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Incomplete volume 2
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Pip, a friendly hospital volunteer, and Matt, one of the patients in the spinal injury unit, have spent months becoming closer. Finally, it looks like they’re making  the transition into something more than just friendship. 

But what does that really mean for them, and for the people around them?

What is included?

This digital edition collects chapters 10 to 17, as well as extra pages of behind the scenes information, illustrations, and a new story written just for this volume. The chapters also differ slightly from the Tapas versions as they’ve been redrawn for this edition.

High quality 252 page full colour pdf. 

Why ‘Incomplete’?

The comic’s name refers to a few different aspects of the story; firstly, and most obviously, Pip and Matt complete each other in their relationship. 

Secondly, the story will never be ‘complete’ because I will write it as long as I can and continue to base it on my life with my husband.

Thirdly, and the reason I chose the word, is that an incomplete injury is a type of spinal injury where the spinal column is not completely severed, and some feeling remains below the level of injury.

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