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Shadowless chivalrous doctor

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His wrist shook, the lancet buzzed, and he pulled a knife flower. Bang, bang, bang, "Straight chop and horizontal chop made seven strokes in succession. The light of the blue knife immediately wrapped around Guan Ye's short body. The strength of the knife made Guan Ye breathless." Bang! The sound of a Gong was clear and short. The sound startled the spectators on both sides. Eh! Why did Master Guan strike the Gong? Immediately after, "bang, bang, bang" six rings, everyone knew that Guan Ye used the Gong as a shield to block Xia Gang's lancet. Bang! There's another ring. This ring is different from before, the sound is long, this is Guan Ye himself knocking. After this knock, I saw that the small mallet in Guan Ye's right hand was like a shortened judge's pen, specially pointing at the major points of the enemy's whole body, and the small Gong in his left hand, in addition to being used as a shield, turned over, buckled, smashed, and threw at the opponent's head, wrist, or shoulder. It turned out that the household goods of Guan Ye's monkey show had become a wonderful strange weapon in his hands. In the fierce struggle, both sides are absorbed and undistracted. This sudden sound of a Gong, the most can disturb the other side of the mind, a minute of the mind,Inflatable outdoor park, the Gong hammer will take advantage of the gap and enter, all holes are drilled. The opponent was in a hurry. Xia Gang has been in Jianghu for thirty years, and he has rarely met an opponent in his life. Although he and Guan Ye had never met before, Guan Ye's fame had spread far and wide, and he had heard of him for a long time. Guan Ye was very senior in the martial arts world, and he didn't show his martial arts easily. Although Xia Gang was talking big, he didn't dare to take it lightly, so he used the killer as soon as he came up. Unexpectedly, Guan Laoer lived up to his reputation and actually struck a small Gong to play with monkeys to fight with him,large inflatable water slide, which made his anger rise and he flew into a rage. He raised 80% of his strength in time, and a lancet flew like a whirlwind, making all the vicious moves to cut the vital points. Guan Ye, on the other hand, was like a sensitive ape, leaping high and low, leaping freely in the chaos of the sword, and from time to time striking a Gong, which shocked Xia Gang's ears. The confrontation between the two masters was different from the previous ones, which was supposed to be fierce and thunderous. However, the two men were extremely fast at first, just like the drills they were very familiar with at ordinary times, and there was no danger. Later, the moves gradually slowed down, and even one move changed without finishing the other move. It was like two acquaintances learning skills from each other. One move had just been used. The other side said that if he knew, he would change another move. However, the expression of two people is unusually dignified. Master Guan no longer laughed, nor did he strike the Gong in his hand. Xia Gang in the use of another move, inflatable air dancer ,Inflatable 5k obstacle, simply horizontal knife in the chest. No longer, he just stared at Guan Ye, his face ferocious and pale. At this time, however, Guan Ye slowly raised a small Gong. As soon as the mallet struck, there was a'bang 'sound, like a hundred big gongs striking together, which shocked people's hearts. People with poor skills on both sides could not afford it. They covered their ears in a hurry, and their hearts were beating and shaking. Xia Gang saw sweat on his forehead, clenched his teeth and raised his hand, only to hear a loud whistling sound, and a group of thieves swarmed up, which turned out to be the face of a group fight. Xia Gang again wielded a sword to kill Guan Ye, and another middle-aged man in his thirties used a green steel sword. Extremely deep skill, also to Guan Ye attack. Li Jianxin knew that this man was Shangguan Long, the Lord of the Blue Charm. He had seen him in the room of Yu Qiaofeng in the East Tianmu Mountain. Seeing that he was extraordinary, he was worried that Guan Ye had made a mistake. He was about to do it, but was stopped by Yu Qiaofeng, the Lord of the Red Charm. Yu Qiaofeng said, "I have to offend you tonight. Who told you not to come to your senses?" He said light words in his mouth, but he was not ambiguous in his hands. His body fluttered lightly, and as soon as he lifted his slender hand, he pointed a beautiful onion finger at Li Jianxin's Yintang acupoint. It means that it has not arrived, and it means that the strength of the wind is pressing between the eyebrows. Li Jianxin nodded his head and dodged gently. He slipped a foot to the side and replied with ease, "Madam, why do you do this?"? It doesn't matter if this female power doesn't come out. "Is it?"? We don't want to be like this either. It's all forced by the childe. What can we do? Said this sentence, under the hand has changed three strokes, the lotus foot also kicks out two feet. "Oh, madam, show mercy. Dongtianmu is skinny from hunger and hasn't recovered yet!" "No, you haven't lost your power. You really pretend to be like that!" The two of them talked as if they were old friends who had met, and they had endless stories of their daily life. On this side, Tiansha Star and Song Star were fighting against the Dragon Slayer Monk. The two of them gnashed their teeth and decided to compete. Kim Han-doo is still fighting with the black-clad demon Jang Tae-chun. Wei Songbai, the magic whip, fought against Zhen Qiankun and Wang Guoan. Chang Shuyu fought with Li Degui. Chang Meiyu fought fiercely with two warriors in red. Jin Lishu, Gao Wei, Shu Ping, Chun Tao, Qiu He and Zhao Kui were surrounded by three or four men in red, blue and black. Each of these warriors was not weak in skill, and they only had the power to parry and had no power to fight back. Besides, Yu Qiaofeng and Li Jianxin. When Yu Qiaofeng saw that the opponent was really fierce, she changed her moves and suddenly jumped up ten feet, like a big bird. She jumped down from the air and poked Li Jianxin's eyes with two fingers. Before the moves were old, she suddenly pulled in her abdomen and shrank her feet and leaned back. A pair of lotus feet suddenly kicked the heart of the sword. The speed of these two moves is amazing. If you change the first-class master in Jianghu, you can't escape this kick. However, Li Jianxin is not a first-class master. I'm afraid he's the best of the best. Just as the two lotus feet were about to step on the chest, Kenshin's figure disappeared. Yu Qiaofeng was startled and knew it was not good. He immediately pulled in his abdomen and curled up his legs. He suddenly took a breath of True Qi. He quickly turned upside down and landed twenty feet away. Only then did he see Li Jianxin facing Guan Ye and turning his back to her. She was so angry that she stamped her lotus feet. Leap up and punch Kenshin in the back. Kenshin suddenly turned around and pointed at her wrist. Yu Qiaofeng immediately changed her fist into a claw and buckled the heart of the sword and bent her elbow. Li Jianxin launches a battle with the evil hand. He intends to try the strange martial arts of the four evil birds. How powerful are they? There is a good way to crack them. When Yu Qiaofeng saw that the other side was no longer dodging, she was secretly pleased and took the opportunity to display her unique skills. She looked like a fierce bird spreading its wings to attack. Her claws, fingers, palms, elbows, knees and feet were all used skillfully and freely. She was as strong as thunder, moving forward and backward, as fast as lightning. Her moves were one after another,inflatable castle with slide, continuous, as tight as the wind, so fast that people were dazzled and overwhelmed.


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