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Perhaps others will also pretend to be, but, in the case that he said nothing will be sent back to the palace, he thought, others, Fu Jinxiu, De Fei, Bai Yiran, Qi Fei. Those who have children, or have had children, will probably choose to give him up, right? After all, at the critical moment of life and death, everyone will feel that his life is the heaviest. Perhaps they really love him, but is it not the right to love those who love him? Moon, only his little moon is not like this. Heart throbbing pain, this time he is fragile, but he knows that his heart, some out of control. He raised his hand to touch her, but found that his hand was ugly and had a lot of herpes on it. Put your hand down dejectedly. 143 Every night, the temperature of Emperor Jing seems to be particularly high, constantly wiping with alcohol in December, while Zhang Taiyi and Laixi are on the side to help. Emperor Jing felt that he had never been in such a mess since he came of age. He closed his eyes and twisted his eyebrows. He felt that his whole body was very uncomfortable, but he could do nothing about it. It seems that in the face of illness, Rao is so prominent that he can only endure so fragile. "Uh.." There was a faint sound. The twelfth lunar month looked at him hurriedly,endless swim spa, and his face turned crimson. Had it not been for the fact that every night in the twelfth lunar month, I would have helped him wipe and cool down carefully, and I think his condition would have been even worse. Take off his underwear, there is no embarrassment in December, is still very careful. Looking at that shocking skin, the twelfth lunar month does not see disgust and fear, some, but a trace of heartache. It is reasonable to say that the general smallpox patients are from the face or rash, the emperor is fine,endless pool factory, mostly invisible to the body. The blister fluid turns into yellow purulent, the herpes turns into pustular, the blush around the herpes is more significant, the skin is red and slightly swollen, and edema appears in the eyelids and other places. According to me, it is now the third stage. At this stage, it is customary to be more prone to sudden heat. The emperor's symptoms at this time are all consistent. As long as we continue to persevere these days, when we reach the last stage, we will be scarred and out of danger. In the twelfth month of the lunar year, there was still no sign of fever, and he was not discouraged. He was still moving back and forth. Jing Di squinted and looked at her like this. If you see her in your heart. In the twelfth lunar month, there were tears in the corner of Emperor Jing's eyes, knowing that this was not how moved he was, but because of his physical illness. He could not restrain himself, but the first time he saw him in such a mess, he could not tell the taste of the twelfth lunar month. It's all right. I know you're not feeling well. Let's endure it. Shall we endure it? You're gonna be okay. You're gonna be okay. Not knowing whether he was comforting Emperor Jing or himself, the twelfth lunar month did not take care of Zhang Taiyi and Laixi, and kept muttering to himself. Emperor Jing exerted some strength and took her hand. The twelfth lunar month looked at him in surprise and did not understand what he meant. You go out. These four words were simple, 5 person hot tub ,whirlpool hot tub, but he tried his best to say them. Seeing this, he was still like this, biting his lips tightly in December, refusing to let the tears fall down, and raising his head. "No," she said firmly. As long as you feel at ease to recuperate, you don't have to worry about anything else. Jing Di was silent, and in the depths of his heart, there was a trace of dirty thoughts. Intellectually, he knew it was for her own good to let her go. But emotionally, I hope she can continue to accompany him, comfort him, encourage him, and say those words. Looking at her earnest and stubborn little face, Emperor Jing felt that his heart was beating badly, and he did not know whether he was getting worse and worse, or whether he liked her more and more. Or, in this time of pain and helplessness, she was used as a life-saving straw. No, he is a strong man, even in pain and helplessness, he will not be weak. Even if they can not go out, do not know the situation outside, they are trapped here every day, the twelfth lunar month is still clean and refreshing, not only their own refreshing, even he, she are very good care. What a contradictory little girl this is. At such a moment, she did not complain, did not suffer, did not even say love, but she was able to do all this for him regardless of her own safety. The moon.. His voice was low, but not as it used to be, and there was a lot of fragility in it. Did my concubine hurt you? The twelfth lunar month was very careful, but he was still afraid of hurting him. "Moon." See him constantly whispering, looking at himself. I don't know what happened to him in the twelfth lunar month, but it is estimated that he is mentally fragile because he is seriously ill? Staring at him, the twelfth lunar month looked at Laixi again, and Laixi immediately understood what Shen Guifei meant. "Cough", poked the doctor next to Zhang Taiyi, Zhang Taiyi immediately sensible will not open the head. See that neither of them is looking at them. The twelfth lunar month bowed her head and kissed Emperor Jing on the face, but because there were others, she quickly turned her head away with a peck. Her face was red and she didn't say much. Keep wiping for him. Jing Di did not think of her movements, and in an instant he felt that his heart was filled with joy. When Xi and Zhang Taiyi turned their heads, it was rare to see a smile at the corners of Emperor Jing's mouth. Even though these days are busy, the twelfth lunar month still feels like a year. When Emperor Jing's pustules begin to shrink and dry, the red halo around them disappears, the herpes gradually dries, forms a thick yellow-green scab, and begins to appear unbearable itching. At this time, the body temperature gradually drops back to normal. The twelfth lunar month knows that this is going to get better. Because of the extra itching, the twelfth lunar month took the initiative to tie up Emperor Jing's hands. Seeing her action, Emperor Jing was dumbfounded. But fortunately, the day is pitiful. On the sixteenth day after Emperor Jing was quarantined, he finally got better. And no one but him was infected. To say that this time also thanks to Zhang Taiyi and Wang Taiyi,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, if not the two of them I think this incident is bound to lead to extremely serious consequences. When Emperor Jing pushed open the door and saw the sunlight, a burst of dazzling sunlight came over. Raising his hand to block the sunlight and looking at the kneeling man at the door, Emperor Jing looked back and looked at the small body behind him.


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