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"This is the shame of a killer," said Zhu Yu. "They want to kill people, but they are afraid of being killed. No matter how powerful the sword is, it can't be used in their hands." "Isn't Mr. Zhu afraid of being killed when he competes with others?" Zhu Yu said proudly, "If I compete with others with a sword, I will concentrate on it. My body will be in the sword, and my mind will be in harmony with the sword. I will not consider the question of life and death at all." "Good," he said with a smile! Wen Ling Gao Lun knew that Zhu Gongzi had won the Samadhi in the sword. He was lucky in the future and hoped to learn from Zhu Gongzi. Good-bye! He arched his hand. "Are you leaving, Brother Yu?" Asked Zhu Yu. "Yes!"! Thank you very much for your generous gift. Goodbye. Now I will take the girl home. "What!"! Brother Yu is going to send her home, not to stay here? "Why do you stay here?" "Brother gave her to Brother Yu to wait on Brother Yu." "I am a wanderer, and I never want to be waited on.". It's not convenient to take one person. It's better for her to go home. "Brother Yu doesn't have to take her to travel. This place is already a guest house for Brother Yu. Brother Yu can leave her here." "Mr. Zhu's kindness is impressive," said Yu Rang. "But Yu Rang is an unappreciative person. I appreciate Mr. Zhu's kindness." "Brother Yu," said Zhu Yu, "is he disdainful of being patronized?" "It's a pity that Mr. Zhu wants to think so. Although Mr. Zhu has a Chinese house to wait for, he has no intention of living in it." This is a flat refusal. All of a sudden, Zhu Yu felt very embarrassed. After a pause, he said, "Zhu is prepared to wait for you just to show his respect for his elder brother. Naturally, he has the right not to live. It's just that this woman.". A brother is ready to be placed in his guest house. "Before that, Zhu Gongzi had made any disposal, but since he had been given a gift, how to settle her was a matter of pre-concession." Zhu Yu said with a sneer, "If Brother Yu wants to take her anywhere, he can't interfere, but he can't send her home. In that case, Brother Yu will win the name of a chivalrous man, but his brother will be a villain." "Mr. Zhu can say that," he said with a burst of laughter. I shouldn't have brought this girl. Zhu Yu's expression changed,die casting parts, and he also realized his slip of the tongue. Bring Mo Ji from home, the original is her father signed a contract, due not to pay the money to the daughter, is also Mo lie himself promised, there is a contract as a basis, this is undeniable, Zhu Yu just act according to the contract, understandable. But he inadvertently said a word, was allowed to hold the handle, as if to admit that it is a despicable act. For a moment,deep draw stamping, he felt very embarrassed, gawking at the pre-let with Mo Ji walked forward, unexpectedly at a loss, of course, he was not willing to let the pre-let so to take people away, but the dignity of a swordsman made him unable to pull down his face to stop them, because after all, he was a man of status, not a street rogue. So he just opened his mouth, but he didn't make a sound. But they did not really go out of the door, they just went to the corner door, was blocked by a person, that is a very ordinary person. Ordinary dress, ordinary appearance, is the kind of person who can be seen in the street at any time, but even if he has seen it five or six times, he still won't remember it. This person is really too ordinary, but at the moment it gives a never ordinary impression, because this person blocked the door, Magnetic Drain Plug ,Steel investment casting, unexpectedly made the forerunner stop, curiously looking at this unremarkable middle-aged man. The moon cave door is very wide, the widest part is more than ten feet wide, but the middle-aged man's body is very narrow, less than two feet wide. Even if he was in the middle, he might not be able to block the way, but he stopped in advance, and stopped in front of him. The man's hands were empty, and there was no sign of a weapon on his body, but he could send out an invisible resistance to block the concession. Of course! This kind of resistance does not actually exist, it is just a mutual induction between the masters. Feel it. If you take another step forward, you will be threatened by the other side, just like the evil spirit contained in the body. The middle-aged man, on the other hand, opened his mouth first. With a very polite hand, he said, "Master Yu, my surname is Gongsun, and my humble name is Wu, Wu of Wutong.". ” "What can I do for you, Mr. Gongsun?" He asked with folded fists. "I don't deserve it," said Gongsun Wu with a smile! I, Mr. Zhu of Meng Shaodong, will not abandon me. I am the manager of the inner house. I just heard the dispute between me and Daxia. Because I am in charge of my duties, I would like to give some advice to Daxia. "That's very kind of you, Mr. Gongsun. What can I do for you?" Gongsun Wu smiled and said, "You can't take this woman named Mo with you, Daxia." "This woman has been granted by Zhu Gongzi, and she is already the one who has given up." "I know this. As a manager, I naturally know these things. I admire Daxia as a contemporary wonder, so I open a room in advance. No matter whether Daxia comes or not, the room will be reserved for Daxia." "When Mr. Zhu saw the kindness of love, he was very grateful, but he was lazy by nature and could not get used to such a luxurious life. He could only appreciate the kindness." "Open the room to wait, just to show my respect. It doesn't matter whether Daxia Yu lives or not, but this maid, Daxia Yu, can't be taken away." "Oh!"! Why is that? You know, sir, she's mine. Master Yu, if you live in that house, she is your person. If you don't live in that house, he is also your person, unless my Lord announces that the owner of that house has changed. This matter can be given up, because when the maid was bought, she was placed in Jianlu, specially for serving Daxia, just like the bedding in the room, specially for Daxia! "Can you make it clear, sir?" He asked, frowning. "I've made it clear enough," said Gongsun Wu with a smile. "Although Moji was given to me as a gift, it was only to serve Daxia, not to give her to Daxia. Daxia may not have much experience as a guest, so I'm not very clear. There are a lot of rich and powerful families, when entertaining guests to live, there are special Ji people, pointing out the gift, but also only during the period of staying guests to serve one person, the guests left,CNC machining parts, they are still returned to the host. "There is such a thing," he said, raising his eyebrows. "This is not a transfer from the next Hu. You can ask others in advance. This is a rule that everyone knows." Give way in advance: "In advance some do not know!" 。


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