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Dandy Genius of Power (Power)

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On your knees! Kowtow, admit your mistake, call grandpa, maybe I'll spare your life! Yang Xiyu looked proudly at Jin Mengjie, Lan Muxue and Shangguan Xiner, as if to say, look at your man, but he is a loser. But to his regret, the three girls seemed to have no expression. Lan Muxue pulled Jin Mengjie to sit directly on the sofa, looking like she was watching a good show. And Shangguan Xiner jumped directly into the kitchen, and soon ran out again, holding a bag of popcorn in her hand, sitting on the edge of the sofa, pulling Jin Mengjie: "Come, come, Jiejie, I didn't miss the show!" "No, the show hasn't started yet." "Oh, oh, that's good, pop the popcorn!" Yang Xiyu all froze, the heart way: "These girls are not neuropathy, see rob unexpectedly can still be so calm?"? Where does Yang Xiyu know,ghana seed extract, let alone rob, this is only a small scene, the bigger scene they have seen several. At this time, Zhang Dajiang hoped that Jun Haotian could do it according to Yang Xiyu's meaning, so that he could at least turn a big thing into a small one. As for Jun Hao's revenge in the future, it can only go to Yang Xiyu, the sky is falling down with the director, he can't control it. I hate it when people point guns at me! Jun Haotian said disdainfully,naringenin price, while actually lighting a cigarette, as if very leisurely. Is it? I'll point a gun at you. What can you do with me? Yang Xiyu said proudly, heart way: "You install, small sample, I let you in the installation.". Jun Haotian smoked slowly: "I bet you dare not shoot!" " "Oh, is it?" Yang Xiyu stared at Jun Haotian. Zhang Dajiang was shocked. "What time is it?" He asked. "Aren't you provoking him?"? You really don't want to die. Dignity is worth a few yuan. If you die, any money will be useless. Just when Yang Xiyu was stunned, Jun Haotian suddenly took out his wallet from his body and pulled out a piece of Grandpa Mao. Hahaha, you want to bribe me? A hundred yuan to buy your life, is your life so worthless? Yang Xiyu laughed crazily. Jun Haotian shook his head and said, "No, it's not a bribe.". It's a bet. I bet you don't shoot. A hundred bucks. If you shoot, the hundred yuan is yours. If you don't shoot, you lose a hundred yuan to me! The policemen were petrified, while Zhang Dajiang muttered to himself in direct fear: "Madman, he is a madman!" Without waiting for Yang Xiyu to speak, carnosic acid price ,best green coffee bean extract, Jun Haotian once again took out a piece of Grandpa Mao and said jokingly, "a gambling game is not a gambling game. Let's have two games. I bet there are no bullets in your pistol!"! If you dare to shoot, if you have bullets, I will die, and I will lose you 200 yuan. If we don't have bullets, we don't win or lose! But vilify said in the front, this young master does not like the person who shoots at me, even if there is no bullet in his gun. Now Yang Xiyu is really going crazy. He has never seen such a person as Jun Haotian. He doesn't play by the rules at all. He's a complete madman. By this time the gun in Yang Xiyu's hand had already begun to tremble, and he really didn't dare to shoot. But in this room, not only Jun Haotian is a madman, but also Jin Mengjie seems to be a demon. What a bore! "Jiejie, Xiner," said Lan Muxue niftily, "why don't we gamble, too?" "I bet this guy was dead when he went out," said Blue Snow. Jin Mengjie lowered her head and said hesitantly, "I'll bet a little less. I'll bet he'll lose a hand when he goes out." These police suddenly a chill, these a few so beautiful girls actually take this as a bet, unexpectedly do not put their own these police in the eye. Jiejie, Xiaoxue, you are so bloody! Shangguan Xiner muttered. The policemen breathed a sigh of relief and said to themselves, "Fortunately, there is a more normal one.". Without waiting for them to be happy, I heard Shangguan Xiner jump up and say, "I bet he must have turned into a human stick when he went out!" The policemen felt a chill again. "Am I here to handle the case? Why do I seem to be in a wolf's den?" They asked. What is a human stick? Jin Mengjie was puzzled. A human stick! Shangguan Xiner pretended to keep him in suspense and said, "The human stick is to cut off all his limbs and not let him die!" "Why, Xiner, you're disgusting!" Jin Mengjie hurriedly said. Hearing the discussion of the three girls, Yang Xiyu's hands were in a cold sweat, and his eyes were already beginning to fear. The grab in the hand kept trembling. Jun Haotian sneered and shook Grandpa Mao in his hand and said, "Well, little policeman, can we start?" Chapter 959 call grandma. Although Yang Xiyu is a second-generation official and has done a lot of absurd things, he has never seen such a madman as Jun Haotian. Not to mention that Yang Xiyu has never seen it, even if Zhang Dajiang has been handling cases for so many years, he has never seen such a madman as Jun Haotian. It can be said that in the eyes of them and even the entire police force, Jun Dashao is an out-and-out, complete madman. What's the matter, little cop? Wasn't it heroic just now? Are you afraid now? Jun Dashao jokingly looked at Yang Xiyu with a cold sweat on his face. Shangguan Xiner, the little girl, was also on one side, fearing that there would be no chaos in the world. "Yes, yes," she said, "I dare not even fire a gun. What kind of cop am I? What a shame! "Xiner!" Jin Mengjie hurriedly stared at Shangguan Xiner, Jin Mengjie and Lan Muxue and Shangguan Xiner are different, she is a good girl, really afraid of what happened. Zhang Dajiang also said helplessly in his heart: "This is really a young lady, who doesn't treat human life as human life!"! Who says I dare not! I'll show you! Yang Xiyu was obviously stimulated by Shangguan Xiner and shouted angrily. People's courage is limited, but most people will become bolder when they are stimulated by the outside world. Especially when she was humiliated by such a beautiful girl as Shangguan Xiner. Yang Xiyu pulled the trigger and said angrily, "I don't believe it. I'll show you if I dare." Yang Xiyu,turmeric extract powder, calm down! Zhang Dajiang felt that things were not good and scolded. But Yang Xiyu now where can listen to Zhang Dajiang, Zen trembling fingers fiercely pull the trigger. At the same time, Yang Xiyu and Zhang Dajiang both closed their eyes. Go to hell! Yang Xiyu roared angrily. Exhausted all his strength. 


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