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Reborn Princess of the Shang Dynasty

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Bai Qiyan gently touched Wu Minghui's arm and said softly, "Huier, you have to take good care of yourself now. Don't worry about these trivial things.". From now on, let Ah Niang take care of the affairs in the mansion. Leave the affairs of the girls to Ah Niang or Yue'er. Right, the girls, to the moon son, the moon son can do well. The marriage of Uncle Ruan, Master Liu, and Zhao Si in the mansion was all done by Zhang Luo with the help of Yueer, and our marriage was also done by Zhang Luo with Yueer. Wu Minghui looked at Bai Qiyan in surprise, "Uncle Ruan?"? Master Liu? How old was the moon when they got married? Bai Qiyan said with a faint smile, "The moon has had ideas since she was a child. She can't be measured by her age." When Wu Minghui thought about it, she nodded and said, "That's right. The moon is precocious. I remember the first time I saw her in Houfu, I thought she was different from other children." Speaking of Bai Ruyue, Bai Qiyan talked about all kinds of things when Yueer was a child. After they chatted for a while, Wu Minghui nodded and said, "OK, listen to me. Let Yueer handle the affairs of the girls." Bai Qiyan and Wu Minghui were bored for a while until Zhao Qunfang came in with a girl carrying food. Bai Qiyan took the bowl from the girl and fed Wu Minghui in person. Wu Minghui blushed and said, "Sir, I'll do it myself." Zhao Qunfang beamed and said,touch screen whiteboard, "Huier, let Brother Yan take care of you." Wu Minghui blushed even more. Zhao Qunfang laughed and said, "I have something to do. I'll go to work first. Brother Yan, take good care of Huier." Bai Qiyan nodded and said, "Ah Niang is busy. My son will take good care of Huier." "Sir," said Wu Minghui. Zhao Qunfang hurriedly turned around and walked out. As she walked, she said with a smile, "OK,smart board interactive whiteboard, I'll go!"! Huier has a good rest after dinner. I'll take care of the things in the house. Text Volume Chapter 697 Arrangement When Zhao Qunfang left, he did not forget to take Ziyue away. Bai Ruyue returned to the dining room from the garden in the garden, ate a few mouthfuls in a hurry, and then went to the outer study. When Bai Ruyue arrived, Liu Chongyang, Zhao Si, and the steward of the bookkeeper Wang had already arrived. Bai Ruyue said apologetically, "I'm sorry to have kept you waiting." "It doesn't matter," said Liu Chongyang. "The next few have just arrived. Congratulations, Miss. I'm going to be an aunt. Bai Ruyue was very happy. She grinned and said, "Thank you, master. Thank you all.". Let's get back to the point. This is the regulation I have sorted out. Do you have anything to add? Bai Ruyue said as she picked up a stack of paper on the table. Nian Qiu took it and handed it to Liu Chongyang. Zhao Si and the steward Wang put their heads together and looked at the regulations one by one. Liu Xu came in and walked over to Bai Ruyue. He bent down and said softly, "Miss, Xiao Fang is here." Bai Ruyue looked up at the people who looked down at the regulations, smartboards for business ,75 inch smart board, stood up and walked out. Xiao Fang saw Bai Ruyue coming out and said hello to Bai Ruyue, "Hello, Miss!" Bai Ruyue nodded, slightly blessed, and then said briefly, "The third sister-in-law fainted in the morning. Ah Niang asked a doctor to come and see her. She was diagnosed as a happy pulse." Qin Xiaofang once again said, "Your family is going to have a baby. Congratulations, Miss!" Bai Ruyue smiled and said again, "Thank you, Xiao Fang. You can go to check the pulse of the third sister-in-law and see how she should take care of it. Please also give her a prescription, including diet, to see what should be paid attention to." Qin Xiaofang answered, "All right, I'll go there now." Bai Ruyue nodded, "well, just three elder brothers this meeting in the house, what matters needing attention, you explain three elder brothers." Qin Xiaofang dropped his hand and turned away. Bai Ruyue turned back to the house, Liu Chongyang they had read the regulations, Nian Qiu took back the regulations and put them back in front of Bai Ruyue. "How's it going?" Asked Bai Ruyue? Is there anything to add or inappropriate? Liu Chongyang opened his mouth first and said, "Miss, I've read the regulations. Miss has thought very carefully and thoroughly.". I think it's good. I have nothing to add. Bai Ruyue nodded and looked at Zhao Si and Wang in charge. They also shook their heads. "I think the young lady is very thoughtful and has nothing to add." Bai Ruyue nodded and said, "Since everyone has no opinion, we should implement the system as soon as possible.". In the process of implementation, if problems are exposed, we will supplement and improve them. Zhao Si, next, you implement the training and management of personnel, you must be too busy to find a few capable assistants. By the way, we have a lot of people under us nowadays, and we have to have a personnel system. "Make a copy of everything, you and that K are in charge of, and give you five days to make it up for me to see.". The master is not only responsible for the operation of the shop, but also has to assist the king in charge of the management of the accounting room. Each of you is equipped with four capable assistants, and the salary is set according to the rules of the big shopkeeper. It's up to you to decide who to choose as an assistant. Just hand me the information later. Bai Ruyue gave Liu Chongyang and Zhao Si enough space in line with the principle of employing people without doubt and doubting people without doubt. Bai Ruyue left Zhao Si behind and let Liu Chongyang and Wang Guan leave in advance. Miss, what else? Zhao Si asked cautiously. Bai Ruyue said bluntly, "It's not official business to keep you here. The courtyard you live in now is small. I asked Changfu to find a five-entry courtyard in the nearby Qingyan Lane.". Turn around, you look for a master to see a date, look for a good day to move over. "No, Miss," said Zhao Si hurriedly. "Now the courtyard is enough to live in. I don't have to move. Qiaomei is used to living here. If she wants to change places, she's not used to it. Seeing Zhao Si's resolute expression, Bai Ruyue advised, "Your second courtyard is barely enough to live in now.". As Guoguo grows up, she has to have her own yard. Qiaomei has a pair of twins in her belly. Once the child is born, she needs a house to live in and more people to take care of the child. Your present yard is certainly not enough to live in. Tell you what, the yard in Qingyan Lane is under your name. It's up to you. You can move at any time. When Zhao Si saw Bai Ruyue talking about this,digital touch screen board, if he shirked it again, he would be a little ignorant. He simply accepted it generously. "The young lady has arranged everything. It's better to be respectful than obedient.". However, Master Liu and his family still live in the courtyard of Erjin.


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