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We live together [full text + side story] by Red Nine

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Yes, ambition comes from one's own heart. It's one's own business to think who has no ambition. What's the matter with others? He picked up his cell phone and typed in the reply box: "I want to eat fried eggplant strips in the evening!" After thinking about it, he felt that the reconciliation seemed to lose face, so he added a few words ferociously: "And I won't wash the dishes after eating!" Click Send. The other side almost seconds back: "good ^ _ ^" He turned up the corners of his mouth again. Next to the army as if stepped on the tail of the same call: "Li is not you a bitch, you are not!"! Don't tell me you have to wash the dishes after every meal now? This is so exciting that I will go crazy! Li Yifei looked at him with an expressionless face and nodded. The army began to hit the wall with their heads in their hands. 45 Spring | Dream of a Mighty Man 45, Spring | Dream has a strong man The CBD company's on-site due diligence and restructuring work has entered the final stage. On the Friday of the evacuation, everyone received an invitation to the wedding banquet of Gui Lili and the chairman next month. Qian Fei, carrying a red and gilded invitation, looked at Li Yifei with some concern. There was no expression on his face, and he looked very calm. Qian Fei felt that his reaction was abnormal. If he really didn't take it seriously, he shouldn't be so calm, or say something indifferently, or scold angrily. In short, he shouldn't be like this now. He was so calm that time could turn around on him. When she got home in the evening,Uv Gel Nail Polish Bottle, she cooked a few dishes, called the supermarket and sent a box of beer home. Fortunately, the supermarket had opened a free door-to-door delivery service for the Carrefour at the crossroads. When the food was ready, Qian Fei pulled Li Yifei to the table, pulled out a can of beer and threw it at him, telling her the true meaning of life to comfort the frustrated person in her eyes: "Dude,16 Oz Clear Plastic Bottles With Caps, there are plenty of fish in the sea. She runs with whoever she likes!"! Don't get upset secretly! Li Yifei glanced at her and picked up the beer without clinking glasses with her. After taking a sip, he raised his eyebrows and asked, "Which eye did you see me upset?" Qian Fei squinted and patted his chest, "mind!" Li Yifei sneered: "Did you grow that thing?"? How shortsighted you are! Qian Fei pounded the table, "I'm talking about the heart and the eyes!"! It's not the mind! She took the initiative to take a beer can to touch with Li Yifei, "but fortunately, we have finished the work on the spot, so we don't have to go to CBD to see people blocking up!" Li Yifei looked at her mother and suddenly felt bad. "Sister Qian, are you worried that I feel uncomfortable when I hear that Gui Lili is going to get married?" Qian Fei nodded, "Yes!"! What a face-saving person you are. Can you stand this? She asked cautiously, Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle ,Glass Cream Jars, "You're not particularly uncomfortable, are you?" Li Yifei raised the corners of his mouth: "No, my heart is really very uncomfortable!" Qian Fei frowned and looked distressed. "What should I do?" Li Yifei brought all the beer in the box to the table and lined it up, "You accompany me to drink it up, and I'll be comfortable after drinking it up!" Qian Fei is silly and heroic. Gan Yun is afraid of his chest. "Good!"! That's all right! Sister, I throw caution to the wind today and sacrifice my life to accompany the troublemakers to the end! ︶3︶ Before I knew it, a box of wine was gone. Li Yifei said to Qian Fei, "I'm still upset. I guess I have to have another case of beer if I want to wash it away." Holding her head, Qian Fei said, "Come again?"? I'm not in a good state today. If I drink again, I guess it will be too high! Li Yifei tilted his mouth and his facial expression showed a strange smile: "Didn't you say that you would sacrifice your life to accompany the upset people today?" Qian Fei frowned in distress: "But if you have to serve me who drinks too much and vomits, won't you be more upset?" Li Yifei raised his eyebrows. "If you really vomit, I'm willing to clean up the battlefield for you. How about that?" Qian Fei pounded the table, "Give me your cell phone and I'll call the supermarket!" After a while, the second box of wine arrived. Li Yifei happily picked up the wine jar. He didn't know what was wrong with him today. He was really upset when he saw Qian Fei worrying about the world. He wanted to get her drunk and see if she had the strength to worry about it after she drank it down. Soon the second case of beer also went down more than half, Qian Fei was already drunk, his mouth did not forget to persuade Li Yifei: "Young man, you are still young, you are still handsome, you still have a lot of good years, you have to think about it!"! Face and so on are floating clouds, only the ticket is the most intimate partner of human beings! Li Yifei held his forehead and endured the impulse to shake the shoulder of the eventful prodigal child in front of him. He really wanted to tell her that he wasn't upset at all, that he didn't feel embarrassed, that the woman had nothing to do with him now, and that he didn't have to spend any more emotion on her. But in front of the Virgin's disease is too invincible, firmly believe that he is hard in the mouth and bitter in the heart. He wanted to find something to stop her as she continued to stagger and tell herself, with her words almost inarticulate, to "face the whole mysterious, beautiful and hopeful forest and not just stare at a broken tree that had been cut down and carried away.". He decided not to listen to her continue to read, "Teng" to stand up, almost unable to sit her up from the table, a horizontal embrace, a stride, intended to carry her to the big bed in her room,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, let her quickly sleep over. He put her on the bed, put a pillow under her head, and tried to get up and leave. Suddenly she grabbed his arm and jerked him over her. He was caught off guard for a moment. His feet slipped and he fell on her. Their faces were so close together that he could almost count the number of her long eyelashes.


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