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Seek the way of immortals

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Although the strength of the monster is comparable to that of the Mahayana immortals, the high-level monks have a natural advantage in the face of the monster. After all, every immortal has some powerful instruments and even magic weapons, and he is proficient in several very mysterious skills, and Mr. Liu is one of the most. The monster clan has no advantage except its strong body, so in the war between the immortals and the monsters of the same level, the immortals often have the upper hand. In history, the stories of killing monsters in the realm of cultivating immortals are not all legends. First full blow, the nine-tailed demon fox will be hit hard, as long as the strength of the nine-tailed demon fox is greatly reduced, even if I have one enemy five, there is no chance to win. When he rushed toward the nine-tailed demon fox and other five heavenly monsters like lightning, Mr. Liu secretly calculated in his heart. With a decision in mind, Mr. Liu did not hesitate to rush away at the same time, his eyes closed slightly, his hands pinched his sword fingers, and his lazy face glowed with incomparable majesty. At the same time, he saw a purple glow rising from his eyebrows, which became extremely majestic in an instant after he left the body, covering the whole world. "Wolf Howling Mountain" turned into a purple world in an instant. In blue. "Haoran Righteousness" is the most powerful secret method that Mr. Liu has practiced over the years. It is the nemesis of all the filth in the world. It also has a strong power to suppress all the people who have been killed and abused. This is Mr. Liu who heard that after Liu Huaxiang died because of Zhang Xusheng, he specially practiced against Zhang Xusheng's evil method and immortal body. At this time, in order to deal with the nine-tailed demon fox, But it was performed ahead of time. After the formation of the purple world,Beverage packing machine, Mr. Liu's eyes were all purple, and his body was even more imposing. At the same time, he took a long breath, his clothes were bulging, and his hands were circling. He saw a little golden light forming between his arms, and then he saw Mr. Liu pointing slightly at the nine-tailed demon fox that was rushing towards him. Between the fingers, the faint golden light shot at the nine-tailed demon fox like lightning, but although the golden light was weak, it was the power that affected the whole purple world. Wherever they went, the purple clouds billowed, and the purple clouds between heaven and earth constantly shot out huge lightning, roaring constantly, CSD filling line ,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, running in front of the nine-tailed demon fox, those ordinary monsters, whether they were senior or junior, immediately killed and wounded a lot. And when this golden light came to the front of the nine-tailed demon fox, the power of the lightning from the purple world was also brought into full play, and tens of millions of lightning came from all directions to the nine-tailed demon fox. And every flash of lightning seems to have the power to destroy the world. "Heaven and Earth Haoran, the Art of Heaven's Punishment" is the most powerful move in Haoran's righteousness. In the face of such a powerful attack. Nine-tailed demon fox side of the four Tianjie monster are eyes show the color of panic, hurriedly toward the surrounding escape, but only the nine-tailed demon fox standing in place motionless, if you look closely, you can also find that the nine-tailed demon fox eyes are still flashing with disdain and cunning color! "Boom, boom, boom, boom" The lightning finally struck. The roar shook people's eardrums. The place where the nine-tailed demon fox is located is covered with flying sand and stones. Nuo Earth "Wolf Roaring Mountain". Under the ten thousand flashes of lightning, it turned from a high mountain into a cliff. From the foot of the mountainside after the nine-tailed demon fox. But it's already gone. Half of the mountain is missing. I saw the lightning strike the nine-tailed demon fox. Mr. Liu was overjoyed. He is confident. In this world. No one can resist his move without injury. Under thousands of lightning. This nine-tailed demon fox will lose half his life even if he doesn't die. Even so. Mr. Liu just took out the magic weapon but did not take it back. Still in hand, just in case. It was a jade fan with blue light. And is being cautious this time. Saved his life once. After countless lightning strikes. The breath of the nine-tailed demon fox has been lost and weakened. Until it disappears. Mr. Liu thought the nine-tailed demon fox was dead. Although it is too incredible that this legendary monster should die like this. But it's true. Mr. Liu still quickly focused his attention on the other four monsters who had escaped the disaster before. But just as Mr. Liu was about to attack the four monsters. Something incredible happened. The smoke from the lightning finally cleared. The nine-tailed demon fox, which had lost all its breath, slowly appeared in the smoke. When the body became clear, Mr. Liu was shocked to find that there was no injury on the nine-tailed demon fox! Immediately, Mr. Liu turned his attention to the nine constantly shaking tails behind the nine-tailed demon fox, only to see that the nine tails were slowly shaking in some mysterious trajectory, each tail was condensed with a very majestic aura, under the shaking of the nine tails, the aura of heaven and earth was affected by it, forming nine seemingly distinct but seemingly United boundaries. And it was these nine boundaries that blocked Mr. Liu's previous confidence in "Heaven and Earth Haoran, the Art of Heaven's Punishment" and did not hurt the nine-tailed demon fox at all. The Art of Enchantment in Nine Days!!? Soon, Mr. Liu recognized the origin of the boundary, and his heart was so shocked that he could not relapse. The nine-day boundary is said to be the most defensive boundary in the realm of cultivating immortals for tens of thousands of years. It can resist any attack except Tianwei, but the last immortal who can perform it disappeared in the Southern Wilderness as early as three thousand years ago. It has been lost, but I didn't expect that it would reappear on the nine-tailed demon fox who should not have any magic method. In the face of Mr. Liu's dullness, the nine-tailed demon fox showed the color of deep thinking that should not belong to the monster, and then, his face showed a very humane expression of surprise and admiration, and then a fox hissing resounded through the world, with the sound of the fox hissing, he saw a wisp of fiery red fog rising rapidly between the eyes of the nine-tailed demon fox. Then the red mist drifted into the sky and expanded rapidly, which soon dispelled the purple and noble righteousness of Mr. Liu, which was originally full of heaven and earth, and the color of heaven and earth changed from purple to red. Then,PET bottle Mold, there was another sound of fox hissing, and at the same time, the nine-tailed demon fox opened its mouth and spat out a red light at Mr. Liu.


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