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The green and golden scales of the dragon emerged in an instant, the sharp thorns on the forehead and the sharp thorns on the back also emerged, and the tail of the dragon like a long steel whip trembled, and a terrible energy stirred all over Lin Lei's body. It's so, so incredible. Lin Lei's eyes were full of horror. Ps: The competition between the two chapters is too fierce, and the first three are rising alternately. There are five or seven days now, and there are only two days left. Please also support the monthly ticket, top up! The best hand-typed text reading station, providing CHM, txt, jar, UMD and other formats of e-book downloads, welcome to register members. Episode 19 Metamorphosis Episode 20 The Mystery of the Crown Chapter 21 The Fusion of the Four Divine Powers Updated: May 6, 2009 22:38:52 Words in this chapter: 4880 The intense pain made Lin Lei twitch all over his body, as if there were countless insects biting his whole body, and the pain that went deep into his bone marrow, even Lin Lei, could not change his face. I can only bite my teeth and try to endure it. At the same time, Lin Lei's divine consciousness also carefully observed every part of his body. Pure black, without a trace of impurities. Black torrent, flowing in Lin Lei's body,Carbon in Pulp, without any regularity, a large amount of black energy flowing around along muscle fibers, blood and bones. Little black energy poured into bones, muscles, internal organs and so on as if it had found a home, and Lin Lei's whole body was undergoing dramatic changes. Rumble The bones of the whole body trembled and even made a sound of impact. The fusion of the four divine powers turned into pure black. This black divine power is so much more terrible than the power of the Lord God! Lin Lei didn't expect it either. Originally thought that the three systems of divine power fusion, the power is close to the power of the main God. For example, for Lin Lei,tin beneficiation plant, the fusion of three divine powers is equivalent to the power of destroying the main God, but compared with the power of the main God of the earth, which has the best effect on Lin Lei, it is much worse. Lin Lei believes that the effect of the fusion of the four systems of divine power can be increased by ten times. It is only several times stronger than the power of the Earth Lord God. But now, as soon as the four divine powers merge, a special effect occurs, suddenly turning into pure black, the power of black energy, Lin Lei clearly feels. For countless years, no one can have four gods, but also the success of the soul mutation! Lin Lei succeeded, so the four divine powers were fused. The fusion of the four divine powers of earth, fire, water and wind, the birth of the black divine power, portable gold wash plant ,Carbon in Pulp, is so powerful that Lin Lei's heart trembles. All of a sudden On the blue and golden dragon scales on Lin Lei's body surface, including the sharp thorns, black silk threads began to emerge. This black silk thread is wrapped around the scales, spikes and tails of the dragon, and gradually penetrates into the scales. Looking at Lin Lei's appearance, it seems that there are a lot of black magic lines on Lin Lei's body. Buzz The dragon scales on Lin Lei's body surface trembled violently, because the trembling frequency was too high, producing a buzzing sound, and even producing space ripples. How could this black power have such a strange effect? Although the whole body pain to the extreme, but the peak of the practice of Lin Lei, thinking is very clear, he is clearly aware that the whole body is constantly changing. Muscles are getting stronger rapidly, and the hardness of bones is rising again and again. This terrible rate of progress makes Lin Lei turn pale. Legend has it that the head of the Qinglong clan, Qinglong, can use the power of the main God to strengthen his body and achieve almost the effect of the main artifact. It is estimated that it is the power of the main God of the water system, which corresponds to the fact that he is a God beast of the water system. And these four systems fuse divine power. It can also strengthen my body. This kind of strengthening is like a divine power to nourish an artifact. Lin Lei also knows some simple ways to strengthen his body. The principle of body strengthening, in fact, is to let the body gradually absorb energy and constantly strengthen. The first novel is simple to say, but it has a lot of energy. How can it be absorbed by the body? That's hard. This is generally related to talent, such as devouring the God rat, blue dragon and other gods and beasts, there are ways to strengthen the body. Obviously, these four systems are fused with divine power. It has the special effect of strengthening the body. Artifact gestation, in fact, is also an artifact in the body, gradually absorbing divine power, becoming more sharp and tough, and also into some spiritual power, gradually producing spirituality. Hmm? Lin Lei's divine consciousness went deep into the texture and found that the subcutaneous tissue of the skin, as well as the junction with the scales of the dragon, began to undergo special changes. "It seems that this strengthening should take a long time." Lin Lei also understands. In fact, the process of reinforcement can be completely controlled and guided by mental strength. If we let the fusion of divine power strengthen the body, we don't know what the body will become. Father, he has broken through. Why hasn't he come out yet? Tyler looked out at the far corner of the corridor. Generally, after Lin Lei succeeded, he came out of the secret room and went to the open grass outside. It must pass the corner of the corridor. And at this point, it's not just Taylor. A large group of people like Beibei, Reno and Yale were also concerned, and Delia and her daughter Sasha looked at the corner of the corridor and talked at the same time. Mother, isn't father breaking through the Fen Shen of the Fire Department? Sasha whispered. It should be the fire department. Your father's other three bodies have already reached the realm of the superior God. Delia frowned, too. "But after the breakthrough.". It should be out. Right about now. "Delia." A clear voice came into Delia's head. Lin Lei. What's the matter with you now? Delia, surprise and soul communion. I did have a breakthrough, but now. I've learned something about body strengthening, and I'm working on it. So It won't come out for a while. Don't worry about it. I don't know whether this research is a year and a half or a hundred years. Lin Lei was also worried about the people outside, so he sent a message from the divine consciousness. All right, you can practice at ease. Delia was actually very happy, after all, Lin Lei had made little progress in the past thousand years. Delia smiled and looked around. "All right,tin beneficiation plant, everybody.". Do your own thing one by one. Lin Lei is still in the key training. "Still at the critical moment of practice?" Bei Bei muttered. I want the third brother to come out and let him go out with us. Yale stretched, sat down, and said casually with his hind legs up on the table.


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