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There seemed to be a flash of lightning in Xu Wei's hand, which split in the air and hurt everyone's eyes! As soon as Xu Wei and Xiao Xiao calmed down, the emperor's teacher covered his throat tightly, the hilt of the knife was exposed, and the blood dripped to the ground! He forcibly pulled out the throwing knife from his throat and immediately shot out a large pool of blood. He took out a handkerchief and wrapped it around the wound in his throat and walked slowly to Xu Weixing as if he had been seriously injured. At the moment the injury and internal force have recovered a lot of Xiao Xiao also rushed past like lightning, mouth sharp drink: "crack the palm of heaven!" " The power of the palm can split the sky, so what kind of power is it? The emperor teacher was deeply hurt, at the moment is more difficult to resist this move, on the spot was Xiao Xiao hit spit blood, throat is soaked with blood. The emperor's teacher knew that he could not kill Xu Wei now. With the power of Xiao Xiao's palm, he fled with an ashen face. He tried to catch up with Xu Wei and Xiao Xiao. Looking at the fleeing emperor teacher, Xu Wei and Xiao Xiao immediately sighed with emotion, really worthy of the NPC top master, suffered such a serious injury, unexpectedly can also escape so fast! Xiao Xiao looked at the direction of the emperor's escape, turned his head to look at Xu Wei, laughed and raised his thumb: "Lao Wei, you are really good, this can also drive the emperor away!"! You are the best in the world. "If you hadn't done it at the last minute, I wouldn't have been alive!" Xu Wei felt slightly happy and then smiled helplessly. Although he is now 2S level, he is still not enough to kill the emperor. Even if he could hurt the emperor's teacher, he would have died without Xiao Xiao's protection. All right,Self-closing Faucet, don't flatter each other! Xiao Xiao made a gesture to stop at this point and helped Xu Wei up with a smile. Some people who had been bitten by a snake for ten years were afraid of the root rope. They looked around and said, "Bi Xuan and the wheel king should not come now!" Be Xiao Xiao so a help, Xu Wei has some feeling, loosen Xiao Xiao's hand to feel, immediately exultation, unexpectedly still have a lot of internal force. Concentrate on a thought, think of just oneself so strange state, the heart is clear, consult the system message,Prison toilet for sale, immediately ecstatic. Congratulations to the players for cheering for you. In actual combat, the weak defeated the strong. By chance, they understood the true meaning of Xiao Li Throwing Knife and realized the essential change. Xiao Li Throwing Knife was upgraded to 2S level by leap! Xiao Li Throwing Knife (absolutely) consumes 70% of internal force and 30% of life value. It can only hurt three people every day. Reward honor 1000 points, hidden area 2 S permission! How could Li Fei rise to the 2S level like this? Xu Wei's first idea is that he is wrong, and the second is that it is impossible! But the fact is that Xiao Li Throwing Knife, which is destined to be rarely used in actual combat, is not rising step by step like other martial arts, which is the balance of the animation company. Otherwise, people have practiced their internal skills and swordsmanship to 3s, and Xiao Li's throwing knife, which can't be used often because of its characteristics, is still at S-level, which is ridiculous. Excited, will this matter and Xiao Xiao said, Xiao Xiao immediately shocked! If Xiao Li Throwing Knife is upgraded to 2S level, Self-closing Shower Valve ,stainless steel toilet, then Xu Wei will have four 2S level martial arts, namely, Flying Immortal, Flying Immortal and Shenzhao Sutra, as well as Xiao Li Throwing Knife. If you add the same power as 2 S, that is five kinds of 2S martial arts! With such martial arts, who else can defeat? Xiao Xiao is unexpected, is the river twelve, I'm afraid now meet Xu again, also want to lose in its hands! Moreover, to Xiao Xiao's shock, Xu Wei, who learned Xiao Li's flying knife when he returned, was pulled down by the top players. Unexpectedly, after numerous encounters with these NPC masters, the distance was quickly shortened. Now, it is more than a lot! Up to now, Xiao Xiao must admit that the emperor gave the task of catching the master back, although it is really difficult and troublesome, but the reward is absolutely quite generous. These levels, if not with these top NPC masters, where may rise so fast! However, Xu Wei is not as shocked as Xiao Xiao, just very happy. His happy reason is too simple, Xiao Li Throwing Knife actually does not need to consume internal force completely, the higher it rises, the less internal force it consumes! Although there is a limit of up to three injuries per day, it is unlikely that it will be used as a decoration like the S-class. Xiao Li Throwing Knife woke up, Xiao Xiao also looked up his own system message, and found the prompt: "Congratulations to the player Xiao Xiao in the actual combat by the weak defeated the strong, the essential change of the split palm, upgraded to 2S level!"! Reward honor two hundred, hidden area S level authority! Have a rest here, and clean up the happy mood by the way! Half a day later, Xu Wei and Xiao Xiao looked at each other and smiled. At the same time, he stood up and turned over and got on the horse. Xu Wei suddenly remembered something. He stared at Xiao Xiao and said with a treacherous smile, "What is your highest authority in the hidden area?"? Have you ever been there? "Hidden area?"? Class 2S! Xiao Xiao was stunned and quickly understood that Xu Wei was teasing her. He immediately smiled with relief: "Of course, I've been there. Don't think that women won't appreciate three or even three pieces.." "How does that feel?" This malicious voice, of course, is promised! "Those skills are very powerful." Chapter 205 of the main text Tokugawa Kiyoki Updated: 2008-12-30 15:50:09 Words in this Chapter: 4481 Three days later, wearing a mask of human skin, Xu Wei and Xiao Xiao walked in the city of black sand. According to the agreement with Xiao Xie, they came to the second floor of Yipin Building and sat down waiting! Not long after, the small evil appeared, upstairs to look around, but Leng is not to see Xu Wei. Xu Wei smiled softly and sent a message to Xiao Xie, telling him that he was wearing a mask of human skin, and then telling him that he and Xiao Xiao were in the window seat. Xiao Xie was stunned for a moment and glanced around. He saw a man and a woman waving to him by the window. He went over at once and sat down. "The way you look …" This thing is really strange! By the way, do you know that Black Sand City is very busy now? Xu Wei and Xiao Xiao scanned the restaurant for a week and saw that there were almost no empty seats in the restaurant, which could not be guessed. However,Flush Retrofit Kit, they really did not quite know what had happened here, but saw a small evil look of a cold way: "That guy named Tokugawa Kiyotsuki is in the city of black sand, to accept the challenge of Dongtu players!" 。


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