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Ten Swords Show Heroic Style-Chen Qingyun _ txt Novel Paradise

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"Sister Gong, I know you treat me well and love me. As long as I find Shi Xiaodai, I will come back to Yunzhongshan with Shi Xiaodai to see you and never leave you again." Wang Yanping said faintly: "Brother Zhao, will you really never forget me in your life?"? Never? Zhao Yiqiu way: "No, I will never forget you, the first lover of my life." Wang Yanping's face, with a comforting smile, said: Yes, I will be a happy person if I can get your affection and love! Speaking of this, suddenly, two lines of tears rolled down. Zhao Yiqiu suddenly surprised, busy holding Wang Yanping's slender hand, said: "Sister Wang, what's the matter with you? Are you angry with me?" She did not withdraw her hand, but shook her head and said with a wry smile: No, I'm not mad at you. I love you. Only It's just that I feel so excited. Why don't I cry? Although Zhao Yiqiu was surprised by Wang Yanping's move, he did not think of other problems. He believed that Wang Yanping loved him. At that moment, he laughed bitterly and said: "Sister Wang,coltan ore processing, don't think too much. You should take good care of your body." Wang Yanping looked at him gratefully and said: "Brother Zhao, haven't you seen the shadow of Shi Xiaomei yet?" Mention Shi Xiaodai, Zhao Yiqiu felt a burst of sadness in the heart, shook his head. Wang Yanping added: "Is there not even a shadow?"? Where did she go? Zhao Yiqiu Youran said: "I've searched almost all over Yunnan and still found nothing!" Wang Yanping said: "Shi Xiaomei is a very pure and beautiful girl. Nothing unfortunate will happen. Brother Zhao, do you think so?" Zhao Yiqiu answered sadly: "Yes, nothing bad will happen to her, and God will not play tricks on her beautiful life." Wang Yanping way: "Then you should go to her quickly and love her well and make her happy." Zhao Yiqiu way: "Where can I find Sister Wang? I feel as if Shi Xiaomei is no longer alive!" Wang Yanping felt a shock in her heart and answered: "Why,Portable gold trommel, how did you come up with this question?" Zhao Yiqiu looked up to the sky and meditated for a while, his face was full of pain, and it took him a long time to answer: In the dark, I seem to have this feeling. Sister Wang, do you think Shi Xiaomei will die? Leave us? Wang Yanping answered: "No, Shi Xiaomei won't die. She's still alive." Zhao Yiqiu way: "Then why can't we find her?" Wang Yanping looked at the color of pain on Zhao Yiqiu's face and said faintly: "Maybe you haven't looked all over, but think about where she might be going." Zhao Yiqiu smiled sadly and said: "Zhennan, Yuzu Peak and Diancang Mountain have all been searched, unless." There is another place. Wang Yanping urgent way: "Where? Go and find her!" Zhao Yiqiu meditated and muttered to himself: "No way." Why would she go there? Never.. To Zhao Yiqiu this sudden expression, Wang Yanping is not stunned, urgent way: "Where is it?"? Brother Zhao, say it quickly. Zhao Yiqiu way: "Only the lake under the dangerous rock of Jade Foot Peak." As soon as the words came out, Wang Yanping's heart kept pounding and she said, gold shaking table ,gold heap leaching, "I'm sure my little sister won't be in the lake, but you might as well go and have a look." Zhao Yiqiu way: "Yes, I should go and see, maybe she's really here." The following words, he did not dare to say, he just shivered in his heart! The two men were silent and did not speak again. They walked side by side, slowly moving their feet, setting off their beautiful dusk. After a moment, Wang Yanping said faintly: "Brother Zhao, I'm going back to Yunzhongshan. Please come to me with Shi Xiaomei!" Zhao Yiqiu urgent way: "Sister Wang, why are you leaving so soon? How about waiting for me to find Shi Xiaomei and go together?" Wang Yanping shook her head and said: "No, it's the same for you to come to me together." Brother Zhao. Suddenly, she threw herself into Zhao Yiqiu's arms again and accepted the tenderness of this moment. Zhao Yiqiu did not let her down, he finally kissed her again. This deep kiss seems to be the scene of life and death. Suddenly, Wang Yanping broke away from Zhao Yiqiu's embrace and said: "Brother Zhao, I will remember your last kiss, which imprints your outline in my mind. I will never forget it again. I'm leaving." The words still did not finish, a shake the body, has jumped away first. Zhao Yiqiu was stunned for a moment and then called out, "Sister Wang.." However, Wang Yanping had gone far away and never answered again! Wang Yanping came suddenly, went suddenly, in Zhao Yiqiu's mind, is Wang Yanping's sad smile, as well as the faint voice! He sighed faintly, looking at the beautiful rosy clouds in the sky, and kept silent for a long time! So, he walked slowly, Wang Yanping's love, so warm in his heart, will also make him unforgettable in his life. Shi Xiaodai was missing, and he couldn't imagine that Shi Xiaodai would really be in the lake of Jade Foot Peak. Thinking of this, he suddenly shook several times. Right He thought, "I must hurry to find her. She can't be there!" Back in the south of the town, it was already late at night. He didn't go to see Shi Yue. He thought, "Let me come to see him again after I go to Yuzu Peak." Determined, he took the way through the Valley of Broken Soul and ran to the lake at the foot of Jade Foot Peak! Before daybreak, he had arrived at the Valley of Broken Souls and looked at the Valley of Broken Souls. It was dark and horrible. It was no different from yesterday! However, how could he know that in the Valley of Broken Souls, Wu Huaimin and Zhuang Ling had both died for love just now. He wondered why he was going through the Valley of Broken Souls? A dark and horrible atmosphere, seems to surround everything in the Valley of Broken Souls, in the invisible,gold CIP machine, Zhao Yiqiu actually hit a shiver! This shiver makes Zhao Yiqiu feel more ominous! Open eyes to see, has come to not far from the latrine! He called out, "Teacher's wife!" But no one answered! He laughed to himself. Didn't Black Butterfly tell him to go to Jiuhua Mountain? How can you come back now.


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