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Although it has not gone through for several years, this difficulty is still small for Ye Bing. Doubao grabbed his father's hand, stared at his big eyes and forgot to breathe, feeling more nervous than soup dumplings. Chu Zhe comforted his son's little hand, "Mother used to go hunting every day to cross the bridge, so she is very familiar with, mother is very powerful." Ye Bing put down the soup dumplings and asked him to wait here. Soup dumplings and bean dumplings waved and asked him to come quickly. When the bean bag passed, the two little brothers held hands and chattered again. Be good. Don't go to the bridge. I'll pick up Dad. Ye Bing touched the heads of the two steamed buns. Does dad still need mom to hold him? Soup dumplings look incredulous. Dad's balance is not as good as mom's. Ye Bing also explained that she knew that her husband was very face-saving in front of her sons. Chu Zhe is also entangled in the heart, is oneself climb over, or let the daughter-in-law embrace the past? In the end, he was carried by his daughter-in-law, mainly because the basket was too inconvenient. The family of four went directly to Granduncle's place, and Uncle Lin was also there. Uncle Lin had never been out of Heiniutun these days, and the other family invited him after dinner. Heiniutun is a relative of my family. Uncle Lin must invite me to dinner when he comes back for such a long time. This is the tape recorder I bought for you. It can play a tape or something, and it can also be used as a radio. Ye Bing didn't buy anything else, and the supplements were not as good as the mountain treasures. As for tobacco and alcohol, the old man is old, so she should not "help a tyrant to do evil". So after thinking about it, technology products are the most suitable. It's a good thing. Granduncle knows you're not short of money. I'll take it. The old man has a box,aluminum tile trim, but it doesn't look as good as this one. Ye Bing asked, "Granduncle, now that times have changed, have you ever thought about repairing bridges?"? Let our village be open to traffic. Ye Dad has feelings for the three brigades, so he wants Chu Zhe to recruit workers in the three brigades, and the master wants to repay the three brigade and repair the bridge for them. Ye Bing actually has more feelings for Heiniutun, so she wants to make it more convenient for the people in the village. It's a good idea to repair the bridge. The outside world has been turned upside down. If young people are willing to go out and have a look, they can consider going to our factories in Shanghai and Guangdong. Granduncle is not an old-fashioned person. He is more receptive to new things than young people. "When I chatted with Man Jin (Uncle Lin),tile profile factory, I knew that we were too backward. I couldn't understand a lot of what he said. The younger generation had to go out to make a living. Even if we failed to guard the house for them, we couldn't starve to death these days. I went home and asked who would like to go.". As for the bridge, I'll sum it up with a few old people. Ye Bing nodded, "when the bridge is connected, there will be electricity and running water.". If Tunli agrees, I'll pay for the bridge. Her family used to live on the prey of Niutou Mountain, and people can't forget their roots. Seeing that Granduncle wanted to refuse, Chu Zhe helped his daughter-in-law to speak, "Granduncle, our master donated a road to the three brigades, from the village to the county town, and then transferred the professional engineering team to come over. By the way, it is not difficult to repair the bridge. After that, tile trim manufacturers ,aluminium tile trim profiles, our village can also go directly to the county town." Granduncle listened and was more inclined to repair the bridge. They didn't stay much longer, mainly because the two steamed stuffed buns couldn't sit still and were waiting to go hunting. It's 8:24 in the morning. We're going to move fast. Show your speed. Ye Bing wants to see the amount of exercise of the steamed stuffed buns. The first twenty minutes were a trot, then it slowed down, and by the end it was a bit of a gasp. Can you still walk? Ye Bing asked them, "It's too close to Heiniutun. There are few animals here. We have to go farther to hunt." Soup dumplings wipe sweat, "Mom, we need to rest for a while, I am a little thirsty." Doubao also nodded, the original hunting is not fun, so tired ah. Chu Zhe was so distressed that he quickly took out the