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The Great Sage of the Other World

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"Because of the intervention of the Black Dragon of Hell, we can't fight any more." Akdina said with a wry smile, there is no existence of the ninth rank profession, two adult hell black dragons, for the dark elves with their own evil intentions, it is simply invincible existence! Even the assassin of the eighth order, if there is no such artifact as the "Demon Blade" in hand, it is impossible to pose enough threat to the black dragon of hell with rough skin and thick flesh! In this case, the dark elves really can't find a better choice than compromise. Hell Black Dragon? What the hell are they doing? Mention hell black dragon, Lin Sang can not help but think of the small than, do not know how it is now ah? If we can contact him again, should we tell him the news or not? "The two black dragons of hell have reached an agreement with our three mothers that within ten years, if anyone can offer the most artifacts, he will not only return the'Demon Blade 'to her,plastic packing tube, but also help her ascend the throne of the queen!" Said Akdina. Really? So you believe it, too? Lin Sang couldn't help saying, "Those two black dragons are clearly using you!" "That's not enough." Master Hammer said, "Hell Black Dragon is a fallen dragon, but he is arrogant by nature and seldom breaks his promise." "In any case,cosmetic tube, we have no other choice." Akdina said with a wry smile. Who would want to put their fate in the hands of two big lizards if they didn't have to? "So that's it." Catherine seemed to understand, "so the artifact of the Ayers Empire, the Shield of the God of War, should also be done by you?" "I didn't do it. If my information is correct, it should be done by Sinafe's people." Akdina said, "She is the mother who has collected the most artifacts now." "Did you send someone to steal the Moonstone of the Moonlight Forest?" Fanny could not help saying. Yes, I do have the Moonstone. On this point, Akdina confessed. How many pieces have you collected now? Lin Sang couldn't help asking. Artifact! I can't help itching when I hear it. 'What's The matter? Do you also want to play these artifacts? Akdina was indeed a dark elf, and she saw at a glance that Lin Sang was up to no good. What are you talking about? How could an honest young man like me have such an idea? Of course, Lin Sang refused to admit it. But Master Hammer, plastic laminted tube ,custom cosmetic packaging, these dwarves do believe in Lin Sang. After all, an alchemist who has the strength to make his own artifacts really doesn't need to covet other people's artifacts. But the truth is.. So what exactly is your purpose in the Valen Mountains? It's not really for the legendary Titan Castle, is it? Lin Sang still doesn't quite understand this, after all, it was only a few days ago that Master Hammer created the artifact, and these dark elves and grey dwarves have obviously lived here for a long time. 'Titan Castle is'? ". Akdina was stunned. "How is that possible?"? What we want is an artifact, not the bones of a God. What are we looking for in Titan Castle? Lin Sang kept shaking his head. Sure enough, I have no experience! Such precious materials as Titan's remains are not far from real artifacts! "What on earth are you here for?" Scott asked. Well, in fact, the Valen Mountains are not just a legend of the Titan Castle! Akdina said, "We are here for a dragon!" "Dragon?" Everyone is a stupefied. After all, Master Hammer was well-informed and quickly reacted. Are you talking about the Red Dragon, Myastor? Master Hammer asked in surprise. That's right! That's who we're looking for! Akdina nodded. What is the background of this Miasdoth? Lin Sang asked Scott beside him in a low voice. Look at Master Manhammer, this red dragon seems to be very arrogant. Well, Myastor once killed three infernal dragons in the Orcish War alone! It is said that he lived in seclusion in the Wallen Mountains after the war, but no one ever saw him again. Scott said. "But what do you want with this Myastor?" Lin Sang really couldn't figure it out. The two black dragons of hell alone are enough for these dark elves to suffer, and with this red dragon, isn't it even more chaotic? "Do you want to use him against the Black Dragon of Hell?" Catherine saw through Akdina's thoughts at a glance. That's right! If you can find Myastor, just tell him the news of the Black Dragon in Hell again. “……” It is a typical dark elf style to work for the Black Dragon in Hell while trying to deal with them! But it seems that until now, they should not have found that Miasdoth. By the way, let's have a discussion. If I give you back the Moonstone, will you let us go? Akdina probed. They looked at each other. Master Hammer shook his head and said, "No, we can't let you go like this!" Indeed, these captured dark elves are all high-level assassins! As the saying goes, if you let the tiger go back to the mountains, there will be endless trouble! With the vindictive character of the dark elves, Master Hammer can't guarantee that he will be able to cope with it so easily next time! "Then how about adding an artifact to the Moon Stone?" Akdina said, "a fire artifact that you dwarves can absolutely use!" Chapter 144 Agreement "No!"! It's absolutely impossible! In the past, Master Hammer might have been moved, but now it's different. After all, an artifact had just been born from his hands, and with the promise of His Highness Huperu,metal cosmetic tubes, the Vulcan, it was no longer a problem for the Black Iron Dwarves to return to Rock City. And now that you have the blood of Vulcan in your hand, there is no need to let go of such a big threat for the sake of an artifact that may not be useful!. 


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