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In the eyes of Liu Fu, there is no problem that money can not solve, how bad his daughter is, that is also his daughter, even if education is also his home education. Liu Mei's mother opened her own safe and took out 100,000 yuan. Two people thought that the problem could be solved absolutely, but it was fragmented by the reality! They can't figure out that several leaders who usually have a good relationship with themselves will all give official answers to themselves, or even avoid seeing them. All blame you, Xiaomei will appear such a thing, all because you did not educate well! In the end, the two men, who were at their wits' end, pinched each other. My daughter is not mine alone. She is also your daughter. Why should I be blamed if something goes wrong? Liu Mei's mother is a rural woman, if Liu's father suddenly became rich in the past few years, she would still live in the village with others. Let her have any insight, be complained by her husband, the result is that she put on the posture of a rural shrew,car radiator cap, directly in the police station to make trouble. No matter how noisy these two people are, Liu Mei can't be released on bail anyway, because the name of being caught is too big, kidnapping and murder! In addition, the parties are still in the hospital, even if the Liu family has money, there is no way to get people out,car radiator cap, not to mention that there are fat men in this group of playboys accused of the scene. When Qian Mo woke up again, he saw that he was surrounded by flowers. I'll go. Can I still cross when I'm asleep? A subconscious murmur woke up several people in the ward. Is there any discomfort? Xuanyuan Zhan has been standing not far from the position of Qian Mo, heard her voice directly to the side of Qian Mo at a speed that ordinary people can not detect. Well, it's all right, but why did you wrap me into rice dumplings? Asked by Xuanyuan Zhan, her idea of getting up was fixed by her own circle of gauze before it was put into action. Ha-ha Little girl You have more than thirty wounds all over your body. If the wounds were not deep, you would not only be a dumpling, but also a mummy! Gongsun Peng finally waited until the little girl woke up, and if he didn't wake up again, he would almost cry! "Master Jun, who is this?" When Qian Mo saw the smiling Gongsun Peng standing in front of him, he asked curiously. Master Jun? Brother Zhan, non standard fasteners ,Investment casting parts, what's the special meaning of the name of little girl? Such a domineering name is suitable for Xuanyuan Zhan, but why does it come out of a little girl's mouth? "Shut up. Why are you everywhere?" Xuanyuan war looked at Qian Mo from waking up without a word about their own, can not be inflamed? Gongsun Peng was startled by Xuanyuan Zhan's inexplicable eyes, he really did not see this look from this guy, what does that mean? Jealous? Or complain? "You don't have to worry about him, he's not important!" Emma, Gongsun Peng really wants to go out and check the almanac. Did this brother take the wrong medicine today? Or possessed by someone? What the hell is that gentle tone? How can Xuanyuan war be like this? "Oh!"! Master Jun, I don't want to be wrapped into rice dumplings. It's uncomfortable! When Qian Mo aggrieved Baba looked at Xuanyuan war, how to look is coquetry? Act like a spoiled child! Gongsun Peng has been unable to complain, this is the most mysterious day he feels. Why didn't you call me earlier? Heartache looked at when Qian Mo that can not move the appearance, if he did not arrive in time, when Qian Mo will be what consequences he simply can not believe. Where did I think I would be so bad? Didn't you say that I was already very powerful? Why can't you handle a dozen punks? For Shi Qianmo's accusation, Xuanyuan Zhan just smiled and rubbed her only intact hair. It's really a ghost! This is Gongsun Peng's only idea. Chapter 121 scattering dog food. Although the picture is very ordinary, but how does Gongsun Peng feel that he has been fed a mouthful of dog food? Reason told him that Xuanyuan Zhan would not find such a small girlfriend, but reality told him that any performance of his told himself that it was his person. Reason and emotion in the fight, Xuanyuan war and when Qian Mo can not care about this entanglement, a comfort a coquetry, in short, is how to make Gongsun Peng uncomfortable how to come. Even the fat man who has been transparent all the time can see something is wrong, but dare not say it! "I said Zhan elder brother, the person woke up, the matter is not to give a conclusion, Liu Zhaotian there but noisy fierce." Gongsun Peng couldn't stand it, so he opened his mouth to interrupt the scene he couldn't stand. By the way, how did Liu Mei handle it? When Qian Mo was reminded by Gongsun Peng, he remembered the culprit. He was arrested. What the hell is going on? Although Liu Mei was frightened and said everything, he could not draw a conclusion without hearing Qian Mo himself. When Qian Mo had to simply say what happened today, it was really a bloody drama. The feeling of Gongsun Peng and Fatty is that junior high school students are so domineering now, just how old to finish this set, teach rivals in love! "What do you think?" Although Xuanyuan Zhan did not ask about the little boy, it did not mean that he did not remember it in his heart. Is Tang Hanyu the son of Secretary Tang? The fat man opened his mouth carefully, who let the name sound familiar! "His father heard that he was a high official, so he should be!" When Qian Mo remembered that Chen Rui had told her about Tang Hanyu's background, she was not sure to give an answer. That's right. Secretary Tang also said that we must deal with this matter well. Originally, we were still wondering why Secretary Tang knew about it, but now we understand it. The fat man wiped his sweat and stared at Ben Xuanyuan Zhan with his eyes, feeling a lot of pressure. Well, before I was kidnapped, Tang Hanyu just came to help, but because there were too many gangsters,die casting parts, he and one of my classmates didn't stop them. I don't know if my deskmate will be frightened? I hope he didn't inform his teachers and parents. By the way, Master Jun, does the school know about this? Have you informed my parents? 。


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