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Jiang You's love joins in the fun with three natural and unrestrained magic attacks. Su Mu orange also immediately included him in his attack target. The wind comb smoke Mu lifted the heavy machine gun is a strafe, the bullet toward Jiang You and the five of them poured out. The flying bullets look really sharp, but this is a game, and players will not be killed immediately by a bullet. The damage of the Green machine gun is also the greatest when all the bullets hit in a straight line. Such as Su Mucheng after the operation of shaking the gun, the bullets flying around will naturally divide the damage. The use of the Green machine gun is not intended to damage, but to use bullets to delay the impact of the opponent. Meet a new person who doesn't know much about it, and I'm probably scared at this time. But Jiang you their side five senior old birds are not frightened by this, they know very well, at this time is standing still, these bullets are actually no big deal. What's more annoying is the interruption and temporary stiffness caused by the bullet. Five people for a time is also each show their magic, love to run, love to jump, love to roll with professional skills, in short, each means to force forward in the rain of bullets from the wind and smoke. This team is different. Ye Xiu, Su Mucheng, Qiao Yifan such a professional level immediately at a glance. One of the five sharpshooters, while dodging bullets, had already drawn his gun and fired back. Su Mu orange wind comb smoke Mu Shi Zhan Green machine gun can not dodge, this sharpshooter marksmanship is not bad,Heme Iron Polypeptide, but is to take this opportunity to accurately hit a revolver of bullets toward the wind comb smoke Mu. Su Mu orange helpless, can only cancel the skill to avoid bullets, turn around is an anti-tank artillery bombardment in the past. The guy also jumped out of the way and continued to shoot, and the two men began to shoot each other in a twinkling. Ye Xiu eyes look at the situation is not right, the day strikes to provoke an opponent around, directly a falling flower palm toward Jiang You their team of people in the past. Before that, Ye Xiu emphasized the control of the field and did not want any opponent to run away. But at this time,Lactoferrin Manufacturer, this team is obviously a strong support, and the situation is not good for procrastination. Ye Xiu made a prompt decision and sent his opponent out as a cannonball, hoping to disrupt the opponent's position and take advantage of the chaos. One was blown away by the falling flower palm, and the other was thrown away by Jun Moxiao, who used a judo skill to "throw" and lift his waist. Before the back light bomb, he was distracted by the invasion of steamed stuffed buns and successfully attached to his body. At this time, he was completely downwind, so Ye Xiu did not disturb him. After two human cannonballs are thrown out, immediately a shadow splits the body skill, directly falls own real body into these five not vulgar masters. The five-man station is in a state of cooperation with a degree of offense and defense. The cannonball was a little confused because it was dodging two human bodies. Ye Xiu took advantage of this opportunity, one step in place directly to the flaw exposed after they walked. One of the five players who had the courage to play boxing felt that Jun Moxiao dared to be trapped in their five-man array, which was quite heroic. After a compliment, he rushed forward and lifted his leg, which was a forward kick. The front kick is a skill of the boxer, Berberine Hydrochloride Factory ,L Methylfolate Factory, which has a slight knockback effect. Out of the recruit are only in a flash of the shadow of the legs, a very fast skill. But Ye Xiu did not go home at all. As soon as the mouse was mentioned, Jun Mo laughed at the dragon teeth of a battle mage and went back directly. The boxer only felt that his front kick was bound to succeed. Unexpectedly, the white light in front of him was just a flash, and the spear in Jun Moxiao's hand was firmly mentioned in front of him. Long spear, short legs. The front kick of the boxing master was short of a smile from Jun Mo, but the spear seemed to have pierced him. The boxer was shocked, as if such a scene should not have happened at all. At this time, he would not send himself to the spear, hurriedly cancelled the skills to retreat and dodge, and did not want the dragon's teeth to come so quickly. Still in the back jump, he was directly stabbed out of a stiff, followed by a flash of white light, he has been hit by a sky to fly in the air. The operation is very fast, and the attack speed of the spear is also very fast The boxers suffered a great loss, but they saw the problem in an instant. Ye Xiu's operation, thousand machine umbrella spear form 5 attack speed, these two extremely unusual fast, let him start just a close on the defeat. The round dance stick caught the boxer from the air, and Jun Moxiao jumped up and threw it vigorously, turning it into a human cannonball. The two players who came up to meet the siege had to jump back to avoid it. As a result, as soon as the boxer was thrown to the ground, Jun Moxiao put away his spear and fired three cannons. In the fire, three shells came out of the chamber and attacked two people. Such a close distance, the trajectory actually deviated from such a large angle, the range and speed of the shaking gun beyond two people's imagination, two shells, two people did not escape, exploded a face full of flowers. Jun Moxiao then turned around and threw a grenade into the air. In midair, a swordsman was flying up to prepare for a sneak attack with a silver blade, but this gentleman, Mo Xiao, seemed to have eyes behind his back. The swordsman swung his sword in midair to hit the grenade. But even professional players are not sure that the sword will not fail in such an operation. The swordsman failed regrettably, and the grenade was held in his arms, and a group of exploding fireworks blossomed in the polar region. The swordsman fell like an angel with broken wings, and landed face first. Tragically, the swordsman wanted to roll forward to be operated, but he didn't know if his mood was affected and the operation was wrong. I didn't roll well, and my face was directly on the ground. The five top players of the domineering Xiongtu, Jun Moxiao hit four people in an instant by fighting five. Jiang You froze. Jun Mo Xiao's PVP is even more terrible than his PVE. At this moment, he is super glad that he sent a message to the night cold pool. The new January is coming, and the guaranteed monthly ticket for robbery is handed over. Er, if you don't like this kind of violence, please see the single chapter,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, which is more gentle. Volume I Chapter 220 Screen Cannon Chapter two hundred and twenty screen cannon Flame impact Jiang You was the only one of the five players in the team who was not hit by Jun Moxiao. Seeing that the next step was to attack him, he hurriedly went on with an operation, and the master loved to join in the fun. A flame that seemed to be attacking and defending rose in front of Jun Moxiao.


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