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Green and astringent waiting for adulthood

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"That's mother's good son. Otherwise, with so much luggage, you can't work your father alone, can you?" Mother Chen smiled brightly and finally lived up to her trust. After making a half-hour farewell phone call to Ji Ning, Chen Jun was pressed into the car by his mother and aunt with a'solemn and stirring 'mood. Tengchong is a beautiful town, which has a completely different style from Lijiang. But Chen Jun's heart is not here. No matter how beautiful the scenery is, it is dull in his eyes. He would rather squeeze into the crowded swimming pool with Ji Ning than soak in the legendary hot spring with ninety-nine and eighty-one beneficial trace elements. On the day of the release of the list, Chen Jun was still in the guesthouse in Atami. The phone call to check the score was made with Dad's mobile phone. After dialing the phone and entering the test number, Chen Jun felt that the few seconds were almost longer than a lifetime. Your total score was 448 points. The mechanized female voice sounded like the sounds of nature at this time. Ah ~ The excited scream almost made the volcano that had been silent for hundreds of years erupt again. The villagers poked their heads out of the house next door. It is said that people who have stayed in big cities for a long time will get hysterical syndrome. It seems that this family is a sin. Chen Jun excited hands are trembling, on the line, he actually on the line! Recalling the "great achievements" made in the three years of high school, is this another miracle in the 73 years since the founding of the school? Chen's father was so happy that he could not close his mouth. The little aunt put the bright red lipstick on her lips all over Chen Jun's face. Chen's mother took out a guide to the college entrance examination from her bag like magic. There were some oil stains on it. It seemed that she had studied it thoroughly before. Although he did not reach the height of his dream with Ji Ning, but somehow it is a junior college, at least the gap between him and Ji Ning in education will not be too big, perhaps Chen Jun did not care about these before, but now it is different,tube lip gloss, he wants to be closer to Ji Ning, no matter in which aspect. After the excitement, Chen Jun took his father's mobile phone to call Ji Ning, but was preempted by his mother. Seven aunts and eight aunts informed him again. Even the neighbors knew the first-hand news of Chen Jun's college entrance examination from Chen's mother. When the mobile phone returned to Chen Jun's hand, it was out of power. When the mobile phone was charged, Chen Jun shrank in the quilt and began to call Ji Ning as soon as he turned off the light and went to bed. Baby,plastic packaging tube, it's me. As soon as the phone was connected, Chen Jun heard the voice he had missed for a long time, and he couldn't help thinking about him. Tut! Why are you so disgusting? Are you confused by the volcano? Ji Ning disliked him in his mouth, but in his tone he could not hide his joy. Chen Jun's family lived in the mountains, and communication was inconvenient. Except for the day he just arrived in Tengchong County, he called him, and he didn't hear his voice until today. Originally, I didn't think much about it, but when I heard his voice, I found that I really missed him. Unfortunately, the signal of the mobile phone was not very good, plastic laminated tube ,cosmetic plastic tube, and the usual clear voice sounded a little rustling now. I'm not confused, but I'm happy. Ji Ning, I'm on the line. The latter sentence he said very softly, like a whisper, so many people are sharing the joy, in fact, he only wanted to tell that one person. At this moment, Chen Jun did not have the ecstasy and excitement of the day, but was calm, a very gentle and soothing calm. Ture! Where did you go? An excited voice came from the other end of the phone, but Ji Ning did not ask how many points, but asked where he went. XX University of Technology. It was Chen Jun's second choice. He chose all the local colleges and universities. On the one hand, it was Ji Ning's idea. On the other hand, he didn't want to leave his hometown. Not bad. It's close to Y University. There was two seconds of silence on the other end of the phone, and then Ji Ning said something that was a little confusing. It is very close to Peking University to sell roast sweet potatoes at the gate of Peking University. Chen Jun is a little strange, although Ji Ning has always hoped that he can be admitted to Y University, but his results are still a little difficult, only four points short of defeat is really a pity, but Ji Ning's symptoms are also too deep poisoning. This time little Dezi is dumb. Don't forget to greet him when he goes back to school. Ji Ning changed the subject and mentioned the person who called Chen Jun gnashing his teeth. In fact, Ji Ning also hated the guy who had no teacher's morality. Although Chen Jun was half a problem child, he was a young scholar who protected his shortcomings. No matter how bad his own people were, they could not tolerate being bullied by others. "Hum, how can he be absent!"! What about you? Now you can tell me where you've been! Chen Jun also did not forget that unconscionable is how to assert to him, is simply a bad bitch! However, he is now more concerned about Ji Ning's whereabouts. It's close to you. "What?" Chen Jun did not understand, really did not understand, very close, is in the neighboring province? "I said," My school is right across the street from you, okay? "" The man over there took a breath and explained it slowly and clearly. What This time Chen Jun understood, and the incredible surprise made him a little confused. I don't understand yet. It seems that I am really confused by the hot spring. The man at the other end was still laughing. Are you crazy?! Are you kidding me!!! Seeing that the other side was still playing Tai Chi with him, Chen Jun roared out in a hurry. He couldn't believe it was true, but he knew that Ji Ning didn't joke with him. He stayed, in this city, beside him, but Chen Jun was not happy. He was very angry. Dog ~ Keep your voice down. The mobile phone is very fragile. Don't shout that it is broken. The loud sound made the bad signal grind and chirp, and Ji Ning took the microphone away a little bit. It's not a joke. It's true. I signed up for Y University. The other end of the phone was silent,cosmetic tube packaging, which made Ji Ning uneasy, but he still calmly explained that what was done was done. He could only pray that Chen Jun would not ignore him in anger. Then he would be in vain. He was a little self-willed, but he did not admit that he had done wrong. 


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