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Character Illustration

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Full body character portraits (8x10"). Can be a real person or a character, furry or otherwise. I'm not great at drawing heavy machinery. NSFW or gore is fine as well. +$25 for each additional character.

Base price is for an ink drawing (eg, image 4), I'll add color for an additional $25. I usually color with alcohol based marker, but if you'd prefer watercolor (eg, image 5) or simple digital gradients (eg, image 8) please specify so!

One or two props are included in the base price (e.g., chair, item held in hand). If you would like a background, please add $50. If the background or character details are very complicated, I reserve the right to request additional payment.

Price includes North American shipping (US, CA, MX), please add $10 for shipping elsewhere in the world.


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I'm a queer transmasc artist and illustrator, offering traditional (ink, marker, watercolor, and scratchboard) and pixel commissions!