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Hey, I'm quail and I'm a pose maker for FFXIV! I specialise in kinky content (weaponry, knives, guns, swords, bdsm, oviposition, etc.), artistic pinups and male Au Ra poses, whether individual, in pairs or in groups. I have also recently been focusing on adding some Hrothgar poses to my portfolio, as well as some custom body scaling packs for bigger males, so please look forward to those as well.

You can find me on twitter, on ko-fi, or on my carrd if you're interested in commissioning me - I have a portfolio covering NPC/NPC, WoL/NPC and WoL/WoL poses, as well as plenty of single character sensual pinups and more.

If you use my poses and post them on twitter, I'd love to see what you make! Please use the tag #QuailMail if you so desire~!


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