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Even if the crystal canyon is a dragon pool and a tiger's lair, no matter how difficult it is to break through, Yueyang decided to take it down, with the spirit liquid of Mother Earth for ten thousand years. Then it is very likely to break through the new realm again and be promoted again. For Yueyang now, time is a bit pressing, because the Red Emperor that guy can recover in a year and a half, and the Black Prison King has not been defeated, now do not hurry to promote a bit hanging. Besides, ten thousand years of mother spirit liquid, ten thousand years of opportunity, if easily give up, that is the world's first idiot! Ten minutes later, Fire Island. As soon as Yueyang and Xiuying were sent over, they heard a sweet female voice welcoming them: "Welcome to the Fire Island. We are waiting for the distinguished guests. If you need a guide, please feel free to order. The sea parrot is willing to provide the most sincere and free service for the distinguished guests." A beautiful woman in a swimsuit close to the style of a bikini came out of the group of her companions and bowed to Yueyang and Qiying. She has a charming blonde hair, blue eyes as deep as the sea, sexy lips, plump and moist, like two peaches, people want to be ruthless on it. The bronzed and hot body looks very healthy. Full of energy. Plump breast peak exaggerated bulge, huge, covered by two small scallops, there is a small seaweed that looks like it will break at any time,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, holding this pair of "big coconut" Yueyang eyes down, you can find the clothes below, only a leaf-like seaweed, covering her secret place, but can not hide its full shape of bulging, and even faintly visible. It gives people a particularly strong visual impact and is very tempting. For Yueyang's eyes, the woman who claimed to be a sea parrot did not care at all. He even proudly held his head high. Walk side by side to lead the way. The round and solid buttocks are completely exposed, and the small thread-like seaweed in the buttocks groove makes people's blood boil, believing that as long as the fingers touch it lightly,304 Stainless Steel Wire, it will break off. That kind of fatal temptation is like an insect biting the heart, itching and uncomfortable. Except for impotent men, I believe that normal people will want to reach out their evil hands. Don't be so unpromising. This is the characteristic of Fire Island. There may not be much else to say here, but women are everywhere. Don't see a woman and you can't walk. If you go to the nudist beach where all the women are naked, how about that? When Xiu Ying saw Yueyang's classmate's leering expression like a lady-killer, she could not help pinching him with reproach. In fact, she misunderstood Yueyang classmate this time, Yueyang again lascivious, will not be distracted in this extremely important moment to pick up girls, and there is a more dragon lady around, how can Yueyang go far? Like the sea parrot, the body is close to the Western horse type of woman, but Yueyang students do not like it very much. Although the western horse is protruding, plump breasts and buttocks, its skin is not delicate enough, its pores are too large, 304 stainless steel wire ,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, and it does not have the texture of crisp white jade. It is amazing to look at it from a distance, but it will be disappointed if it is close and careful. What Yueyang likes is that women are made of water. I don't appreciate the ocean horse with a large skeleton and a clear outline. The reason why he has been looking at each other is that he is more in line with the identity of a disguised wealthy businessman. Here comes Fatty Judd Toad. Can he resist looking at this sea parrot? Can not be tempted, it is estimated that the innate willpower is particularly strong, such an abnormal guest, the people of the Fire Island can not pay special attention to it? On the contrary, leering, but let the other side feel at ease, feel that it is not a big man, just a lecherous small role. And Yueyang just looked at it deliberately, mainly to observe the characteristics of the other side with a wise eye. Although on the surface of this sea parrot, the tour guide is just an ordinary six-level suzerain, in fact, she is a quasi-congenital, and her fighting power is deeply hidden. If you look down on her, you will probably let her eat it in one bite. Sea parrots, whether they are parrot fish or nautilus, live in shallow seas. They all eat meat. This sea parrot, I do not know what clan, but Yueyang can be 100% sure that she is the legendary "siren killer" trained by the sea emperor, who is specially responsible for spying on the beautiful spy. Perhaps she saw that Xiu Ying was different, so she came up specially to be the guide lady who welcomed the guests. Where do the four guests want to go? We have a beautiful volcanic island bath, which is not only famous for its hot springs, but also has a volcanic mud bath that can whiten the skin. There is also a ten-mile silver beach, on which surfing is the most enjoyable sport in life; Of course, how can we miss our coral reef, the most famous coral reef on the seventh floor of the entire Babel Tower, where diving can be said to be one of the items that all VIPs must experience; if you want to play two hands, we have a luxurious gambling boat; if you want to bask in the sun, we have a celestial beach with golden sand and soft sea breeze everywhere; If you want to rest, we have the most comfortable Starfish Hotel, which is comparable to the King's Palace. The guest of honor can be enjoyed like a king. The sea parrot introduced the tourist attractions of Fire Island to Yueyang and Xiuying in a charming voice, and secretly speculated on the identity of Yueyang and Xiuying. Take us to the Treasure Pavilion. We want to see what's good in the auction room. Xiu Ying spoke, she is now a princess, Yueyang classmate, sorry, now he is just a housekeeper in charge of finance. "Yes, VIPs, please follow me this way. We have a special lobster speedboat here, please!" The sea parrot has a respectful voice and a high sugar content. She frowned slightly as she bowed. For these four guests, she instinctively felt strange, two female guards are normal, men are also good, even if a little hidden strength, at most in the quasi-congenital below, willpower can not resist their own temptation, can not be congenital strong. But that woman, but very powerful, strength to hide again, can also feel that she is congenital above. A female congenital strong, seems to have a particularly noble status, she did not come early or late,Stainless Steel Square Pipe, but at this time to the fire Wu do? Is she for the treasure? Suspect! Get on the lobster speedboat and ride the waves. The puffins introduced along the way. While secretly observing Yueyang and Qiying, the more she looked, the more confused she felt.


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