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(NSFW) Character Reference Sheet

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Full TOS for all commission work

This project is for a single-character reference sheet.
An additional minor character, such as a sidekick or familiar, can be added as a Detail Slot

Detail Slot=
anything else you'd like to be featured for your character! This can be an accessory, a close-up view to showcase a tattoo/marking, alternate outfit, etc. If you do not have any details you wish to show off, you can request a headshot with an expression of your choice instead.

Humans, furries, and other non-human characters are all welcome! Original characters only, however self-inserts (i.e. "Mary Sue" characters) are allowed as well.

3-view body reference + 1 Detail Slot
2-view body reference + 2 Detail Slots

Also includes:
- Character description
- Color palette
- Custom color/pattern theme for your ref sheet
+$10 per extra Detail Slot

Please be aware that ref sheets are very involved projects, and take the most time out of any commission type. This is to ensure utmost accuracy and quality, and for you to get the most use out of your reference for years to come. Project requests with deadlines of less than 3 weeks from the time of ordering will be declined.


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New Creator

* About Aki *
*He/Him * 33 * Pan * Trans * Midwest USA *
Check my Carrd for more examples/info!

Who are you?
You can call me Aki! I love robots, video games, furries, obnoxious colors, and hot anime characters.
How long have you been drawing?
My whole life, but I've been doing commissions and selling at conventions for the past 10 years.
Will you draw ___?
If the subject matter hasn't already been listed in my guidelines or project descriptions, the answer is maybe. I will be straightforward if something is out of my comfort zone or realm of expertise, but there is absolutely no judgment towards you and your tastes. Different commission types, however, will not be accepted- all slots here are the types I accept!