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Drunken Doctor (Underbelly Black Attack Healthy Qi by Ancient Jianghu Ghost) Author: Lonely Hotel

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Shang Fang turned a blind eye to it and broke off one or two branches from a nearby tree. I picked up two stones and put them in Chen Feng's arms. I ran to Shang Fang's side and said, "Childe, I'll help." Shang Fang broke off three or four branches. He looked down at me and said with a smile, "No, you'll cut your hand. And that's enough." I was depressed, and I was going to let Shang Fang hold me to climb the tree. There was no hope. Shang Fang looked at the location, and then asked the morning breeze to put the stone he picked up in his designated position, and put the branches in a strange place, I looked at it inexplicably, this is the five elements magic array? My sister looked at it and frowned. After finishing the formation, Shang Fang let us all enter the formation he had made together with the carriage. Finally, a group of people on horseback came from a distance, and finally stopped on the main road in front of us, led by a man dressed in a streamlined thorn, followed by many people. I counted carefully, there are twelve people, really the same as my sister said, and the thirteen people dressed in uniform clothes, dark, but also covered their faces, can not see the appearance. I looked up at Shang Fang, who was now looking at the assassins who were wandering not far away and did not speak. So I looked at the white bamboo, he is more pitiful, was directly hit by the childe dumb point, dry stare at the eyes of the party. The dozen or so people stopped when they reached this vicinity. My sister frowned and looked at Shang Fang,jacuzzi manufacturers, as if to say that she was looking for us. Shang Fang has no expression, just looking at those people. The men in black looked around carefully, and their eyes swept over us. Several of us stood in the open space of the bushes not far away, but those people did not seem to see us, and their eyes did not stay on us. One of the men in the back strolled up to the leader and said, "It's strange that the smell suddenly disappeared here. Could they have found us and hid?" The leader nodded and said, "It's very possible. I've heard that Shang Zheyue is both cautious and cunning. If he's aware of it, he shouldn't be able to escape far. Search everywhere." I looked up, and there was no expression on Shang Fang's face. The gang dismounted and began to search the neighborhood, just as one of them came slowly towards us, holding an iron claw hook tied with a rope in his hand. My body was stiff, and it must be very painful to be caught by that thing. The author has something to say: Top pot cover, the update is coming ~ Chapter 40 Killing "Drunken Doctor" Cold Hotel Chapter 40 Killing I stepped back slightly and bumped into Shang Fang, hot tub spa manufacturers ,Chinese spa manufacturer, who held my shoulder and comforted me silently. So I looked at Shang Fang, who held out the index finger of his other hand to his mouth and made a silent gesture. The man swept the grass a few times with his paws and looked left and right, ignoring us standing in front of him. But I can not help but wonder, we are clearly standing in front of them, how these people can not see it? Suddenly the grass at the man's feet moved, and the iron claw hook on the iron claw man's hand flew faster than his eyes to the movement of the grass. Then I heard an animal scream, I was stunned, my feet could not help but lift, behind me, Shangfang hugged me hard, did not let me make a sound, did not let me move. A small wild boar with yellow and black stripes was hooked out of the grass by the man with iron claws. The claw pierced the belly of the small wild boar. The small wild pig was thrown to the ground by him. Its limbs shook a few times and it could not get up. It cried miserably. That person withdraws claw hook, the blood on swing claw hook forcibly, another person comes over to ask: "What to discover?" "Just a wild boar." Say two people leave this side. I looked at the little wild boar, which was a little smaller than a puppy. The blood on its stomach was slowly turning black. I hugged Shang Fang back and felt sad. The claw hook man was a bad person! "How is it?" Asked the leader. It's not around here. Others reported one after another. Where does this front lead to? The leader continued to ask. There is a fork in the road ahead, one is to Luxing County, the other should be Wuyuan County. "It seems that they were discovered by the other side. Half of them continued to pursue Luxing County. The rest of them went to Wuyuan County with me. They must be killed before they arrived at the county town." With a wave of his hand, the leader divided the black-dressed men into two groups and ran after them. Finally, a dozen people dressed in black were out of our sight. The elder sister looked at the direction of the man in black and wondered, "How on earth did they follow us?" When I saw the dark bad guy leaving, I ran over to see the little boar, but Shang Fang wouldn't let me move. "Don't leave this array first," he said. Confused, Shang Fang ordered Bai Zhu, "Bai Zhu, come here." Bai Zhu said arrogantly, "If you ask me to go there, I'll go there. I'm not my senior fellow apprentice." Bai Zhu sat on the ground, motionless. Don't make a scene! Shang Fang obviously lost his patience. Zhe Yue, you are a bad guy. You will bully people. I will tell Elder Martial Brother Bai Xia. You wait and see. Bai Zhu got up and jumped twice in front of Shang Fang. Shang Fang stretched out his hand and personally untied the rope for Bai Zhu. Bai Zhu regained his freedom and danced with joy. Then he said, "So you're going to let me go. I told you earlier. I knew Zhe Yue was the best. Sure enough, I still like Zhe Yue best." Then he threw himself into Shang Fang's arms. Oh, no, don't touch the childe! I thought Bai Zhu was going to attack Shang Fang and wanted to run over and stop Bai Zhu. My sister looked at me as if the morning breeze was looking at me. Shang Fang didn't let Bai Zhu touch him at all. He lifted Bai Zhu's back collar with one hand and pulled Bai Zhu's clothes with the other hand. Bai Zhu was stunned and his face flurried. He protected his clothes with both hands and kicked Shang Fang with his feet. He shouted in his mouth: "No, Shang Fang Zhe Yue, why do you take off my clothes? What do you want to do in broad daylight?" I asked curiously, "Sister, what are Childe and Bai Zhu doing?" The elder sister did not answer, but looked at the white bamboo in silence, thoughtfully. Bai Zhu said angrily, "Shang Fang Zhe Yue, if you dare to force me,endless pool swim spa, I will definitely.." Said to make a gesture to bite Shang Fang. Shang Fang dodged with ease and then threatened with a smile, "If I say one more word, I will strip you naked and tie you to the trunk." 。


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