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It was not until this time that the roaring dog remembered to go up and help, and the gods would finally react. The fire unicorn rolled to the side. The two gods rushed up with long-handled broadswords. Golden hair unicorn a claw swept past, a clear sound, the two gods will fly back, the weapons in their hands also broke into pieces. Several other gods will detour to the back of the Golden Hair Kirin and cut the Golden Hair Kirin's body with their weapons, but when the weapons touch his body, there is a sound of weapons colliding with each other, the collision point splashes a spark, and the weapons of the gods will be broken. Standing at the mouth of the cave, I finally understood. This golden unicorn must have all attributes. Its body is metal and invulnerable. The Fire Kirin bit his teeth and broke his weapon, which proved that this guy's body didn't care about any attack at all. The roaring dog suddenly opened his mouth, and a flash of lightning shot at the golden-haired unicorn. The electric arc went all over the golden-haired unicorn, but it had no effect. Metals do conduct electricity, but metals themselves are not afraid of electricity, and golden unicorns are immune to lightning. There was a lot of fighting outside, so I hurried back to pack up my things and get ready to leave. There are many things in the treasure house, all of which are packed in boxes. These boxes are all with magic seals,ultrasonic dispersion machine, there is no special talent simply can not open, I simply let the Fenglong box together into the box. I have found the seal of the demon king. This thing is alone in a seal array, but just now it was knocked off a corner by the golden unicorn when it went out, and now it is useless. Easy to get the task items into the Fenglong space, with the cabbage they rushed out. In the main hall, the golden-haired kylin and the minions of the heavenly court fought fiercely. The gods were skillful in formation and had various means of attack. The fire kylin had excellent fighting skills, and the roaring dog was full of tricks. Unfortunately,ultrasonic spray nozzle, the golden-haired kylin was invulnerable to fire and water, completely ignoring their attacks and pursuing them all the way. No matter how good the gods were, they could not play out. Fire Kirin in order to save a golden hair Kirin stepped on the God will take the initiative to hit up, the golden hair Kirin bit the neck of the fire Kirin and trampled him under his feet. With the neck of the Fire Kirin in his mouth, his head twisted and clicked, and the Fire Kirin stopped moving at once. The Fire Kylin is a collection of fire elementals, which are out of control as soon as they are killed. After a burst of flames, there was no ash left in the fire unicorn. This kind of flame creature will not leave a corpse after death. Although it is no match for the golden unicorn. But the fire kylin anyhow is also the kylin, he has been resisting most of the attack of the golden hair kylin, this fire kylin-a God of death will dream and roar dog simply can not withstand the attack of the golden hair kellin. Cabbage and I were going to run away in the chaos, but now it seems that we don't need it. I simply gave the familiar eggs to the violets to let them go first, and I planned to stay and wait for the golden unicorn. This guy has a good feeling about me. If only he could dig back to help me. Violet did not leave after they got the magic pet eggs, ultrasonic dispersion machine ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, mainly because the cabbage, the ghost and Dangdang refused to leave. Three of the seven men refused to leave, and of course the team stayed. I did not drive them away, originally disguised for fear of being discovered by heaven is our guild, but according to the posture of the golden unicorn, it seems that there will be no survivors, that is to say, we will not be exposed, there is no need to hide separately from these people. After the death of the Fire Kirin, the gods could not stop the Golden Hair Kirin at all, and most of the ups and downs were destroyed. The remaining gods will want to take advantage of the terrain to escape, but the golden unicorn relies on its own body hard, meet the wall through the wall, nothing to stop him. Several embracing pillars were swept down with one hand, and the three-meter-thick stone wall was pierced by one touch. Even the solid ground has been stamped out of a big hole, this guy is simply a biological tank. The last to survive is the roaring dog, the other gods will all die in the line of duty, because the roaring dog is more flexible and can barely dodge the attack, but unfortunately the good times do not last long. He was really going to run away and call for reinforcements, but he was hit by a pillar swept down by the golden unicorn. The badly injured dog could not even move a pillar now, and could not move under the pressure. The Golden Hair Kirin opened his mouth to ask for it, and I quickly called a pause. Keep the dog under your mouth! The golden unicorn's fangs stopped less than an inch above the dog's body. Seeing me coming, the golden unicorn slowly moved his head away. At the end of the battle, his fangs were retracted and his claws were more than half retracted. I went to the roaring dog and said to the golden-haired unicorn, "Can I have this?"? I want him to be useful. The golden-haired unicorn nodded and then stuck out his tongue to lick me. Why does this guy have the same hobby as a puppy! The body was just dry, and he licked it wet! Pointing to the dog, I asked, "Is there any way you can seal him up temporarily so that he can't move?" The golden unicorn immediately ran back to the treasure house, but he was obviously stunned. Seeing me follow him in, he pointed to a position with his paw to compare the height, and I immediately understood. He asked Fenglong to take out the tall box in that position. The golden retriever opened the unusually strong seal with one claw, and the paper fell all over the ground. The golden-haired unicorn used its claws to pull a few times inside and point out one. I knowingly took this paper to wrap the dog into rice dumplings. Is that so? The golden unicorn nodded at once. I really appreciate your help. If it weren't for you, I would be in trouble. After listening to my words, the golden retriever pointed to the broken seal on the ground with his paw. The meaning was obvious. Without me, he would still be sealed here. I have to get out of here now. I have very important things to do. What do you want to do? Come with me or leave on your own? The golden retriever pointed to me and then to himself. "Will you be my familiar?" I asked tentatively. The golden retriever nodded. I was just about to tell him to wait for him to come back to me and let me accept him with the purple body, but he suddenly bit my arm with his teeth. A red mark appeared, my blood flowed out immediately, and his body shrank to the size of a pug in a flash. Damn, it's too fast,ultrasonic welding transducer, but I think it's a bit of a waste, such a good familiar actually hung on the trumpet! Volume 10 Chapter 9 I am the good guy and the bad guy. Mobile E-book · Update time: May 29, 2007 16:26:00 Number of words in this chapter: 7501.


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