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Tang Jiasanshao-Good Death

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"Dumb asked," Tell me why Horton, as a viscount, can move the army in the city so quickly. " Now that Jinbo had said it, he would not hide anything. He said without hesitation, "In fact, although the master is only the nephew of the castellan in name, the castellan has no children and is old and sick. The power of the Dark City is almost entirely in the hands of the master.". Moreover, the master is also related to a powerful nobleman at the top of the empire, so he can command the wind and rain here. Dumb nodded, and all he wanted to know was clear. "Jin Bo, can you tell me how many people have been killed by you and your men?" He asked lightly. Jin Bo's whole body shook. He recognized the meaning of Ah Dai's words and said in a trembling voice, "I, I, that's what the master forced me to do!"! It's not what we want. Uncle Dumb, you promised not to kill me just now. Dumb stretched out his index finger and shook it gently. "I don't seem to have promised you anything," he said. "It's not a pity to help a tyrant to die. I don't have much time. I'll let you die under the sword of Pluto. It's a final washing of your muddy souls.". Remember, this is your honor. With these words, he touched the sword of Hades on his chest. Jinbo and his bodyguards can be said to be the most powerful in the Dark Hao nightclub now. As soon as he heard that Dumb still refused to let go of himself, he immediately turned to the edge of his courage and pointed at Dumb and said, "Go ahead. Only by killing him can we have a way out." The bodyguards were used to being ordered by Jinbo, and they just hesitated for a moment and rushed to Dumb. Suddenly,electronic board for classroom, they felt a cold chill all over their bodies in an instant, and they couldn't help shivering, and their movements slowed down a little. Dumb wrapped the evil power of the sword of Hades in his fighting spirit and watched them quietly. Under his control, the evil power permeated the hall on the third floor and did not flow out. Looking at the approaching bodyguards and the slowly retreating Jinbo, Dumb's heart filled with endless killing, ice, you see, I'm going to start avenging you. The king of the underworld flashes the sky-the earth-moves. The faint blue light,interactive boards for classrooms, like floating from hell, with the figure of Dumb to the bodyguards, the sudden surge of death breath made the bodyguards and Jinbo all stand stiffly in place, the surge of evil gas aroused the most primitive fear in their hearts, there was no idea of resistance at all, and none of the bodyguards who rushed up could stop the hellish evil. Hades sword less than a foot of the sword body deeply inserted into the eyebrows of Jinbo, no blood flow out, dark blue sword body seems to be singing happily, Jinbo eyes instantly turned gray, the whole body gradually shriveled, instantly turned into a mummy, in the dark night club killed countless people, he finally died under the world's most evil Hades sword. The sword of Hades not only absorbed his soul, but also the souls of all the bodyguards present, who stood frozen in place without a trace of life on their bodies. Dumb slowly pulled out the sword of Hades from between Jinbo's eyebrows. With the surging True Qi protecting his body, smart board whiteboard ,75 smart board, he was no longer afraid of this monstrous evil power. For the first time, I clearly saw the body of the Hades sword, which was like a pool of autumn water. The dark blue light was constantly flowing, and the eerie lines were depicted on the body of the sword. Inside, it seemed that there were thousands of souls lamenting. The Hades sword slowly returned to its scabbard. Dumb's heart was indescribably comfortable. Jinbo's death relieved his depressed heart a lot. It turns out that killing is such a beautiful thing. Dumb did not stay, he clearly knew the results of the sword of Pluto, step by step, slowly to the lower level. Kimbo was dead, and he felt that enough was enough here. His ultimate goal was Horton, Catwoman, not the coerced maids. Ice's tragic experience filled him with pity for the maids. Listen, everyone, the Dark Night Club is finished. Leave here immediately, or you will die without a burial place. "Cold without a trace of emotion voice spread to every corner of the dark night club, screaming, crying voice constantly came, gradually, the voice stopped, Dumb will spread his mental strength to the night club with the help of fighting spirit, he did not find the existence of a trace of life, black figure floated out, he went out to the dark night club." Looking at this resplendent and extremely dark building, Dumb smiled, yes, he smiled, and finally eliminated the dark corner, he felt unusually satisfied. The element of fire between heaven and earth! Give me the power to burn. In my name, by your power, come forth, burning flame. Two dark blue flames suddenly appeared in the palm of Dumb. He slowly clasped his hands to the center and chanted, "Rise, ball of fire." Under the action of amazing mental power, the blue flame constantly condensed into a small fireball about five centimeters in diameter, floating in the air, Dumb's eyes flashed away, a large blue fireball rushed to the huge building in front of it, the dark blue flame with incomparable high temperature, resplendent dark night. The huge building was gradually swallowed up by the blue flames under the fury of the fireball. Looking at his achievements, Dumb narrowed his eyes with satisfaction, took out the head of ice from his bosom, let the face of the head turn to the flame, and murmured: "Ice, did you see it?"? The dark night club that made you suffer for so many years has been consumed by flames. Isn't this flame beautiful? It will clean up this dirty place thoroughly. It can't harm people here in the future. With a sigh, Dumb went on to say, "Bing, we're leaving to find the person who hurt you all your life." Carefully put the head of the ice back in his arms, Dumb's body flashed, and floated away in the direction of the north of the city. In a dark room in the Lord's mansion in the Dark City, Horton walked back and forth,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, while Catwoman Mimi sat beside him with a sullen face. After a day's rest, Mimi's injury has basically healed, but their hearts have sunk to the bottom.


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