kettle and handed it to his son. "Drink slowly. Let's rest for ten minutes." Ye Bing heard the voice of Suo Suo, hey. A young cauliflower snake is only more than one meter long. The cauliflower snake, also known as the king snake, is a snake without poison. Afraid of snakes or insects in the grass, Ye Bing asked the steamed buns to pull the grass with sticks. Although she was there, even if the snake could be found in advance, Ye Bing let her sons take it and told them how to do it. She could not always be around the children, so that they could learn how to walk in the mountains and forests, which was more meaningful than picnics. Would you like to try hunting for yourselves? Ye Bing asked two steamed stuffed buns. Hit what? Soup dumplings found, hunting, picnic and he thought are not the same, the little head is very smart, did not directly promise his mother, and first ask to understand. A small, harmless snake. You don't have to touch it. Use your sticks. Ye Bing saw his sons eager to try, "hit it seven inches, that is, such a long distance below the head, well, I get the snake over, don't be afraid, it is not poisonous and very small, the damage is very limited." Chu Zhe also cheered for the steamed buns, "Come on, sons!"! It's up to you whether we have snake meat for our picnic. Ye Bing also used a stick to pick up the snake, and then retreated to one side, she had to watch, one is afraid that the snake will bite the steamed buns, and the other is to prevent the snake from escaping. Soup dumplings luck, "brother, I hit it first." The bean bag stood on the other side. "Brother, let's come together." The two men held sticks around the snake and did not beat it down. Ye Bing and Chu Zhe did not urge them, but only encouraged them. Just take the first step out. The soup dumpling raised the stick and shouted, "Fight!" The two men put down their sticks together. Because of nervousness or inaccurate aiming, the two men hit the snake,stainless steel edging strip, far away from the key point. The cauliflower snake bit at the soup dumpling and was hit on the head by the bean dumpling. Although the two steamed stuffed buns were poorly targeted, they acted tacitly and cooperated well, and finally spent more than ten minutes to complete the first hunt.


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"There is an open space behind the wine shop," said the Golden Dragon Monk. "Almsgiver Xia will move forward and you will see it." Xia Shaoyou sneered and said, "Ask this man to see me. I don't have time to see him." The whole dragon monk only smiled and had no intention of getting angry. He stood there quietly, with tiny eyes. After a while, he was still silent. Xia Shaoyou stood up and said, "Master Jinlong, please lend me a way. I'm just going out." Monk Quan Long's eyes suddenly flashed and he said, "All right, Almsgiver Xia, please." Although he promised in his mouth, his body did not move, and the three big men in black behind him, because they stood side by side, simply blocked the way to the door, where could they pass. With a snort in his nose, Xia Shaoyou was about to leave his seat and walk when suddenly his hands were being held. He looked down and saw that it was Ai Hua and yuan Li, each on one side, grabbing his palm. He frowned and said, "Let go. I'll see if they give way." "Sit down," he whispered. "I have something to say to you." "Don't get angry," said yuan Li. "Listen to us before you make any plans." Xia Shaoyou sat down and said, "Even if you recognize the origin of the Golden Dragon Monk, it's too late to tell me now." "No, not necessarily too late," said Edward. "Even if we give in," exclaimed Xia Shaoyou, "it won't help." yuan Li said softly, "This man may not be from the Wisdom Gate." Xia Shaoyou was greatly surprised and said, "I'm afraid there is such a thing!" Ai Hua said, "Just now I talked with yuan Li with the wood of the secret transmission of my heart. This golden dragon is probably not a person in the door of wisdom." "Then who ordered him to come?" Asked Xia Shaoyou. yuan Li lowered her voice and said, "Of course I came here on the orders of the Patriarch." Xia Shaoyou knew that the old patriarch in her mouth was the national teacher of wisdom who founded the Gate of Wisdom. "Isn't it the same?" The Buddha said. "Different, different,heavy duty cantilever racks," said Aihua. "If he hadn't been ordered to deal with you, it would have been all right if you hadn't provoked him." "He said he was looking for us," said yuan Li. "Just don't mess with him." "What