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Shaded Bust/Portrait | Dragon/Feral + (ask for humanoid/anthro)

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I have temporarily closed my project listings due to my PC becoming inoperable (failed HDD)! I will reopen for orders once I am able to replace the hard drive. It will probably be around the beginning of April as I have no emergency funds.

Note: While I'm not currently 'officially' offering these for humanoid and anthro characters*, if you're happy with the quality of how I draw humanoids in my recent work, feel free to request such from this listing, as long as you specify that detail.
I can show recent examples upon request.

(*The only reason I am not is I want to brush up my skills with humanoids a bit more first)

A finished bust/headshot piece of a dragon or other creature of your choice, base-priced at $35 USD (~£30, ~€30).

The higher your commission's price above this base, the more time I will spend refining and polishing it, and adding additional detail.

Referring to the grid of examples (as the individual pieces are out of order):
At the $35 price point, your piece will be most similar to #1 through #6 (please note that #4 is not shaded but all pieces ordered from here will be shaded).

Pieces #7 through #9 are refined to a greater degree, and are examples of the refinement your piece would go through at around $50. #9 in particular.

The price includes a simple background, e.g., pattern, gradient, or minimal backdrop.

Highly complex designs will increase the price; if this may apply, I'll discuss this with you first.
Major revisions after the lineart stage will incur a fee.

  • The finished artwork will be delivered at two resolutions and formats: high resolution PNG for you, and lower resolution JPG for web display.

  • If you do not have a reference, I will need a very detailed description.

  • I will generally strictly follow the reference material unless you request otherwise.

  • Turnaround time should be a week or two at most, often on the quicker side, and I will show WIPs. If there is anything you are not satisfied with, you must tell me during the WIP stages.


About the Creator


Australian | She/They

Commissions are temporarily closed! Listings have been hidden as I will be updating them when I reopen.

Hello! I draw almost anything, but mostly, creatures. A lot of dragons, specifically.

This storefront is not fully set up yet, but more commission information and slots will be available soon.
You may also know me as Lokenosse.