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Who is the master of ups and downs + a thousand cups?

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From the war, when the four countries will not go all out to help Qin Jiang. Besides, I have my own sense of propriety. It's just a trivial matter. Just quit, lest Qin Jiang really think that I have no one in Tianjing. Leng Xuan's line of sight fell on the tea in the cup. For a moment, he smiled indifferently and said slowly, "Since you If you have a plan, do it! Father, as long as you remember, you are the emperor of Tianjing, every time you go. Every step concerns the safety of Tianjing. Ming Zhou and yuan Cijun stood up together and were taught in awe. When they heard the sound outside the hall, they did not listen. Stay more, exchanged a few words to leave back to the palace. Lei Haicheng this also want to inquire about the assassination of Wei Zhen with Ming Zhou can have the following, Xu Changguo Lord, Xu. Who is in power in Changguo now? Ming Zhou decided how to deal with the disloyal Mo Rufei? But Seeing that Leng Xuanyi was lazy and obviously unwilling to talk more about politics with his son, he refrained from asking. Let Leng Xuan recover as soon as possible, is the most important thing. He took the cold decoction on the table and separated it. Silver bowl tried the temperature, found that it was not hot enough to eat, immediately handed to Leng Xuan, look at the man. He frowned, but still looked up and drank a large bowl of medicinal juice. Who is in charge of the ups and downs? Part III Chapter 195 Chapter Words: 1940 Updated: 07-11-17 10:23 Put aside the size of the trivial government, Leng Xuan is still a day to take a decoction, free time with Lei Hai. The city goes to the imperial garden to take a walk, at night in the Kaiyuan Palace shallow drink to enjoy the moon, although the day is insipid like water, pour Comfortable and comfortable. In the heat of summer, the weather is getting hotter and hotter. This afternoon, the two of them played chess in the shade of a tree in the courtyard. Lei Haicheng didn't want to play chess and other tired men, so he simply asked someone to do it by memory. Flying chess, the two clever maids, Ciwei and Yiyi, were also brought together to make up the number of people. The two little girls were still trembling at first, but after a few games, they put their restraint behind them and went down. The nervous place shouts loudly frequently. Lei Haicheng and Leng Xuan could not help smiling when they saw their innocence. Lei Haicheng thought of the guest even more. The pair of sisters who served their daily life when they lived in Qiao Xingzhi's house congealed ink and contained fragrance. On the day when the city of Linyuan was destroyed, all the palaces were empty, and the people of the whole journey were estimated to have been moved to other places. Those sisters My sister was born in troubled times, and I don't know where she is now, whether she is alive or dead? And the two old foxes, who had not moved since the last warning of the poisonous snake, instead ordered He felt uneasy. Fang Chao had returned a few days ago, saying that he had sent several Xiqi military generals, Marble Granite Price ,Calacatta Quartz Slab, led by Wei Zhen, who had the opposite intention. Kill. Without waiting for the soles of the feet to get hot, Fang Chao hurried to say goodbye again. Even the Nighthawk, back from Lei Haicheng The queen of the palace is also missing. Asked about the bodyguard, he said that he had been ordered by the emperor to go out to work and had not returned for several months. Under the calm of the waves, it seems that something is brewing and accumulating. The more Lei Haicheng thought about it, the more entranced he was, and he woke up with a few calls from Leng Xuan. It's your turn, Haicheng. Leng Xuan handed him the dice and said with a smile, "This flying chess is true." It's really interesting. I'm afraid men didn't play any games in their childhood. Lei Haicheng gazed at Leng Xuanqing's black eyes. In the depths of the pupil, the familiar feeling of heartache began to be felt in the chest again, which was somewhat unknowingly revealed. Surge and finally smile. There are many more interesting games! I'll teach you slowly. He stared at Leng Xuan, but the man looked down at the chess game. The sunlight passes through the gaps between the branches and leaves of the dense green cover overhead, shaking off a little bit of tiny spots of light. The reflection of Leng Xuan's face overlapped with light and shade. For a long time, Leng Xuan said the word "good" softly. A leaf fell leisurely with the wind, passing between Leihai City and Lengxuan, blocking Leihai. The sight of the city. He couldn't see what the man looked like at this time. The yellow leaves fell to the ground and soon mingled with the fallen leaves in the courtyard, rustling in the cool autumn breeze. Se dance. The sky is depressed in autumn, but the Kaiyuan Palace is lively in other places. The baby was crying with laughter. Pass straight outside the high wall. Two days ago, when Queen Tianjing was swimming in the lake, she was pregnant and gave birth to a princess. Both mother and daughter were safe. The capital Everywhere was decorated with lanterns and colored streamers to pray for the princess's birthday. Ming Zhou even sent people to report the good news to Lan Wang and yuan urgently. A member of Cijunniang's family. When he was free this morning, he brought the little princess over and asked his father to give her a name. The child cries so loudly, just like you did when you were a child. Leng Xuan hugs from two wet nurses. Over the baby girl. Strange to say, when the baby girl was in his hands, she gradually stopped crying and had a small mouth. No smacking. Does she want to nurse? Lei Haicheng looked interesting and reached over to touch the baby girl's wrinkles with his fingers. Baba's little face. It suddenly occurred to me that on the night when I formally proposed to Ting, they were lying in bed. Looking forward to the future, he and Ting both want to have a daughter after marriage. At that time, there was no way to imagine that he would come back from the dead and be with a man. Entangled in the bone.. Slightly a palpitation then sober, slanted to see Leng Xuan eyes stopped on the face of the little princess, but the color. It's a little bleak. Lei Haicheng knew that Leng Xuanding had recalled the death of the little children. He was speechless and called out in a low voice. One: "Xuan..." Leng Xuan slowly exhaled a long breath deep in his chest. He restrained his sadness and said with a smile, "It's called Si." Cloud bar. Lei Haicheng suddenly a shock, is missing Yuntongguan that tragic battle, or that confused everything The Suoyun Mountain? Past dust old dream, the moment is like the tide, a hundred turns a thousand times, all on the heart. He thought about the past, so he didn't pay attention to what Leng Xuan and his son said, and when he settled down, he heard it. Zhou Zheng of the Ming Dynasty talked about Qin Jiang's recent situation with a little color. Qin Jiang has sent an emissary to make an alliance with me on the three cities of Fengling. Tian Jingqu Second, the remaining one belongs to Qin Jiang. My son promised the angel, the day of Winter Solstice and the king of Qin Jiang Meet in the East. Leng Xuan's black eyes froze. "Are you going in person?" "Not bad." Ming Zhou said confidently, "Father, you don't have to worry. I dare to promise." Naturally, he will not act rashly. "Take the opportunity of the alliance to truly establish prestige in the world,Calacatta Nano Glass, so that countries will no longer underestimate your young and irresponsible." It's also a good thing. Leng Xuan nodded. "My father is right," said Ming Zhou with a smile. "That's exactly what I mean." At this time, the little princess suddenly "wow" and burst into tears in the arms of Leng Xuan.


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