about you?" Asked Xia Shaoyou? Can you handle him? "I'm afraid it's hard to deal with," said Edward. yuan Li said, "If the Patriarch sends him to deal with me and Ai Hua, of course we can't deal with it." "Since you can't handle it," said Xia Shaoyou, "what shall I do? Shall I let you fall into his hands and not be heard of? Ai Hua said, "Of course not. Our view is that you can rest assured to deal with other people first. As for me and yuan Li, nothing will happen in a moment." "If you can't handle the other people," said yuan Li, "it's no use for us to pass the Golden Dragon Monk." Xia Shaoyou said, "You mean you want me to go to the restaurant first to meet another enemy, don't you?" Ai Hua and yuan Li nodded together, and Xia Shaoyou could not help pondering. Chen Yangbai said softly to Zhen Xiaoping, "Oh, wire mesh decking ,push back racking system, Xia Shaoyou, they're going to fall into the trap!" "Oh, what did you hit?" Zhen Xiaoping exclaimed. "I've never heard of Xia Shaoyou," said Chen Yangbai, "but his eyes and voice have shown that he has outstanding martial arts for a time. It's no wonder that even the wise national teacher has to deal with such people carefully. "What are they going to fall for?" Asked Zhen Xiaoping. "I don't know yet," said Chen Yangbai, "but one thing is certain, that is, the reaction of Xia Shaoyou, Ai Hua, yuan Li, and others was completely within the expectation of the national teacher of wisdom." "Let's think of a way to warn them," said Ji Xiaoping. Is it good? Chen Yangbai shook his head and said, "It's no use, unless you and I together can have the strength of a super master.". This is beyond the expectation of the wise national teacher, so that the whole situation can be reversed and the defeat can be turned into victory. Zhen Xiaoping felt that his words were so reasonable that he could not help worrying about his eyebrows and having nothing to say. Chen Yangbai sighed and said, "If Jie Dao Tou Tuo were here, it would be easy to handle." "Oh," said Zhen Xiaoping, "it's a pity that Master Jie Dao has gone away. If he had been here, the Gate of Wisdom would have been defeated today. ” "Master Jie Dao is here," said Chen Yangbai. "I will advise him to stay in the shop and wait for Xia Shaoyou to go out alone. Then he will deal with Jin Longyu and replace Ai Hua and Guoli. Let them also rush to help Xia Shaoyou. Zhen Xiaoping exclaimed, "Why do you want to make such an arrangement?" Chen Yangbai said: "Because this whole dragon hate is specially to deal with Ai Hua, yuan Li two daughters, replaced by someone else, this is the first step to make the wisdom of the national teacher miscalculated.". Secondly, Ai Hua and yuan Li went to help Xia Shaoyou, which was the second step to make the wisdom teacher miscalculate. But the most miscalculated thing about the national teacher of wisdom is that Youyang is here to devise strategies. He looked at Dou Shaoyou and said, "Look, Xia Shaoyou has been persuaded by the two girls. In my opinion, the two girls, Ai Hua and yuan Li, must be people from the door of wisdom." Zhen Xiaoping was shocked and said, What? Are they under the door of wisdom? Does Xia Shaoyou know? Chen Yangbai nodded and said, "Of course he knows. Don't worry." These two girls won't hurt Xia Shaoyou. Xia Shaoyou got up and left his seat again, but went to the back window. Zhen Hsiao-ping felt anxious and whispered, "Yang Bai, no! He's going to the back of the store.". There are two people left here, Wenhua and yuanli. Chen Yangbai sighed and said, "I have no way to think about it." Suddenly seeing Wenhua, yuanli, and the bookboy Xiaoshu, they got up together and caught up with Xia Shaoyou. "What are you doing?" Xia Shaoyou exclaimed. Wenhua smiled sweetly and said, "We'll accompany you to the back and have a look." Xia Shaoyou looked at the Golden Dragon Monk at the door in amazement, only to see the white and comely monk, whose eyes were like knives, staring intently at Chen Yangbai and Zhen Xiaoping. This moment young and handsome men and women, Xia Shaoyou has noticed, he has something on his own, so as long as Chen Yangbai, Zhen Xiaoping did not change, Xia Shaoyou is not willing to provoke. But now the situation has changed greatly. It seems that the Golden Dragon Monk has no time to deal with Ai Hua and yuan Li because of this young boyfriend. Chen Yangbai smiled at the Golden Dragon Monk and said,heavy duty cantilever racks, "Why are you looking at me like this, Master?" The Golden Dragon Monk snorted, "What's your name?" 。