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The four mythical beasts were summoned by Xiaodong again. Roar away quickly. And those players are also very smart when the beast came quickly lying on the ground to avoid the attack of the blue dragon, but the huge claw blade of the white tiger continuously released countless blood stains, only to hear a group of people screaming again and again, the low level was directly sent back to the novice for free. Some of the high level dragged the residual blood, and some also fell below half blood. And, of course, the rosefinch, the fiery rosefinch, slipped out of the fiery wind. I saw that group of players lost blood again and again. Xiaodong made a face at me proudly. At that moment, the leading character finally took action. A green flute appeared in his hand. Began to blow out bursts of harsh music. However, not only so simple,Surveyors tape measure, the skeleton soldiers were faintly visible in the magic sound, roaring and rushing to Xiaodong. Magic sword concussion. Boom A magic sword burst out. Blood light rendered the whole path at the south gate of Moyan School. And Xiaodong turned to me and said, "Thank you." I just laughed and rushed up quickly. When the leader saw me coming, he quickly used the sound wave to attack me again. At this time, Xiaodong was entangled by the group of players,Fish measuring board, so I had to fight for the flute profession. Boy, the attack of the flute is so fierce. Kuang Yu's swordsmanship was released continuously, and the person of the flute profession also dodged quickly and fought against me without fear. He's a good opponent. Hold on After listening to me, the man stopped and asked, "What's wrong?"? Afraid? There is no such word as fear in my dictionary. I just want to know the name of my opponent. The man also smiled and said casually, "Changyi." You are a good opponent. Let's get started. Finished, I launched a fierce attack in reading, and Changyi is still blowing out a series of sound waves. Xiaodong played very happily. At this time, Walking tape measure ,Pi tape measure, those players had been destroyed by Xiaodong. But just then a man in dark red armor came out of the south gate. He quickly rushed to the front of Changyi and called out his eldest brother. Changyi just nodded slightly and did not answer. My brother Daegu. "Oh, interesting." Then the sound wave and the sword gas crossed again. And Daegu is a gun profession. His attack was also unusually swift. He rushed towards me quickly. Xiaodong saw the scene at this time and quickly broke away from the battle with the small trash fish and came to me. The dagger drew a series of light blue lights, flying and hitting Daegu continuously. And the sound wave of Changyi is really strong, which makes my attack in trouble. Suddenly, the novice village was foggy. A hazy mist enveloped the whole land. Zhen Chop Li Yue. The powerful skill appeared again, but it was a pity that it failed. Changyi and Daegu cooperate very well. And that's when Daegu used a skill I'm all too familiar with (Bloody Battle). Boom The loud noise and the hot bloody flames exploded around me and Xiaodong. But I'm not the person I was yesterday. Quickly facing the power source of the skill, he rushed to Xiaodong and jumped high and came behind Daegu in an instant. A series of blood stains. Daegu, who was originally full of blood, suffered several attacks and his blood fell below half blood in an instant. Changyi was also surprised to look at Xiaodong. And when he was distracted, the crazy sword hit Changyi in an instant. I saw a -12o6 injury on his head. He was already frightened. Daegu has a unique skill. Xiaodong and I looked at each other and didn't know what else they could do. The weapons of Changyi and Daegu began to shed colorful light. After a loud noise, Daegu's weapon turned into a roaring dragon, and Changyi's hands began to slowly gather energy to form a purple ball of light. Ding ~ System: "The player Daegu has enabled the skill Chiyanlong.". Turn the weapon into a dragon soul to deal X 3 times the damage of the opponent's attack. Not bad. I like this skill. Move quickly without hesitation. Yanlong's energy is very strong, if Xiaodong is hit, it will be seconds. Xiao Dong, get out of here. After listening to my words, Xiaodong quickly used invisibility to escape. At this time, Yanlong's target also turned to me and roared towards me. And I am waiting for the arrival of Yanlong. Finally did not let me down, the blazing flame slowly approached away. Then I swished my head and began to rush quickly to Changyi and Daegu. And they both looked at me for no reason. Here's your chance. When I came to them, they looked at me in surprise, and I. There was no attack on them. Just smile at them face to face. He left quickly. And after a loud noise, he looked at Changi and Daegu. I am really proud of my discomfited appearance. And looking at them half blooded, I smiled. The price of blood. The blood-colored light and the fog burst out in an instant. And Changyihe Daegu was completely dumbfounded. After bearing my attack, it slowly turned into a white light and disappeared in front of my eyes and went back to the city. Xiaodong came out of nowhere and patted me on the shoulder. Give me a fright. This kid is like a ghost. Xiao Dong. What shall we do? Xiaodong looked at me and said with a smile, "What should I do?" I mean what to do next. I feel a little bored now. "If you are bored, sell your equipment and change it to RmB. Let's buy a big house quickly." "En Hao" Then Xiaodong and I used a star dream city back to the city amulet figure slowly disappeared. Fantasy Tour First Trip Chapter 68 P Friendship Match, Preliminary Match (1) The PK contest is coming. We got up very early today. Yanan and Xiaoting got up at 4 o'clock and began to work on breakfast. Supplement nutrition for me and Xiaodong. However, we finished our breakfast and got sticky for a while and then went to the game. I saw a flash of white light,tape measure clip, I and Xiaodong Qiqi appeared at the gate of the palace of Xingmeng City. The PK competition was launched in the palace. It's early, but it's already a sea of people. If it's too late, it's estimated that even the door of the palace will be difficult to enter.


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