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The most powerful son-in-law in history

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Ouyang Xiu shook his head firmly: "No, I can't wait for a moment.". I want to work out the strategy of strengthening the country through political reform so as to make the treasury of the Song Dynasty more sufficient. You are an expert in this respect. You must give me some advice. As soon as Chen yuan heard this, he immediately gave a wry smile: "I said, Lord Ouyang, you can't even draw up a preliminary plan without ten days and a half months." Ouyang Xiu looked up and said, I know. So I'm going to live in your son-in-law's mansion from today. Let's discuss it slowly. I've asked the emperor for leave, so I don't have to go to court. Don't go out to do anything. Let's discuss it slowly. Chen yuan was really frightened by him, this guy is now a supervisor, he lives here? Are you kidding me. Chen yuan's tone was almost imploring: "Lord Ouyang, I really have something urgent for half a day. How about half a day?"? I must visit your house in the afternoon. Ouyang Xiu said, "This is a matter of state, a matter of great importance.". Can you postpone those things for a while? Chen yuan nodded: "Push, push, I must push back, but today's things can not be pushed off, my father is coming, I have to prepare something he likes." As soon as Ouyang Xiu heard this reason, he immediately stopped talking. In the Song Dynasty, the country was governed by benevolence and filial piety. If Lao Tzu died, even if his son was the prime minister, he had to resign and go home to observe filial piety. Now Chen Shimei had to make some preparations to meet his father,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, which Ouyang Xiu thought was as important as state affairs. All right, I'll wait for you at home in the afternoon. Don't break the appointment. Chen yuan nods: "Good, Ouyang adult is at ease." After Ouyang Xiu left, Chen yuan stepped on Han Qi's carriage parked outside the door and said, "Go and find your sister-in-law." Han Qi knew that this was going to Qin Xianglian. Welcome Chen Shimei's father? It's still early, at least four or five days before they can come, and this kind of thing does not need Chen yuan to do. First of all, Chen Shimei's parents have lived in the countryside for so many years,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, belonging to the typical kind of people who can bear hardships and stand hard work. Secondly, Zhao Yi has done everything in the past two days. She wants to leave a good first impression in front of Chen Shimei's parents. Chen yuan is happy to relax. Today we agreed to take Chen Dongge and Chen Chunmei to see the Academy. Both children are old enough to go to school, especially Chen Chunmei, who seems to be much older now. Although the Song Dynasty's requirements for girls are not high, Chen yuan's ideas in this regard have always remained in the advertising words of the 21st century, the times are different, men and women are the same. No one can break an appointment with a child. Chen Dongge and Chen Chunmei are also very happy today, wearing the new clothes Chen yuan bought for them, climbed out of bed early, Chen Dongge ran to the door again and again, to see why Chen yuan did not come. When he saw the carriage, the whole person jumped up excitedly: "Niang, Niang, all father came." Qin Xianglian hurriedly came out from inside, beam impact tubes ,side impact door beams, holding a broom in her hand. When renting this courtyard, originally invited two servant girls, but was dismissed by Qin Xianglian, she said she wanted to do something, that kind of life is not her. See Chen yuan stepped out of the carriage, Chen Dongge and Chen Chunmei all jumped out, they are also very familiar with Han Qi, no longer have any fear, also did not wait for Chen yuan to greet, jumped into the carriage. Chen yuan said to Qin Xianglian, "Xianglian, put down your work and let's go together." As soon as the two children heard this, they were very happy, but Qin Xianglian seemed a little hesitant. She walked up to Chen yuan and said in a low voice, "Xianggong, I'm afraid people will see me. That's not very good." Chen yuan smiled: "It doesn't matter, you go with me.". It's good to know the way to the Academy. It will be windy and rainy in the future. If Han Qi doesn't have time, you can also pick up Brother Dong. Qin Xianglian listens to him to say so, also did not refuse again, all the way to the Academy outside the city. This Academy is not the best in Bianjing. According to the current saying, it is a private school. Some of the private academies of the Song Dynasty were also very popular, but Chen yuanxuan's one was a very ordinary one, because he did not want to attract other people's attention. At least when the problem has not been solved between Qin Xianglian and Zhao Yi, it is better for him to be stable. Although Chen yuan likes to pull the wind, if he really pulls up a tornado, he can't carry it. The schools in the Academy are not divided into grades and classes, but teach knowledge separately according to the age of the children. Such as Chen Dongge, was placed in the primary school, literacy, recitation, as the main purpose of learning. And Chen Chunmei entered the school to teach the books of those sages, the teacher's requirements are more stringent, not only to recite, but also to fully understand. The better school will also teach some arithmetic at this time. If you are older and you are fifteen or sixteen years old, you will start to learn what you need for the scientific examination. Of course, there are other skill-based schools, such as those that teach painting and embroidery, which are designed to satisfy those who can achieve fame without scientific examinations, and those who do not expect to achieve fame. Chen yuan was not familiar with this Academy either, and he asked Yan Zha San to find it. The gentlemen of the Academy did not know that it was the legendary son-in-law who sent the children to school today. They only knew that it was the person introduced by Lord Yan of Dali Temple. Naturally, they had to arrange it. Chen Dongge and Chen Chunmei's seats were ready. As soon as they entered the gate of the Academy, the sound of reading attracted the two children. Chen Dongge's face was excited: "Dad, will I study here in the future?" Chen yuan nodded, "Well, I'll ask Uncle Han to send you to the foot of the mountain every morning. You have to walk the way up the mountain by yourself.". Listen to your husband at school. He will arrange for you to have lunch at noon. Someone will pick you up in the evening. As soon as he said this, he suddenly froze. This sentence is actually a copy. When my father sent me to primary school, he said it many times. At that time,cold drawn tubes, he was tired of listening to it. Why did he say it now? Chen yuan looked down at Chen Dongge, as if he had not listened to anything, Chen yuan's heart burst into a wry smile.


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