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Mortal Immortal [Chapter 1354]

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Han Li looked tired at the moment. He turned over his hand and took out an elixir. He crossed his knees and breathed for a moment. He quickly moved forward. Flying forward for a moment, his expression changed slightly and his figure shifted to the side. In front of the void hung a space crack more than ten feet long, emitting bursts of light. Han Li carefully bypassed the space crack and then moved on. Previously, he was swallowed up by the space crack carelessly and almost died, so now he is more careful. Before long, a space crack appeared again in front of us, and more space fluctuations came from the front. Could it be.. As soon as Han Li's eyebrows moved, he flew forward carefully and soon fell in front of a cliff. Here, the continent comes to an end. In front of the cliff was a vast void, in which there were countless cracks in space, large and small, and the faint light flashed like a terrible mouth that could swallow everything. Farther away in the void, there is a huge curtain of crystal light, which is the space barrier that has been encountered before. Outside the space barrier, there are countless turbulent currents sweeping through the void. Han Li looked at the void ahead, but did not pay attention to the space cracks, space barriers and other objects in front of him, but looked deeper into the void. A glittering light curtain can be seen in the deeper part of the void turbulence, but it is another space barrier. And behind the barrier, a dark shadow seemed to be a corner of another continent. Despite the turbulence of the void and the barrier of space, we can still feel the fluctuation of the law of time transmitted from that continent. Han Li looked at the turbulence of the rolling void ahead,pietra gray marble, with a hesitant look on his face. Soon, however, his expression became firm and he pinched it. The golden blue light flashed, and beside him there was a golden flag and a small blue shield, which were the two time fairies he had previously obtained. Han Li has been refining these days, and has already refined two pieces of immortals. He muttered, and the blue light on the surface of the small blue shield rose from it like a wave of blue light, protecting his whole body. The golden flag is also shining,Marble Projects, rising several times out of thin air. Countless golden points of light gushed out of the flag and whirled around his body, forming a river of golden stars that rumbled and flowed, which looked spectacular. Han Li looked at the two immortals around him, nodded, and his body shot out and flew straight into the void ahead. The void here is extremely unstable, suspended with cracks in space, emitting bursts of light. The space crack here is not like the space crack in the void turbulence, but it is not stable and trembling. He moved the nine magic pupils to the extreme, carefully flying through the cracks. Although the front space crack is dense, occasionally there are some cracks swimming, but it is not difficult to defeat Han Li. His body was like a wisp of smoke, and soon he passed through the space cracks ahead and reached the vicinity of the space barrier. Chop! As soon as he raised his arm, his hand pinched the sword and flicked out. A green sword light flew out from Han Li's fingertips, and in a flash, it was cut on the space barrier. There was a loud bang! The blue sword light immediately broke into a blue flying sword, Artificial Marble Slabs ,grey marble slab, which was ejected back. The space barrier only trembled a little, and then immediately returned to calm. Han Li saw this scene, slightly surprised in the heart, turned his hand to put away the flying sword, and suddenly raised his hand to point out. His body was full of golden light, and thirty-six golden crystal filaments emerged, and then all of them converged on his fingers. A blur of golden finger shot out of his fingertips and hit that space barrier. This finger shadow is condensed by 36 crystal filaments of the law of time, which are interwoven with the power of the law of time, trying to imitate the magic power of the golden finger shadow, but there is still a great difference between the two. Han Li's finger shadow is very blurred, in which the time crystal wire, as well as the operation of the law of time is full of loopholes, only imitating less than 10%. Nevertheless, this blurred finger shadow still exudes a very fierce breath, far better than the sword just now. With a light sound of "poof", as if a finger had pierced a piece of white paper, the space barrier was pierced with a big hole. Yes, let's call it'amazing finger '. Han showed a trace of joy on the facade and lowered his arm. As soon as the voice fell, his body flashed into a blue light and flew out of the big hole into the void turbulence. Boom! A huge gray whirlwind swept in from the side, hit Han Li hard, and immediately rolled his body out. Han Li had been prepared and offered two pieces of immortals to protect his body, but it was not a big problem. He gave a little shout, and the golden stars around him swelled and rumbled, crushing the gray whirlwind. This golden flag is a rare, offensive and defensive combination of fairy. Han Li defeated the gray whirlwind, without the slightest pause, and immediately flew toward another continent in the distance. The wind howled, the sound of thousands of streams came from all around, a whirlwind, a cold current, and even a torrent of flames came from all directions, which was mixed with a space whirlpool or a space crack, overwhelming. The void turbulence here was much more powerful than the void turbulence he had encountered before. Han Li saw this scene, secretly strange in the heart. He entered the ruins of the True Word Gate and entered the void turbulence three times before and after, and the power of the void turbulence became stronger and stronger each time. His thoughts turned in his mind, but without hesitation, he urged the golden stars around his body to block the waves of void turbulence and move forward with all his strength. Void turbulence is nothing, the golden star sea can be blocked, but the power of those space cracks in the void turbulence is extremely powerful, which contains a powerful force of space, like a knife of space, often cut into the golden stars, the golden star sea is also very difficult to defeat, Han Li can only cast a spell to swing it open, the speed of progress is extremely slow. Fortunately, the distance between the two continents was not far, so he pushed forward and soon covered most of the distance. At that moment,white marble slabs, there was a whine, like the roar of a dragon. Han Li turned his head to look, and his face immediately changed.


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