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"Men have just arrived at the West Lake!" "Yes." "I must be here to do business!" "No!" "Come and learn to recite poems!" "There's no time for that!" "Come and look for Fang Wenliu!" "No money!" Seeing Lancelot's independent bow and his eyes searching for the passing boats, the grass was unhappy and chatted with the boatman. Unexpectedly, the disaster came from the mouth. After a few words, the boatman realized that something was wrong and asked in a whisper, "Are those girls friends of men?" "Not at the moment." "Do the men know them?" "I don't know." "Do you have money to pay for the boat?" "No." As soon as this remark was made, the grass was startled and knew that something was wrong. Seeing that the boatman's face was not good, he said in a deep voice, "Good boys, you have no money. You want to learn from others and take the overlord ship!"! There is no such good thing in the world. "Wahahaha." Lancelot threw back his head and laughed when he heard the conversation in the rear. What are you laughing at? Asked the boatman. You have also carried it. Now the ship is so far away from the shore. What's done is done. What can you do? Lancelot's personality is also rude. No matter who is right or wrong, he scolds immediately. The grass wants to stop him, but it's too late. Wahahaha.. When the boatman heard this, he looked up to the sky and laughed. Lancelot and the grass looked at each other, not knowing what medicine they were selling in each other's gourd. Ha! Lao Tzu has been rocking the boat for decades. Is it the first day you meet a guest who wants to repudiate the debt? The boatman threw back his head and laughed, turned over suddenly, jumped into the water, and disappeared. Lancelot and the grass looked at each other and laughed together. I didn't expect the other side to have such a brilliant way to win in defeat. Hum! You walk fast, or Uncle Ben will beat you into a meat pie. Lancelot laughed and scolded. Grass looked at the oars, secretly worried, she can't row, I think Lancelot probably can't, besides, she has the worst prediction, although it may not happen, but with the bad luck of the whole day today,Flushometer valve, it really has to. Sure enough, not long after, the bottom of the boat began to gurgle with water, but when the boatman fell into the water, he cut through the bottom of the boat by the way to retaliate. Terrible. Damn the boatman, he's a bad boy. Lancelot began to panic. He knew a lot about water, but it was a long way from the shore. It would take a lot of trouble to swim back. He was so angry that he cursed loudly and jumped repeatedly. Grass is not even the strength to curse, she took a deep breath,Time Delay Faucet, ready to swim. Today's experience is only a few hours, from being surrounded and beaten, being chased and beaten, to jumping into the water, it can be said that the sky and the ground are running all over the street, from the land to the bottom of the water, the changes are incredible, it seems that in the future with this person, absolutely will not be boring. He closed his eyes, kicked hard, and they fell into the water together. After a long time, somewhere on the shore, two figures climbed out of the lake in a mess. Lancelot, whose resilience is unparalleled in the world, shouted abuse as soon as he stood still. The grass leaned against the trees, trying to spit out the lake water in her belly. Her physical strength was ordinary. Several times just now, if Lancelot hadn't reached out for first aid, Time Delay Tap ,stainless steel shower tray, she might have lost her head in the West Lake for no reason. In the middle of a brilliant curse, Lancelot stopped talking, his eyes shining as if he had understood something. "Second brother, I figured out a truth for my brother." "What is the reason?" The grass asked a little timidly, and she was a little afraid of the eldest brother. To be a man, you must make a fortune. Lancelot kept a straight face, as if he were telling a great truth. Nonsense The grass spat out the last mouthful of water, and her whole body was weak. What nonsense. Hum! I tell you, your brother and I have decided to do a big kidnapping case. As he spoke, Lancelot's eyes lit up with ambition and expressed his determination to do so. The grass on one side, hearing this sentence, almost rolled her eyes and fainted on the spot. Go "Where to go?" "Go to the biggest brothel here." "For.." Why go to a brothel? Thinking of Lancelot's intention, the grass was frightened. "Because we are going to make a big case now, we have to go to a safe place, and according to the ancient code of heroes, the most dangerous place is the safest place." Lancelot said with a straight face, "So, the most talkative place is the most secret place. Therefore, we are going to a brothel. Besides, as a man, how can we not see the world?"? Good brother, you say yes! No matter how the grass reacts, just drag her straight. Hello! Don't pull me, I don't want to go, hello. The voice of the grass, like a scream, resounded through the West Lake. The warm sunshine shines on the two men, opening the symphony of turmoil that is about to unfold. Until this time, no one knows how much influence these two men will have on the land of the wind in the future. In the future, there are the following records in the "Anecdotes of the Miscellaneous History of the Wind Continent" compiled by Tiandi Youxue: On June 20, 565, King Lancelot first met Princess Liya by the West Lake. — — — Gengoro (Txt Fiction Paradise Online Library; w w w. X iaoshu otx t. C o m The second chapter is the skillful arrangement of a thousand-mile marriage. [T. Xt small, say [Heaven] El Tieno calendar June 20, 565 El Tieno Kingdom Hangzhou "Where tall buildings can not be drunk, whose red sleeves do not pity each other", counting the world's fireworks, the most talked about is the desert oasis in the Hexi Corridor, Shangri-La, Jinling, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties.. And so on first-class metropolis. (Txt Fiction Paradise Online Library; Since ancient times, the area around the West Lake has been a place of prosperity, where poets and poets, in groups of three or five, attach themselves to elegance, recite and enjoy the wind and moon, accompanied by wine, beautiful singers, soft whispers, fragrant breeze, often spend money like water, leading to heroic deeds, with constant romance,Stainless Steel Toilet Sink Combo, so the fireworks here are very prosperous, dancing pavilions and singing towers, stretching for more than ten miles.


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