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The dispute between the two different attitudes led to different measures of "Southern Reconstruction". It is generally believed that the hard-line side of Congress is more concerned about the interests of blacks, while the moderates are suspected of "representing the interests of Southern slave owners". I sometimes wonder when I see comments like this. What I suspect is not the deep concern of the majority of the Northern people represented in Congress for the situation of the blacks in the South, because in fact, such concern is fully in line with the sympathy that the North has always shown for the blacks, in line with their historical humanitarian appeal, and their behavior is logical. Said Lincoln's successor, Andrew.. President Johnson had similar racial discrimination and prejudice against blacks by slave owners. I don't think it's impossible, because prejudice against blacks also exists in the north. But I don't believe that President Lincoln, as a staunch moderate, insisted that his idea of kindness was also to "represent the interests of Southern slave owners". What I wonder is, if we do not consider the subjective will of these two attitudes, what kind of treatment is actually effective for the progress of history? I have to think about this problem and talk to you later. That's all for today. Zhu OK! Linda Out of the Abnormal State of War Big "" learn "student: Small.. Say Net Brother Lu: Hello! Thank you for your letter soon. You say that you are not familiar with the history of the United States after the Civil War, and you really want to know how Americans deal with the situation after the Civil War, because it is a difficult problem wherever they are. After I sent you the last letter, I thought about it for a long time. I don't want to make any judgment on this period of history. I just think that this period of history is inevitable. In the United States, generally speaking, materialism and dialectics reflect the revolutionary class and the progressive forces, and it can only go this way. Why is that? Because it is consistent with the logic of the United States. The state of war is often manipulated by the war machine itself, and people often lose control of it. However, the treatment after the war should be enough to be controlled by human reason. If you don't handle it properly, it's hard to really find an excuse for yourself. As you already know, slavery in the South has its roots in colonial times. Before the Civil War, it did not abolish slavery itself like the North, but the majority of white people in the South had not yet reached such a human awakening. And this war has the meaning of defending the homeland for the southerners, so it is also a war in which the whole people are involved. In this case, if there is to be a movement to purge the "rebels", once out of control, it can cause no less harm to the South than the disaster of another war. As I told you in my last letter, when the Civil War ended, the first thing people here realized was the tragedy of the Civil War. Therefore, to carry out a complete suppression of the South after the war, not to mention whether it can be achieved, Jumping castle with slide , is simply not passed among the people of the North. Therefore, if you look carefully at the moderate and tough attitude represented by the president and Congress in the North after the war, you will find that it is quite moderate compared with the treatment of similar problems in some other countries. The only difference between them is the degree. Let's go back and look at this period. We found that after the South was "brought back" to the United States by a war, it did not solve any substantive problems. What really causes the historical progress of a region is the awakening of human nature, which can not be accomplished by being forced by guns in front of us. On the understanding of humanity, 14 volumes are collected into one volume. By Ender, the successor to the Lyceum School in the 1st century BC, it is a whole conflict between two completely different levels of society. On this point, the original understanding of the South may be closer to the fact that they do not belong to the same country in a sense. Based on its tradition, the United States could not continue to use force or power to solve problems after the war, such as the complete takeover and domination of the South by the North, nor could it completely intimidate the South with terrorist threats, such as another large-scale killing and imprisonment in peacetime by means of repression after the war. Therefore, at the end of the war, no matter what attitude was adopted towards the South, one thing was almost certain in the United States, that is, sooner or later, you would eventually return the South to the Southerners. It will also be an autonomous region. Congress, which has a tough attitude, does not deny this. They just don't think they can give the South back just like that. What they hoped to achieve was a temporary "period of domination" over the South after the war, during which they tried to foster a group of state governments that shared the views of the North. Then, the transfer of power to these installed state governments, and then can be more comfortable to leave the "reconstruction" of the south. This is the origin of the "semi-military control period" of the major military regions. However, the only possibility for this approach to succeed is to completely establish an autocratic and powerful government in the South. Because there is no change in the southern society, the concept of most people in this society has not changed, if coupled with the hatred accumulated by the war, some of the original rationality of the South has been forced to retreat. Then, no matter what kind of government you install, as long as the first day of democratic elections is open, the state government will be elected from the southern point of view. Therefore, it does not depend on what kind of good wishes, but whether the wishes can really be realized. Perhaps this is what President Lincoln thought before he was assassinated. When Congress first reconvened after the war, it basically gradually overthrew the moderate president's approach. Congress presided over the reconstruction of the South, which took tough measures of semi-military control. And on the back of these tough measures, black congressmen were elected. Crucially,Inflatable meltdown, there was strong discontent in the South among the entire white population. And the black man who just came out of slavery became. The academic thoughts of the Song and yuan Dynasties are systematically summarized according to different schools. It is still in the stage of being forcibly supported by officials from the north. The measures implemented by the hardliners, no matter how well-intentioned they are, are not without the suspicion of pulling out the seedlings to help them grow.


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