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Kirby, they/them

located in mst/mdt USA (UTC-6/-7)

I started making custom crochet stuffies as a hobby project within the polycule - one to match everyone's 'sona, but then I decided I love doing it and I'd like to make more. But I suffer from decision paralysis and can't just fill up an etsy store with premade ones. I'd rather make them to order - to match you or your loved one's 'sona or in your favorite colors.

Initial listings are only for various styles of dragon, because I have the best photos of them, and the most variety of patterns I've already followed. but I've made many stuffed animals in many colors. if you've got a different animal in mind, feel free to contact me. I'm sure we can work something out. (Price is primarily a function of size, both for material cost and labor/time investment, so compare against my available options for a pre-quote, if you're shy)

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