and you can't get over it! Xia Mingxi was very upset and said angrily, "I'm talking to her in a good voice, but what's her attitude?" "Are you in a good voice?"? Your chin is going up in the sky! "I like to talk with my chin up, can't I?" Xia Mingxi said that he also deliberately raised his chin, which made Nie Feng and Chen Lulin almost unable to resist the blow. Zhang Chumo was too lazy to continue to entangle with this childish idiot. When he saw Jin Xi and Jiang Hanlin coming out, he glanced at the three men and walked up to them. Boss, are you sure you're all right? It's better to listen to the doctor's words and lie down for a few more days. It's rare to have a chance to rest. Zhang Chumo looked up and down, with the same sense of admiration in his words. Jiang Hanlin smiled, "it's all right, thank you for your concern." "Thank you for what." Zhang Chumo walked to Jin Xi's side, Serum Bottle With Dropper ,cosmetic packaging wholesale, pulled her over, and said to Jiang Hanlin, "Boss, borrow your girlfriend!"! I'll pay you back later! Brocade Xi glanced at her and asked in a low voice, "What are you doing?"? Now that you're here, go and see Lin Mi. Romance Chapter 270 bad news. Zhang Chumo's face was awkward, a little reluctant, and there was some imperceptible sadness between his eyebrows and eyes. Brocade Xi just doesn't care, directly pulling her hand to pull the past, "people are saved by you, now coy what strength!"! Come on, you're not alone! Zhang Chumo muttered, "In that case, I will save anyone!"! It's not because. Before he had finished speaking, the man had been dragged in. Lin Mi was leaning on the bed in her hospital gown. The doctor had just finished examining her, and the nurse had just hung up the new intravenous drip. Seeing his comrades-in-arms knocking on the door, Lin Mi's haggard face showed a smile, "You're all here, I'm all right, I'm fine." The doctor said the operation was successful and I could recuperate for a few months. She said so, of course, everyone followed the comfort, "rest assured, we are all strong, and recover quickly!" Lin Mi smiled and nodded heavily, and his eyes moved to see Zhang Chumo standing behind several men, with a slightly restrained smile on his face. Jin Xi looked at the change of Lin Mi's expression and pushed his friend to stand in the front. Zhang Chumo is more and more coy, that appearance is like a little girl who is in conflict, reluctantly standing there, even refusing to raise his head. Lin Mi sat up a little and looked at Zhang Chumo and said sincerely, "Chumo, this time I can come back alive. Thanks to you, you risked your life to save me and bandaged me in time. Otherwise, for such a long time, even if I didn't die under the enemy's bullets, I would go into shock because of excessive blood loss. This time is really-" Zhang Chumo's ears turned red for no reason. Without waiting for Lin Mi to finish his words, he interrupted impatiently: "What's there to thank? In that case, I will save anyone. Don't think too much." Jin Xi was not with them at that time, but later listened to Chen Lulin about the process, know that the process of Chu Mo to save Lin Mi is quite dangerous, the heart can not help pinching a sweat. Now listening to her friend's bad attitude, she could not help but look at her and pinch her arm to remind her: "Chumo, what are you doing?"! Lin Mi should thank you for saving his life. "Yes," Lin Mi said hurriedly, "in that case, if you hadn't risked your life to save me, I would have died." "All right, all right, I know!" Zhang Chumo became more and more impatient, but everyone was there, and she couldn't continue to yawn. She squeaked for a few seconds and glanced at Lin Mi with her eyes,oil dropper bottle, saying, "Then you remember my life-saving grace. Maybe when will you repay it?" Lin Mi smiled and nodded: "Good!"! If you need me somewhere, I will certainly repay you! 。


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