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Single Portrait B&W Commercial Non-exclusive for Small Projects

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A detailed and expressive black and white portrait of a character of your description. For these, I work on an 8x10" 300dpi canvas, and your final file will be at least 2000 pixels on each side, depending on the final aspect ratio. They'll be ideal shrunk down to quarter page size, or used in a full page composition. For small thumbnails where less detail than is pictured is acceptable, the 'page of things' can include portraits, please see that listing for examples. I may include an abstract/semi-abstract background element if the composition seems like it would work well- let me know if you definitely want or don't want this, and (if any) any symbolism that would be appropriate. The composition will always include head and shoulders, and may also include hands at my discretion(you can ask for this, especially if there is a prop that's key for the character)

I usually make two or sometimes three sketches, which you'll be able to choose from or give feedback on, and then you might get one or two progress updates, depending on how much time I have- sometimes I'm able to sit down and finish these all at once, sometimes I have to pick at them around other commitements. Please let me know if you have a deadline- my schedule is almost always flexible enough to accommodate but they may be extra fees for rush (<1 week) turnaround. If you have no deadline, or a very long deadline, four to six weeks is a likely turnaround estimate. This has less to do with the amount or work a project involves and more to do with my procrastinate-y brain.

If you wish to order multiple, just order it once and tell me how many you want in the notes- I'll edit the price when I approve the project.

This is for Non-Exclusive Commercial use artwork-  so I will package the final assets, possibly with edits or with other artwork, and sell them as stock, or sometimes make them into stickers or prints or colouring pages, ect... to sell myself. I usually don't do this until some months after it's finished. The stock art listing will mention that it was created as custom non-exclusive, and information about your project will be included in the download(unless you ask otherwise).


About the Creator

Zed Nope

Just love drawing.