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"I was so surprised that I was sweating profusely. I continued to read. Fortunately, the last page of the book described the method of detoxification. I drank a few pairs of decoction, but the poisonous gas had to slowly disperse from my face. If there was no protection at all, my face would be worn through the skin. Even if I was shy, my appearance would become like a devil." Trembling with fear, I stared at her in a daze. She continued with a wry smile, "But it's not impossible. Just make a mask and wear it all day according to the book, and you can keep your appearance." "How long will it take?" I asked anxiously. "That's what I don't like about you. I've been wearing it for ten years since I first got involved in poison!"! After that, even if you get involved in this poison again, it won't matter. I shook myself and almost fainted. She shook my hand gently and comforted me by saying, "You have put the antidote in your food before, and the poison will begin to disperse from your face in a few days, as long as …" Just wear this, too. I was so angry that I took the mask and looked at it for a moment. I tore it to pieces and threw it away. I was sad and angry: "I didn't do anything guilty, so I didn't wear this kind of thing." She patted me on the back and said with tears in her eyes, "It's really hard for you.". I have been wearing it for more than ten years, and I always feel that one day I really want to get rid of it, but I can't face my past sins. Now that the knot in my heart has been solved, I am willing to get rid of it. When you wear it, the old people will not recognize you, which is not a bad thing. My mind moved slightly, secretly pinching fingers to calculate, thinking of nearly ten years from Yin Zhen's great cause, during this period, if he knew that I had escaped death, the original pains would not be in vain? Such a soul-stirring, life-and-death struggle to deal with is already frightened, if the heart is distracted, will fall to pieces,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, how can I be willing to give up? How can you give up? Ten years can be very long, can also be very short, since can not meet with him, wear a mask so what? Of all the people in the world, who is full of sincerity? I swallowed my tears and smiled. She stared at me with her eyes wide open. Seeing that I was no longer miserable, she said, "It seems that you are an open-minded person." "If I had been narrow-minded, I would have died hundreds of times." "But you don't have to feel sorry for yourself. As the saying goes, when you lose something, you get something. This mask is ugly, but it has a miraculous effect. Ten years later,brushless gear motor, when you see your sweetheart again, you are still as young as yesterday. These ten years of suffering are not in vain." "No wonder you." She looked at me angrily, and her cheeks were dizzy. As expected, she was bright and elegant. I couldn't help looking at her, thinking that she was so charming that she was rare in the world. She was infatuated and not pretentious. No wonder she made people make mistakes and died for her. She seemed to have figured out what was on my mind. She reached out her hand and pinched me on the side of my face. She smiled and joked, "My sister is so beautiful, but there is a bit of evil between her eyebrows. Anyone with a discerning eye can see that your behavior is more perverse than mine. You are very difficult to deal with!"! Really do not know who can make you so dead set, in the end is the gentleman of the villain, or the gentleman of the villain? But it must be pity and indulgence for you. I shrugged and smiled noncommittally. Talking with her for a long time, as if back to the past, happy, there is a feeling of meeting too late. The next afternoon, she gathered a group of female disciples in the valley in the hall, explained, and then let them disperse, leaving only a few personal servants to take care of their daily life. In private, he told me to stay here for the time being. After all, it is more peaceful and happy than the outside world. A weak woman with a child is living in Jianghu. Besides, there are a lot of precious medicinal materials in this deep valley. After a few months, they can be used to recuperate the body. I thought for a moment and felt that her advice was reasonable, small geared motors ,Brushless Gear Motor, so I answered. Naturally, she was overjoyed and gave me all the rare treasures in the valley. Just then I was suddenly enlightened and said with a sigh, "It turns out that the swordsmen in Jianghu in ancient times were bold and uninhibited. They made their way in Jianghu, but they didn't work. They had such a huge economic foundation as the backing. No wonder they treated money like dirt, were aloof and lonely, and were charming and elegant. It made many young girls fall in love with each other, and made a good story through the ages!" Another day later, she led me into the boudoir. After holding hands and giving me some advice, she said sadly, "Not long after we met, we felt like old friends at first sight. Now we are going to break up. I don't know if we are destined to meet again in the future." I pulled my lips slightly, but my voice was choked with sobs. "When you go back, you must restrain your temper and not repeat the same mistakes. When you meet again, no matter where you are, I will be happy for you." With tears in her eyes, she nodded vigorously. I turned and backed out of the door, thinking a lot, and walked towards the garden. Wandering around for a few hours, she walked to her boudoir again, and sure enough, it was empty, leaving only a few wisps of fragrance. The gold and silver treasures in the valley were carefully counted for half a month before they were registered, and they were as rich as a country. Because I was so busy in the dark before, I didn't feel uncomfortable at all when I put on the mask. Every day when I faced the stranger in the mirror, my heart was like water. Although I could not avoid feeling sad and melancholy, after all, I was gradually far away from the great sorrow and joy, but also leisurely and carefree. Think of their own this soul-stirring adventure, whenever encounter disaster, through life and death, wealth will increase a point, who do not know whether God is annoyed with me, or pity me? Perhaps I am neither good nor bad, neither good nor evil, so that he loves and hates it? But no matter the joy and interest, the bitterness of parting, how the hand of fate fiddles, after several times of cold and heat, these have precipitated into "history", recording my growth, my love and hate. Fire escape, although it is fortunate, but left a faint trace behind the waist, exhausted the elixir in the valley, still cold with light, more and more incompatible with the skin around the body. That day idle and bored, casually picked up the book, turned out to be "Three Kingdoms", recalling the original scene, Yin Zhen's surprise, insolence and tolerance, can not help but dumb. In his heart, I should live in Tianyuan, right? Although he could not find my bones, he should believe that my soul was still beside him, and he could feel that I had looked through his eyes for him. Breeze blowing, the book to the ground, hurriedly bent over to pick up, temporarily forgot the back of the waist is still applied medicine, medicine bag "Pa" fell on the ground, emitting a room of strange fragrance. Sighed lightly, in the heart secretly dispute after no longer use these drugs, waste in the second,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, since there is no effect, it is better to give up as soon as possible. Suffering from the pain of separation in my heart, I had a flash of inspiration at the moment. I looked at the scar behind my waist in the mirror and immediately had an idea.


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