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"Falling Awake" Comic (PayWhatYouWant - suggest $9)
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An 83 page, full-color Graphic Novel adventure.

"Two girls from literally different worlds: one, a bizarre world of fantasy and danger, the other, a small town in rural America. But each night, they dream of each other's lives. Things get stranger yet when they notice details from their dreams in their waking lives, leading them down a road towards an incredible discovery..."

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About the Creator

Meff Illustrations

New Creator

Carl Mefferd, or "MEFF", is a comic artist and illustrator living in Olympia, Washington. He's a graduate from the Center for Cartoon Studies in Vermont, and has fully illustrated the high seas adventure "Doctor Atlantis," as well as his own webcomic "JoyRiders", and most recently, "Falling Awake."

He loves cartoons and rarely acting his age.