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King of Grave Robbers 5 _ Flying Apsaras

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Desperately, Xiaolai took back the phone and still asked, "Can't you persuade Mr. Sun Long not to come into the temple?"? I just got the information that the biochemical department of the special forces has sent four teams to use biochemical weapons secretly at any time. Can guns and fists and feet stop those invisible bacteria? Mr. Wind, can you think of another way? He is loyal to the Sharpshooter Club, but his brain is not flexible enough to understand Sun Long's good intentions. This time, Sun Long is determined to raise his prestige, not only to come, but also to come beautifully and walk freely, just as Guan Erye went to the meeting alone in those days, and achieved a masterpiece through the ages. So, what about the big man who has the right time, the right place and the right people? Will you be willing to be the weak and incompetent Lu Su and Lu Zijing? Being able to command the huge Jianghu gang of the Sharpshooter Society, Sun Long's overall outlook is absolutely brilliant. Every move contains profound meaning, which is beyond my guess. It's just hard for the loyal Xiaolai to keep sighing. At eleven o'clock in the middle of the night, I turned off the light and lay in bed. Not only was I not sleepy, but my mind was getting clearer and clearer. I hope that tomorrow, Fujika will be able to say more useful information. If the target is the'Wrath of the Sun God ', then you have to ask Fujika to say which channel to reach the'Tomb of the Undersea God'. Where will the sudden appearance of the'key of destiny 'be? Is it also in the Maple Cut Temple, or is it in a corner of the world? The extremely clear water waves of the "well of channeling" kept rolling in front of us. Imagine that when Master Jianzhen led the ten disciples to turn over and jump into the water,tube fitting manufacturer, this dauntless spirit of sacrifice could not help but make people respect it. Is there no other way to get in? My idea is to get a miniature underwater propeller, and with its forward power, the diver can go straight underwater, of course, with enough compressed oxygen. What's at the end of the well? Has Guan Baoling ever met a palace? The transparent glass box we have experienced together? Or is it a mysterious underwater structure that constantly emits red light? Or you can't find anything, and after a lot of hard work, you come back empty-handed. I can't guess what I'm most afraid of is the earthquake off the coast of Japan several times a year or even several times a month,hydraulic fitting supplier, which has completely damaged the entrance of the "undersea God tomb". If that's the case, there's nothing I can do. www。 xiaoshuotxt.c o m Verse 12: Going alone (1) .t|xt. Small . Shuo Tian + Tang Go to the meeting alone In the dim light, there was a whooshing sound of night pedestrians on the roof, and I jumped up and rolled sideways to guard against a sneak attack. The black-clad ninja who was injured by Fujika in the "Youyushui County" will not give up. It was quiet all around, and the wind only appeared once, and then it was never heard again. Separated by a wall, Guan Baoling was silent and might have fallen asleep quietly. "Will she leave tomorrow?"? Or the day after tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, we pass by and never meet again? As soon as my nose was sour, I suddenly wanted to get drunk and throw away everything about her, including the strange experience in the glass box. Once again, I thought of the clangorous epigram: "She is-big, Heng, pipe fittings manufacturer ,38 tube fitting, de, female, person!" " When I woke up at dawn, I felt very dizzy, especially in my limbs and joints, which were sore and painful. My body had never been so weak. The weather outside is still sunny, and it seems that it is not a suitable day for Hongmen banquet or "going to the party alone". The first person to knock on the door was not Xiaolai, but Master Shenbi, the head of the Maple Cut Temple. He had obviously lost weight, the flying look in his eyes could not be seen at all, and his once straight body had become somewhat bent. After a series of changes in the temple, the situation took a turn for the worse. The situation was beyond his control. In addition, after the arrival of the big shots, the special police had filled every inch of suspicious space in the temple. Sooner or later, he would exist in name only and lose his reputation. Mr. Wind, I've sent you something. Please have a look. He held a black red sandalwood box in his hand, twenty centimeters square, carved with Yin Wen maple leaves all over his body, layer upon layer, countless. "What is this?" I didn't reach out to pick it up, but the box should have a very long history, and the black light was formed by the sweat of many people touching it, similar to the "plate jade" polishing process in the antique market. He gently lifted the lid of the box, and on the black velvet lining, there was a snow-white jade tablet, which was pure and pure without impurities. The size of the jade card is like a standard playing card, with a delicate blood-red short-handled sickle engraved in the middle. The red sickle is based on white jade, just like the blood on the snow, which is particularly dazzling and very strange. Only then did I notice that Master Shenbi had changed into a brand-new grey cloth monk's robe today, with an equally brand-new white cloth belt around his waist, which seemed strange. The sickle jade tablet in the box, which has been reported at length by the Asahi Shimbun, is a token of the past generations of the Fengjiao Temple, passed down from generation to generation, and those red colors are not lit with paint, but the most pious ten drops of blood after the incense bath when each generation takes over, which come from ten fingers. Liangyu naturally absorbs the essence of human blood and accumulates over time to become what it is now. Mr. Feng, you have a wide range of knowledge. Of course, you know the meaning of this sickle jade tablet. If Master Bu Menlu imparts the'Yin and Yang Divine Power 'to you, you should be the host of the next generation of Fengjiao Temple. I am old, but my understanding has not changed with the growth of the years, just as Master Kamejianchuan has always concluded that "stone can not be accumulated into beautiful jade". Your appearance is the moment of my abdication, so this jade tablet must be given to you. I was stunned for a moment and burst out laughing,14 needle valve, because the words of Master Shenbi were ridiculous. I am a native Chinese, how can I be the host of a Buddhist temple in Japan? It doesn't make sense to be reasonable. Besides, I'm just passing through the Maple Cut Temple in a hurry. Who wants to be the host.


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