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"What if some of my elder brothers disappoint my father, or for one reason or another, fail to win the throne?" "The road to the throne is not easy to walk, and the road is full of thorns." "No matter how hard it is, I want to try." "What chips do you have in your hand now?" "You!" The girl smiled and said, "Of course, I won't let my husband help me in vain. I will fulfill my wish for him." "You know what I want?" Wei Yaoqing looked up at Princess Anle, who was smiling innocently and brilliantly. In the imperial garden, a young girl in her prime lowered her head and whispered to her daughter's family. It was a normal thing. Many palace servants and eunuchs passed by in a hurry, and no one thought there was anything wrong with it. I don't know what relationship my husband has with the Zhang family, but I will find ways to help him rehabilitate the Zhang family and regain the glory for the Zhang family. Princess Anle said in a low voice, "Although the glory after death is a little vague, I think you should care about it." Wei Yaoqing lowered her eyelids and did not speak. Then she heard Princess Anle say in her ear, "This is not a day's work. My elder brother has gone. My grandfather has some people in his hands. I can use them." "Of course, these people were only given to me by my grandfather to defend myself, but I believe that if it were you, you could turn these people into a sharp knife and be invincible." "Princess,Magnesium Sulphate price, this is really a big problem!" The girl rubbed her eyebrows, but the smile on her face did not fade away, as if she looked at her helplessly, "It's really hard!" "It was because it was so difficult that I believed that only my husband could help me." Princess Anle blinked her eyes. "Today, sir, you don't need to promise me anything. Just think about it and give me an answer later." Princess Anle said with a sigh, "I can wait. What I lack most is patience.". I can endure that three years of imprisonment,Mono Ammonium Phosphate MAP, and I can endure it even more when I seize the throne all the way. The sun is high, and it is noon. The sun shines on some people can not open their eyes, Wei Yaoqing suddenly, she brought back three people from southern Xinjiang. A benevolent old prince made Emperor Mingzong feel painful and self-reproach, an uncertain Empress Dowager Yanxi and a princess with amazing endurance and ambition to seize the throne. This is the three people she brought back from southern Xinjiang. The existence of these three people, will definitely affect the future of the big Chu, even if not count the country's art, she has been determined. …… It was Shen Shi when he came out of the palace. Walking on the lively Huangtian Road, the sunset glow on the horizon, Wei Yaoqing's rare mind was in a trance. To be fair, Princess Anle did give her a difficult problem, even a fantastic idea. When her brothers were all there, Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer ,Magnesium Oxide powder, she told her that she was a princess who wanted to be an imperial concubine and would become a great treasure in the future. Empress! This is not an easy thing. The crown prince of the kingdom has been teaching since he was a child. Even though Princess Anle was smart among the princesses, she often followed the prince around, but what she learned was different from what the master taught. But that's what a legitimate crown prince wants to learn. When a princess wants to ascend the throne, it's not an ordinary way. Naturally, she can't use ordinary methods, nor can she find ordinary people. So, Princess Anle will look for her. To be honest, Princess Anle is a clever woman, but she is far from the female emperor who can ascend the throne, but this is not necessarily a good thing. A female emperor who has been able to stand on the throne of Dabao by virtue of her own position is bound to lack all means. To be honest, if such a person comes to her for cooperation, she may not be willing to agree. A truly mature and powerful emperor must be proficient in imperial politics, which is often ruthless, so even the most important courtiers can be sacrificed when necessary. She did not want such an emperor, she would rather have a princess who was not qualified, so this happened to coincide with what she wanted. "Hello." A pine nut hit my head and it hurt a little. She reached out and touched her forehead. In fact, she had already noticed that the pine nuts were coming, and she instinctively avoided them. But the man's hand was very fast, so she could not avoid it. She still got a hit. He's a master. She turned to look at the man who had done it. Mr. Huangshi, who had not seen him for some time, was waving to him. Pei Zongzhi still had a handful of pine nuts in his hand that he had not finished eating. The evidence is conclusive. Pei Zongzhi's hand. There you are! Wei Yaoqing looked at the two men and said. Chapter 485 good people. "What are you thinking?" Mr. Huangshi took two pine nuts from Pei Zongzhi's hand and shook them in his hand. "Even this can't be avoided?" The girl took two steps back and looked at the two men carefully. They were both travel-stained. It seemed that they had just arrived in Chang'an. A driver driving a donkey cart on one side blinked at the two men, as if he wanted to speak and stopped. Haven't you given money to the coachman yet? Said the girl, pointing to the pitiful rickshaw puller standing by. "Give me the money!" The driver of the donkey cart quickly thanked him, took the money from Mr. Huangshi, and then pulled the donkey cart away. This trip, a lot of money, can rest for ten days and a half months, but I do not know why, the driver looked back at the two strange people carrying luggage, always want to continue to see it! Of course, this is just thinking, the other side is not ordinary people, he knew from the beginning. After seeing off the driver of the donkey cart, the girl stepped forward and looked at the two men standing in the street with big bags and small bags. She sighed, "You two came very quickly. I calculated that there was almost no delay." "Except that the donkey cart is a little slower, and indeed as soon as I receive yours." In the middle of his speech, Mr. Huangshi lowered his voice and made a mouth shape, "Letter", "We are coming,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, and there is no delay on the way. The donkey cart was chosen because all the carriages in the carriage and horse shop had been lent out. Pei Zongzhi this person will not pay attention to what ostentation and extravagance, so if there is a donkey cart, will certainly come by donkey cart. The girl nodded and looked at the two men on the opposite side. "It's a coincidence that you met me as soon as you came to Chang'an." "So this is fate." Pei Zongzhi stuffed the pine nuts in his hand into his waist pocket. "I have calculated that you will invite us to dinner today." 。


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