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May Fate Smile Upon You CH01 (Digital)
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When the whole world seems to be crumbling to pieces, you may find yourself overwhealmed by a feeling of hopelessness. "What does it matter if I try to help someone? It won't stop the suffering of millions of others". The seeming pointlessness of it all makes it hard for you to do anything. And yet you perform "pointless acts of kindness", like picking up an old, worn-down jester doll on the streets. Only for it to string to life

May Fate Smile Upon You is a story about Astra, a young queer middle schooler finding a way to cope and overcome a seemingly unending sense of doom and remain kind and caring.

This digital download includes a 59-page full-color comic (cover included), a four-page afterword section and another four pages of concept art and references with commentary.

EDIT FEB 18, 2021: Fixed a minor typo on Page 20 and did a minor edit

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Hiya, I'm Kaninchenbau, a queer European who specializes in drawing magical girl comics and other fun/cutesy stuff!

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